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  1. Knight31

    2nd Ranger Battalion

    The 2nd Ranger Battalion has deployed to Takistan with our very own DaveyGary's latest troop models. In addition to these models we are using Multi Session Operations by Wolffy.au and friends. Due to real life deployments we are recruiting for the following positions: 11B Infantry 68W Combat Medic Knight31 2nd Ranger Bn
  2. Hello, First off I would like to thank you for giving the community the MSO. It's amazing! I have a few questions. What do the different colored flags mean that are over the towns? In addition to that what does it mean when a town's hatching goes from white to blue and then white again. I looked through the documentation but did not see much that addressed it. Thanks Knight31 2nd Ranger Bn
  3. Knight31

    75th Ranger Regiment

    Great to hear. Im eagerly waiting for this!
  4. Knight31

    Player looking for Squad/Clan

    Drausus, please check your Private Messages on these forums.
  5. Knight31

    Player looking for Squad/Clan

    www.blackhearts502.com We are based on the 502nd Inf Rgt of the 101st Airborne.
  6. Knight31

    Looking for server provider

    Thanks M9ACE
  7. Knight31

    Looking for server provider

    Im not venting. I have commented on the squadserver forums. I was just looking for a new server company. What is the name of the company that is taking over squadsevers US clients? I checked their forums but didn't see anything listed. Knight
  8. Knight31

    Looking for server provider

    No one has any suggestions?
  9. Hello all, Our unit is currently looking for an affordable ArmA server provider. Our past one squadserver.com has taken the money and ran. We would prefer a server provider that has servers in the US. Any help would be appriciated. Knight31
  10. Knight31

    Player looking for Squad/Clan

    Burt please check your private messages for a message I sent to you. <S> Knight31 www.blackhearts502.com
  11. Knight31

    XFire Accounts for ArmA

  12. Knight31

    DediCated Servers Crash

    Our crashes are becoming less. Was on for 7 hours last night and had 1 lock up on Warfare v1.0M 32 player. The server was packed and it locked up when about 4 guys joined at once. It really wasnt a crash though. It just locked up so I had to restart the server. It seems as though the server is crashing however Im not online when it happens. According to squad tracker not very many people are in the server when it happens. FDF sound mod seems ok. <S> Knight31
  13. Knight31

    DediCated Servers Crash

    We think our crashes were addon based. Our server provider put our addons into a mod folder on the server and gave us a seperate start line. We are using the base start line so that no addons are running on the server however are allowing client side addons on our server. Our server has been running with no crashes for over 24 hours now. Knock on wood. <S> Knight31
  14. Knight31

    502nd inf rgt 101st airborne

    We have just gone to using the ECS mod on our dedicated server. If you like ECS stop by! Our server is also using the beta 1.12. Here is the link in these forums to the ECS mod: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....95&st=0 Our server name is 502/101st USING ECS - RECRUITING
  15. Knight31

    DediCated Servers Crash

    Your not the only one having this problem. We are having it also.