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  1. I've a question about the mission editor, it will be possible to add the civil "traffic" as default? Or better, you will see the civilian waliking on the map without adding them one to one? Thank. P.s. another question, i've see in the video a car of the police and the policemen, they will be yet added ingame?
  2. Leitner

    Project RACS

    mmm... I think that the airport can store a maximium of 30 planes... Plus the Light Air carrier.... 5 F-16 12 Mirage III 10 Etanard (6 of the Navy, 4 of the Air Force). 2 Bae Hawk for trainer For the population i think that 800.000 peoples can be a realistic number...
  3. Leitner

    Project RACS

    For me South Sahrani data can be: Population: 800.000 inhabitants 0-15 = 150.000 16-60= 600.000 61-100= 50.000 Active Army Soldier: 11000 units. Officials: 500 units Infantry: 5000 units (Armored Corps: 1000 units, Light Aviation: 1500 Special Forces: 500) Air Force: 1500 units (400 pilots + 500 mech + 300 Air Force Police (surveillance of the airbase) + 300 other role) Navy: 2000 units (700 sailors + 500 naval infantry + 600 mechanics + 200 Navy Police (surveillance of the base and seaport) Military Police: 1000 units (Gendarmeria) Army Reserve: 190.000 units. Standard Assault Rifle: G3 Reserve force rifle: FN FAL or IMI Galil Standard rifle for special forces: M4 and SPAS-12 Standard rifle for Navy units: M14 or FN FAL Standard rifle for Air Force Units: G3 Standard smg for armored corps: Mp5 or Uzi Standard machine gun: MG3 Standard pistol: Beretta 92FS/M9 Civil Force: 2000 units Police: 1700 units Police special force: 50 units Border Guards: 250 units Standard smg: Mp5 or Uzi Standard pistol: Beretta 92FS Armored Corps: 40 M60a1 30 M60a3 20 M60-2000 20 Leopard 1 20 Leopard 2a4 (United Sahrani have 100 T-72 for the reunification, this units are only for South Sahrani) Light Amor and other veichle: 400 M113 in many variants 50 M163 1500 Land Rover (1300 for Army, 100 for Air Force, 100 for Navy) 300 Trucks (250 for Army, 25 for AF, 25 for Navy) 100 cars (for various use...) Aircraft: 1 C-130 4 ATR-42 (Transport, AWACS and Navy Patrol) 1 Private Jet (Learjet 45 for example) for Vip transport. 20 F-16 30 Mirage III 25 Etanards (15 Units for South Sahrani Navy - 10 Units for Air Force) 5 Bae Hawk as Trainer Aircraft Helicopters: 64 SA330 (40 for Army, 9 for AF, 9 for Navy, 2 for Vips, 2 for Civil Police, 2 for Gendarmeria) 30 UH-60 10 SH-60 for the Navy Gendarmeria (Military Police): 50 cars 10 bus 2 SA330 Civil Police: 400 cars + 20 bus + 20 m113 for riot. Vips vehicle (King's transport): 2 SA330 10 cars 50 men of police and gendarmeria 1 Private Jet Sorry if i've forget something...
  4. Leitner

    Project RACS

    The sailors look good, but it can be nice if one of the two sailor have an helmet...
  5. Leitner

    Project RACS

    I reckon for gameplay purposes it would be better to have the 4xAS30L or 4xBGL versions. Whichever versions you end up with in the end, chances are I'm gonna play around with them in missions anyway  thanks and i am sorry if my words came across a bit harsh. i really do enjoy the discussion of our addons. it has actually helped add and remove items from this project. We also want to make sure this doesnt turn into a flight sim mod as we have lots of other cool stuff and i dont want it all to be overshadowed. The ships are coming along so well and Scars09 is finishing the last couple issues witht he leos. @Leitner.... there will be a jeep pack that is ont he drawing board covering just what you suggested as well as other versions and technicals. Ok, thank!
  6. Leitner

    Project RACS

    I think that can be nice to create a jeep (the default Land Rover it's perfect) for the Royal Sahrani Air Force and of the Royan Navy of Sahrani... These jeep can be useful for put them in the Air Force - Navy Base... Another nice idea can be to create two soldier, one with the camo of the RSAF and one with the camo of the RSN... I think that these ideas don't take a long time for do but i think that they can be useful...
  7. Leitner

    Project RACS

    The M35 trucks are nearly finished, but I just couldnt get a reply from Wld427 in the last time. So I can arrange the last things on the truck for him. Here is a old pic of it. [ig]http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l263/itim_tuko/CZM-RACS/M35-RACS-1.jpg[/img] I think the M35 was an ideal truck as the US tends to sell it to all countries they help buidling up. The latest country I know of is Afgahnistan. Its reliable and you can get a wast amount on different versions of it. Perfect! Good work!
  8. Leitner

    Project RACS

    I've see that the guy of the RSKL are working on the Seaking, it can be used by the RACS Navy for patrol and SAR purpose... For me is better an european truck, is also real that an army that isn't very big an old US truck can be good. For the soldier i think instead that they must be equipped with an european rifle (the G3 is okay).
  9. Leitner

    USEC C130 Hercules

    It can be nice to make a RACS - RSAF (Royal Sahrani Air Force) version of this fantastic plane!
  10. Leitner

    Project RACS

    given how much one of those costs, I think you're a bit out of the ballpark as to what RACS would be using. The land rovers fit in well (although why the Australian version, god knows why) but you're right about the need for a larger truck. to be honest the 5T fits the bill for that job, if we are to continue following the theme of donated US equipment, or why not an old British Bedford MK4... plenty of them knocking around as surplus these days. Yes, but i think that the US come to South Sahrani only some years ago, but i think that the South Sahrani Army exist from a lot of years, than in the 80's and 90's the RACS could buy some vehicle and plane from Europe (for ex. the Mirage III and the Etenard) and now in a more Europeistic vision we can think that Sahrani can prefer European vehicle. Is also real that Sahrani is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that it can be a SAC and USAF-U.S. Army strategic base for the protection of the North Atlantic Ocean (NORAD) than it's army vehicle and weapon can be more us-influenced.
  11. Leitner

    Sukhoi Su-33 and Kuznetsov CV

    Ok thank, and another question, how i can say to the AI Su-33 to take off from the ship?
  12. Leitner

    Be 32K

    Can be a nice idea to re-add the Be32 Civilian... It can has the texture of Sahrani Air Lines or something similar...
  13. Leitner

    Sukhoi Su-33 and Kuznetsov CV

    Hi, i've a problem, how i can place Aircraft and men on the deck? Thank, bye!
  14. Leitner

    ArmA Addon request thread

    I've a question, someone can do (or if this mod yet exist can link to me please), a truck for the RACS? After the unification of Sahrani i think that the Ural and the other North Sahrani vehicle are going to South Sahrani, than, someone can do this vehicle for RACS? Thank, Bye. Luca.