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    Interface discussion

    Not sure to post it here, * But it would be nice, if the commandable AI units could be disabled server sided * And the chat lines, programable on what to show, and the number of line's 4 instead of 11
  2. Regarding signing, U might want to have a look at this LINK When we want to use it, a signed version would be nice.
  3. Killg0re

    Arma2 dedicated server howto

    I use for our servers, wich actually runs fine (3 servers, 12p (i3d.nl), 20p (home server) and a 64 player server (windows bulk network): language="English"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=100000; Resolution_Bpp=32; Windowed=1; MinBandwidth=800000; MaxBandwidth=1000000; MaxMsgSend=512; MaxSizeGuaranteed=512; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=128; MinErrorToSend=0.001; MaxCustomFileSize=100000;
  4. Killg0re

    Fallujah City

    Any chance of a bikey link? And the objects arn't signed?
  5. i'fe updated our servers to 1.55. But the latest CBA 0.7.0 doesn't seem to work with 1.55 (for at least us) i Used only @CBA, and no A2, or OA versions due were running Combined Operations I tried it with the mission Steel panthers, and it hangs at initialising mission.
  6. Killg0re

    Arma 2:OA Update 1.50-1.54 To 1.55 ???

    i suffered the following problem installed 1.08 first. after that installed 1.55 patch that caused me alot of work. Cause it didnt work. straight 1.55 away and it works fine... so when u got both leave the 1.08 patch, and use the 1.55 one...
  7. Killg0re

    Apache missions?

    i'fe made some COOP mission's But u need some addon's, check the links for the addon's. Ground Control Weitmanns Heil
  8. Hmz, this doesnt seem to work for me. But then again, i must be doiing something wrong again :D 1 Created a mission, 2 placed player (with the init line) 3 and SSM module on the map 4 created init.sqf with now only that line (with example init.sqf didn't work for me either) 5 save, and load to get the init.sqf enabled All the units seem to have the SSM module enabled. from "1" to "0" didn't work..
  9. Killg0re

    Isla Duala

    i Also had problems with this file. kicking issue's
  10. Killg0re

    New Beta Build 71213 Up!

    I play with Charlie foxtrot alot. Normally am able to play 3 hours straight today i crashed 2 times. Ingame time was night time. but the crashing occasions where random
  11. Killg0re

    Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar Armed Assault Setup

    I'fe updated the Hotas Cougar setup --> V2 It now has: T7 on - Transport Chopper (more TS3 PTT option's) T8 on - Custom Attack Chopper neutral - Default Attack Chopper (for default Arma) PM me with comments, on this setup. Hotas Files V2
  12. Killg0re

    Dutch Army

    Any other players having problems with: Wrong signature for file addons\ddam_cx.pbo i Downloaded it again, and still trouble. (three other players aswell)
  13. Killg0re

    Coop 1-5 Hill 265 Group Spawn

    When we play/try this mission again i'll keep an eye on it. I'll keep u updated
  14. Killg0re

    Coop 1-5 Hill 265 Group Spawn

    I think we met the general, not sure about it after such a time... But we moved from East to West, eventualy from W to E, to the convoy itself etc, nothing happened. And the mission is not edited/opened in the editor. I'd like to give feedback to the mission builder instead of fixing it myself, to get to a bigger public
  15. Killg0re

    Domination ports by Bsilenced

    It seems that the old versions have trouble with ACE_V1 stable. Those version's of 16march, are those compatible with ACE V1 stable?