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  1. Krabsworth

    Armored Traktors

    Perfect for my "farmer rebellion" mod
  2. You should be able to duck in cars, and lay in the trunk.So you can use civilians to try to smuggle enemies into certain areas. It'd be fun.
  3. Krabsworth

    Avgani Iraq

    Great map! what does bluezone mean?
  4. Krabsworth

    Jonny´s Army Special Forces

    Ahhh dumb of me. Thank you!
  5. Krabsworth

    Jonny´s Army Special Forces

    I get an error with these guys so none of them spawn with weapons unless I specify what they get. It says I don't have AMP_m4 etc. What do I have wrong?
  6. Krabsworth

    M1114 Uparmored

    I thought i saw somewhere that alot of gunners on humvees have the mounted .50 caliber obviously, and then usually just have a m249 SAW sitting next to them, just in case they can't turn the turret fast enough... could you do that with this humvee?
  7. Krabsworth

    SLA Sniper Team

    This mission is amazing. Didn't plan out a shot too well and ended up running through the trees - my spotter got flattened with Cobra rounds, and I managed to run into one of those little huts that are like a bunch of planks, and about the size of one guy in prone. Anyway, i have realtime editor, so I watched in amazement from a higher view as the first patrol of guys and eventually the larger 12 man type squad all reacted to the shot and hunted me down. This is a really fun mission just because of the responsiveness of the AI. very good!
  8. Krabsworth

    M1114 Uparmored

    ARe you going to do a green camo M1114 also?
  9. Krabsworth

    M1114 Uparmored

    Could the jammer being up or down be controlled by the behaviour of the units driving? Like careless would have it up, combat would have it down, etc....
  10. Krabsworth

    M1114 Uparmored

    This is excellent. Put a gunner in one in an open area, put a sniper on top a building, and watched as round after round slammed into the turret, doing nothing. Unfortunately the gunner didn't really do anything either... but thats Arma for ya.
  11. Krabsworth

    Project RACS

    I think it would be best if one of the RACS infantry units didn't wear camo...more like a one-color olive drab type uniform, but still modern looking, would be awesome.
  12. Good to have for the USMC! Just fix up those things you already know about, maybe make the texture look a bit better, and this'll be mandatory for any mission editor doing marine stuff. very cool
  13. Krabsworth

    The Iraq thread 4

    wow you are so painfully misinformed it is really painful, just wow. Iran and Al Queda are essentially enemies because Iran is Shi'a and Al Queda is Sunni. Al Queda never moved to Iraq. Its not like Al Queda is some group of guys who travel everywhere together like conventional fighters. Iran just gives its weapons to the Shi'a sects in Iraq that it wants to supports. In my opinion they have every right to. I would not recommend reading or listening to any American news source for the right look at what is happening in Iraq. They are the ones painting this picture that Iran is shipping truckloads of IEDs, Ak's, and the nukes its making to the big Al Queda building in the middle of Iraq. More fault needs to be put on Saudi Arabia for everything than Iran. It is their money that is killing alot of people. Money our oil hungry government gives to them.
  14. Krabsworth

    Desert US Vehicle Pack

    Idk a desert UH60 just would take that menacing look away from the helicopter, plus i dont think the u.s. does them, at least