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  1. Voted YES. Voice in this game is one of the most important things, and why not fix it with something that actually works, Mumble?
  2. Probably because that is just a sheet cover for the tactical goggles, with tan color. https://www.vikingpolice.com/images/NVGARSLV-Sleeve.jpg
  3. Maybe add an alternate Peacekeeper unit that also has the plate carrier / fragmentation protection vest as blue aswell. Reference: http://www.truthdig.com/images/reportuploads/unpeacekeepers_300.jpg
  4. Karko

    Military experiences past/present/future

    Served in the Finnish Defence Forces @ Karelia Brigade / South-Finland's Signal Battallion / HQ Company / 1st Platoon / 3rd Squad as a Military Police (rank Private) in 2008. Now im a Reservist since few months ago.
  5. Karko

    Police Department

    Is it possible to integrate the addon into the mission aswell, so it could be just uploaded into servers without forcing players to download & use new addons ?
  6. Karko

    Kyllikki Missions

    Yeah sadly the Morning Star -missions are MP-only.
  7. High Commander's menu doesnt work if you join a mission in progress or respawn.
  8. Name: Karko Age: 20 Location: Finland (I can speak english fine tho) Timezone: GMT+2 Experience: Operation Flashpoint, ArmA since it got released, served in the Finnish Defence Forces in real life. Microphone: Yes Looking for: Active european realism unit with realistic chain of command, operations, organizing, teamwork etc. Desired Position: Automatic Rifleman / Rifleman
  9. I'd need something small if anyone has spare time with oxygen. It would really help me with an upcoming texturing project. Model #1: Regular West AR soldier, with a few changes: - Remove all pouches from the vest, mag pouches, radio pouch, camelback etc. - Add a pistol holster - Add a black helmet/commando hood - Add a kidney protection flap to the vest (so it looks like the soldier has a open flak jacket instead of combat vest) Model #2: Regular West Team Leader without any pouches or camelback in the vest and add a kidney protection flap to the vest (so it looks like the soldier has a open flak jacket instead of combat vest) and Model #3: Regular West Officer without the microphone and no pouches in the vest.
  10. Karko

    RH Aks pack 2.0

    Somethings wrong with the RK95 Aimpoint model. I'll try to get a picture of the bug later, but if I tried to describe it: a 1 meter long, tube shaped volumetric light coming out of the aimpoint sight.
  11. Karko

    RH Pistol Pack 2.0 Redux

    Its good to see you giving this "old" addon some new energy.
  12. Karko

    Finnish Conscripts M/91

    Thanks for the offer, however this was originally just a small test project to kill time while waiting for the FDF mod for ArmA. I dont know if I have much time to further update this addon since im currently actually serving in the army (Finnish Defence Forces) my self. Doesn't leave much spare time as you probably know.
  13. Karko

    RH Aks pack 2.0

    Dont forget the RH pistol pack, its an awesome addon too, but wouldnt hurt for you to fix the reloading sounds with background noise and the iron crosshairs to be corrected eye position.
  14. Karko

    RH Aks pack 2.0

    Great update, especially earlier when you got out the aimpoint, acog and silencer for RK-95 PS. I hope you wont change the addonnames rh_aks and rh_aks_cfg in the future.
  15. Karko

    Finnish Conscripts M/91

    I had some feedback about an error in the config's, so I fixed it (HOPEFULLY! and re-uploaded the file to my FTP. I'd like if all the mirror hosters could also re-download & re-upload this fixed file. http://karko.pingtimeout.net/Finnish_Conscripts_M91_v1.7.rar ( NOTE!! This new fixed addon requires the new RH AKs 2.0 addon instead of the older 1.09b addon, so remember to update your RH AKs to 2.0 aswell. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=2862 ) ------------- If you find any errors/bugs/etc, please reply them here or PM me as soon as possible.