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  1. mahlkav

    arma3.exe - Application Error

    Seems related to a recent BattlEye update. ---------- Post added at 16:51 ---------- Previous post was at 16:49 ---------- There is a note on the error on BE site, not sure if it still applies. http://www.battleye.com/support/faq/
  2. You are not alone, got the same issue straight after BattlEye update.
  3. mahlkav

    All patchfiles corrupt

    Are the drives containing the file compressed?
  4. mahlkav


    there are plenty fastphased games on the market built for ctf, i dont see the reason to compete with them.
  5. mahlkav

    Next-Gen CTI

    One thing that's annoying me is the problem to remove "move" squares, Target diamonds and all these sorts of help options. Should be simple, but isn't.
  6. mahlkav


    So, it's not all rush towns...
  7. mahlkav

    Tank simulation in AA

    Ammotruck and loads of running Oh, sorry, that was an M2A2... nvm...
  8. mahlkav

    Longest CTI

    The longest game I've played lasted between 6 and 7 hours, and the only reason for me staying that long was an angry wife. :P
  9. mahlkav

    Slow connection to dedicated server

    Nevermind this thread, I need to troubleshoot more. I put back all those millions of files into MPMissions folder, but didn't notice any connection delay... Probably some other configuration, outside the game, that needs tuning. I'll come back when I get stuck.
  10. mahlkav

    Slow connection to dedicated server

    Well, it's during initial connect, seems as if the server has hard time deciding if it should let you connect or not... so i don't believe it's a huge amount of data, as in during the missiondownload, more like some kind of check that doesn't function correctly...
  11. I would like to know what data, if any, is sent to the client during the connection process. I've had a troubleshooting session towards our dedicated server, and think I found out that the MPMissions folder where stuffed with way to much... things... (not only missions). After rearranging the folder content I thought it to be gone, but I still recieve complaints about the connection time. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  12. mahlkav

    Dedicated Server vrs. Server/Client

    Tobad I'm late with this, but anyways, I would use the backup pc as dedicated server, and dont bother about the fps on it. Â I wouldn't recommend you to move the memory from your machine, but if you could add more RAM to the server it would make more of a difference than changing CPU. Best of luck
  13. mahlkav

    Athlon500 alright for adedicated server?

    Always have a human commander
  14. mahlkav

    DS - MOTD and hostname

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">As with every other DS I presumed this was just an option to vary the configanames and it would load the default server.cfg if you didn't<span id='postcolor'> This is what i meant with you playing to much CS... =) And congratulations for VBS1 goes to BIS, and I hope we don't get forgotten now...
  15. mahlkav

    DS - MOTD and hostname

    Rekrul has been playing to much CS No offense, but RTFM... ;-) Btw, if you downloaded 1.30 in an early stage of it's release you didn't get the M's in RTFM... Suma posted a link to them somewhere else... can't remember where though...