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  1. I now know how to up the amount of AI recruited, thank you for that. What script do I need to edit to change the AI units from US/USMC to the new BAF units and what new code would I need to add/change? Many thanks, Rich
  2. Hi folks, just found this thread. I'm not a coder and don't really understand much regarding this coding thing - but I do want to change the US units to the new BAF units. It's easy to change the units on the ground - but how do I get to recruit BAF AI units? Can someone please tell me which file to edit and exactly what I would need to do code wise to change them. Also, I'd like to be able to recruit more than 16 AI units - how do I do that. Any help will be appreciated. Rich
  3. Lawman1965

    [OA] Seize zones Takistan (SP)

    Nice mission - one thing I dislike though - no respawn. Is it possible to add that as an option - to allow player and AI respawns? Also, the little info messages that pop up on your screen cause the player to loose mouse functions - critical in a firefight. They need disabling as they pop up on the right anyway. Rich
  4. Bon, I got it working - it was the class default that was killing it. But, I've noticed something that might be a bug or might be to do with trying to integrate with Domination. The Tank shells don't work! All the others strike where I want them to, I use ACE and have been using the Rangefinder. But the Tank artillery rounds just don't appear - and, I can't get a laser strike to work either. Rich
  5. I'm trying to integrate this into a Domination mission. I've added the code as per the instructions but the GUI isn't snowing up in the Action Menu. There is already a Game Logic called Server as per the instructions - could that be the problem. Also, there is already an artillery menu in the Domination game type - I wonder if that could also be causing a problem. I'm not getting any scripting errors when I load the game into multi-player so I'm guessing that the script code is added in correctly. Could anyone please assist? I have the Description and the init files that I could send for the scripting to be checked out as I'm not a coder by any stretch of the imagination. Cheers, Rich
  6. I simply can't get mando missile to work while playing with AI. If I fly the helo - AH64D - go into Hellfire camera and I put the crosshairs over the intended target, I press left mouse and the screen goes red, the target gets a highlight diamond and the sound beeps - I press right mouse button, the Hellfire leaps from the laucher and then....................goes some random direction and simply refuses to hit the tank/BMP or whatever I'm aiming the thing at. When in the monacle I try to get a lock on a target using the Tab key but I've yet to get a successful lock..... Plus, when I press the BIS default Keypad 0 key to zoom in I get some kind of camera. This pushes my mouse pointer out to the top right of my 2nd monitor and if I press a mouse button it drops me out of ArmA. I'm obviously doing something wrong but I can't figure out what. Anyone got a SIMPLE explanation of what I need to do to get this damn thing working right? Rich
  7. Lawman1965

    Lair of the camel spider (coop 20)

    Not sure if you've had this issue but if you play with AI support (not enough human players) you instantly become enemy and they shoot you when you destroy one of the M1's. Rich
  8. Lawman1965

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    I know that - it's not my question - I don't like the ACE Backpack system as it does not allow the user to wear the backpack AND carry an SMAW or similar. Another thing that seems to be broken - none of the Engineer options appear in the Action Menu, repair/refuel, build Trench etc. Is that a prblem with ACE overriding something? Rich
  9. Lawman1965

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Xeno, This may have already been asked but 75 pages is a little bit much to read through. The ACE version seems to have broken the internal backpack - how do I activate it? When I go to the settings menu there is a huge list of mission settings that I can scroll through - what to I need to do to change some of those settings? Any help you can give will be appriciated, Rich
  10. Lawman1965

    M1A1 Abrams by Mateck

    Just watched the video and all I can say is WOW. It looks awesome. Now, how about he works on a Bradley. Rich
  11. Just bought a new PC - Vista Home Premium 32bit. Have 4gb RAM Nvidia 8800GTX Sound Blaster XFi When I click on the setup application on the DVD I saved it to (I have the German version from Morphicon) I keep getting the error not a valid win32 application I have tried to run in XP SP2 compatibilty. I have latest Nvidia drivers and have fully updated Vista. Anyone able to talk me through what I need to do? Rich
  12. Nice bit of scripting - I'm trying to add it to some missions and have it working to a point. What I have noticed is that once you have used the support, it goes from the Radio options and therefore can't be used again. How do I edit the scripts to get the support on more than one occasion? Rich
  13. Lawman1965

    1.09 beta patch troubleshooting thread.

    I have this same issue. has anyone got an idea of whats causing it and what a resolution will be? I get the error even when running from the .exe in the beta folder. Rich
  14. Lawman1965

    Tank Fire Control Systems

    When I rotate the turret with the Mod running (yep, it's working now) the reticule lags behind. Is that correct, coz it makes it bloody hard to target anything thats moving? Rich
  15. Lawman1965

    Tank Fire Control Systems

    I simply cannot get this mod to work. I have installed the NWD_TankFCS into Arma with the @ prefix and I have added the line into my ArmA icon etc. I have also downloaded the InitHandler mod and I have tried both adding to my addons folder AND creating a Mod folder. Is there something that we need to do to this InitHandler mod in order to get the TankFCS mod (and the scopefix/ballistics mods) to work? I am not running ANY tank mods. I have tried running the mod in both Regular and Veteran modes but still no joy. Is there anything that anyone can do to help me with this? Rich