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  1. Hey all, I'd like to change the DSAI, want the resistance guys to speak English, not Russian. I checked the ECP files but looks too difficult for me... could anyone lend me a hand? Thx in advance! Good topic, btw.
  2. As I know, no one released one yet. One of the Iraqi mods, and the RKSL guys mentioned it (release in the future), or I can give you an unfinished model if you want.
  3. LizardX

    i am looking for a Russian SAM "SA-2"

    As I know, no one released one yet. One of the Iraqi mods, and the RKSL guys mentioned it (release in the future), or I can give you an unfinished model if you want.
  4. LizardX

    Tonal Special Forces

    Thanks mate, it worked!
  5. LizardX

    Tonal Special Forces

    Could someone give me a working link to the patch - none of the link in the first post work for me... Thanks!
  6. LizardX

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Staropramen dark, mate... yum yum
  7. LizardX

    ArmA Progress Updates

    OFF No smiley at all? Are you serious, buddy? One has to do what he has to do but slaugthering a human being (even if he's a bad guy) is not a cause to be proud. Please keep this bullshit for yourself, thank you! OFF OFF edit: someone else was faster...
  8. LizardX

    ArmA Progress Updates

    You know, the zig-zag driving. Okay, but what's the relation between the zig-zag and the high graphics load?
  9. LizardX

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Are LOD transitions basically a GPU, CPU, RAM or combination of those thing? What should that reviewer have to upgrade to improve the LOD transition smoothness? I don't know, mate, it wasn't in the article. By the way I don't understand this transition thing. In an older ArmA video i saw that classic rough OFP-style transition on a building model. In the new 1 hour long gameplay video, we can see another thing: at the start when we see the GUI screen there are bushes, and they have a strange, "growing" change. Sorry, I don't know the exact English term for this, it's like the transition would last relatively long and new branches would grow in front of my eyes (I've seen a similar method in a Gothic + video). I don't know if I like it. What's the name of this techniqe?
  10. LizardX

    ArmA Progress Updates

    A short preview (in Hungarian) with some new (?) pictures: HERE Brief translation: the preview is based on Games Conv. press release version. Cons: - when the graphic engine is "overloaded" with a high number of high-poly objects, the vehicle driving AI is going nuts, will make a lot of turns even on straight roads (???) - the test PC was: P4, 1 GB RAM, GF6600GT, and that was laggy also on lower resolution and/or the LOD-transitions were rough Pros: - nice models - good secondary missions - much better AI in urban fight (altough no detailed description) - basicly the same editor The guy tried to implement some unknown OFP-addons but he failed. Summary: this is what the veteran OFP-lovers have waited for, we won't be disappointed. Thx
  11. LizardX

    Germany 1985

    I think it's a very good initiative, I support your idea!
  12. LizardX

    AnimationPhase and LOD bug

    Aggreed! The OFP engine is MUCH MUCH better, has more freakin in-built features than a lot of people would think!
  13. LizardX

    ArmA Progress Updates

    That's the best summary of infantry warfare!
  14. LizardX

    radar config..

    1. It would require heavy main config.cpp/config.bin hacking, buddy. Take a look at the official 1.91 config. edit: sorry, it wasn't clear enough.
  15. LizardX

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Wrong, you've watched too many Holywood movies. If shotgun actually did that, then the shooter would have to "fly" few meters backward too. Mythbusters rule! Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I meant OFP's existing feature: take a shotgun (I recommend LSC's Mossberg M590, downloadable from opf2.info), and shoot an AI guy from a distance of 10 meters. He will fly like a bird, Mythbusters or not. Or take a handrenade, using the latest ECP, and drop it towards a BMP. If you lucky, you can hit the armour, and it will bounce from the grenade, because the ECP handgrenade weights a brutal mass, 100.000 kgs or what. My point is: even OFP counts something kinetic energy, altough OFP has its own physics rules, but they exists!