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    New Helicopter flight model by HTR dev

    Yep, I can't see any downside to this; assuming BI can incorporate it into Arma3 nobody will be unhappy as you can use whichever FM you prefer.
  2. Yep, so far at least in the alpha it's the same woefully inadequate post-processing on or off. Given the number of people that have voted for this feature I am quite frankly bemused by BIs intransigence on the issue.
  3. Better late than never. Cheers!
  4. Hopefully BI will take away the need for you to do it by integrating this into a future patch soon. I can't believe it would be that big a job for them. Issue #3718 is currently the 5th most wanted issue on the Community Tracker. For those who haven't voted for it yet and are using this addon head over there now and click on the up arrow to add your vote. Link is in oktane's signature.
  5. Beta 81921 is out when you get a minute or two. Thank you again
  6. lt_darkman

    Visit BIS?

    I don't think you could land it in that car park ;)
  7. lt_darkman

    ARMA2 installed to a SSD?

  8. +1 Can't fault service like this.
  9. lt_darkman

    Unreal Engine 3 Tech Demo Video

    Cigarettes must be really cheap too, the rate he gets through them ;)Some really impressive new graphics engines on the horizon; let's just hope we get some really great gameplay to play on them.
  10. [71721] Game is now Large Address Aware, should improve stability and allow using more RAM with 64b OS. [71543] File cache size increased a lot on systems with 4 GB RAM or more. Got it thanks.
  11. Thanks for the link PvPscene. Quote (from that page): "With the 64 bit OS version the game makes use of 3+ GB if available." Is this an engine change with OA? Do you have a link to more information about this?
  12. Thanks for the post Liquidpinky. I've just installed OA for the first time today and this helped manage my expectations. SSAO looks amazing but the motion blur just ruins postprocessing for me so thank goodness for oktane's noBlur mod ;)
  13. lt_darkman

    Steam - opinions and experiences survey

    I'm neither pro-Steam or against it. It works for me but I have a fast cable connection. Not everyone is as lucky. It's easy to use for the novice but can be limiting for more advanced users as highlighted already. The deals particularly in the sales at holiday times can be cost effective. For new games it's often more expensive than DVD. Sprocket because of the weak pound against the euro is also more expensive though for those in the UK. I dislike the fact that you can't sell on your games when you are no longer playing them and having all your eggs in one basket is always a concern if your account gets hacked or valve decide to stuff up your account. Choice for the consumer at least is a good thing. I can appreciate from the developer's perspective it just adds cost and complexity though. For god's sake no steam achievements though; that would really cheapen the experience of ARMA.
  14. lt_darkman

    Analogue Throttle

    I just can't see any other solution would work as well as just having the brakes and throttle on different axes. Surely this is not a difficult change for BIS to make? P