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  1. King Haggis

    LOD bug

    I see! Thanks for all the help. Oooowwww I feel so embarrassed now. Please remove this thread before the whole ArmA community comes and laugh. The next time I show up in a warfare match the enemy will shout: look it's the LOD bug guy, now we'll surely win! And my teammates won't sit next to me in a jeep or helicopter. :p
  2. King Haggis

    LOD bug

    I just have Arrowhead. So that may be the issue here? I haven't really checked the new content of Arrowhead, I just bought it, dropped a Merlin chopper in the editor and noticed the extremely low level of detail. Should that be the issue then?? If so, thanks for solving that "problem", it was really giving me headaches :D. All "old" ArmA 2 models look fine and most new models too. So it's normal the models look like crap if you don't own PMC and BAF DLC? Then it's a problem solved. Here is an example of low LOD choppers in Arrowhead without PMC and BAF DLC, is this normal? Apache and most other choppers and tanks look good: THANKS!
  3. King Haggis

    LOD bug

    Hi folks! Now this may be entirely related to my current hardware setup but I'm experiencing a weird bug with ArmA 2 and especially with Arrowhead. I purchased Arrowhead this week because we sometimes have a hard time finding good warfare servers and decided to take the battle to Takistan this Autumn season. The bug: I'm running the game with every setting maxed out except fillrate (@100%) and AA and Post Processing disabled. There are certain objects that just won't switch to high detail textures. They just remain very low detail. In ArmA 2 I sometimes had that problem but it would be random. Sometimes it would be a jeep that was low detail, sometimes it would be a different vehicle or soldier that would be low detail. But with Arrowhead there are a few models that just won't load into high detail. I haven't checked them all yet but the Merlin, the Wildcat, the KA-137 and the KA-60 all appear in very low detail and I've tried everything but can't get them to show properly. There is also a certain type of tree that won't switch to high detail. The rest of the game looks good, as sharp as ever and the game runs 100% smoothly. It's just a shame I can't enjoy the helicopter models the way they should be. I'm running a fresh, virusfree Windows 7 64-bit installation. I have the latest Nvidia drivers. This bug has been with me since ArmA 2 and I've updated my drivers and reinstalled Windows at least 10x since. In ArmA 2 it was random, with Arrowhead it's a constant bug with certain models so it should be easier to test/fix. I'm experiencing no graphics artifacts in this game and none in other games, just the LOD bug. I've tried adding this to the shortcut: -world=empty -cpucount=4 -winxp -nosplash. I've tried disabling hyperthreading. I've tried running the game from a different HDD (not tried with Arrowhead but last year with ArmA 2). I've tried renaming to crysis.exe. Unless there is a fix for this in some config file, I'm really out of options here. :( I have a 1366 i7 mainboard, 6GB triple channel Kingston memory, run ArmA 2 and Arrowhead off a Kingston SSD, GeForce GTX480 and a 120Hz monitor with 120Hz set to the config file (only change I ever made). I have my CPU overclocked @4GHz. but the bug has always been there with ArmA 2 even when I ran the game with stock CPU settings. With ArmA 2 the bug didn't really bother me because it wasn't always there but now it gets annoying. Any suggestions? :bounce3:
  4. King Haggis

    You love Green land or Dessert POLL

    2nd that. I love the woods of Chernarus. Woods and hilly green farmland with bushes and rivers is my favourite terrain :-D Doesn't mean everybody else has to share that opinion of course. What would really be awesome for ArmA 3 is season textures. I always play Chernarus with the Beton and Bushlurker summer vegetation addon. Would be nice to see snow in winter and green leaves in summer/spring. Apart from that, I'm looking forward to ArmA 3 whatever the developers will make of it. I'm sure it'll be the best game ever as were it's predecessors.
  5. King Haggis

    You love Green land or Dessert POLL

    I like green hilly farmland with lots of woods or Scandinavian like terrain with rough mountains. Chernarus, Kolgujev and Everon were awesome, more like that please. Snowy terrain would be nice too.
  6. Yeah, I've had the missing apache bug too. All is running good again now so I'm happy. Thanks for the tip, from now on I'll remove the beta folder instead of using the uninstall.
  7. Hey, wanted to tell you all how much of a succes our new server is. Yesterday we had lots of people joining the server. Seems all is fine after all. Thanks for the help! But now I've got a new problem. When I uninstalled a beta patch and installed a new one, the arma2server.exe file got deleted. I did this on the server to show a friend of mine how to install beta files for ArmA 2. At first I didn't think it would be a big problem cause I've also got ArmA 2 on my home computer and can upload the exe to the server with remote login. But now I see I don't have the arma2server.exe on my home pc either. I always play with beta's. Seems these betapatches just delete the arma2server.exe when you uninstall them :) Now, when I want to get the arma2server.exe file back I have to reinstall the 1.05 patch but it tells me it won't install cause the arma2server.exe file is missing. And since I can't find a downloadable arma2server.exe v1.05 anywhere on the internet, I'm now forced to uninstall the game, install it again and reinstall the 1.05 patch to get my precious server file back. Noooooo!!!! Stupid betas! Did anyone else using the betas have this problem? I know I'll copy my arma2server.exe to a safe place as soon as I get it back again :-) It would be nice if BIS made the file officially available for download on their site instead of just including it in the patch.
  8. Yesterday evening we had a very nice warfare match. Smooth performance and no problems with players connecting and disconnecting. I think everything works allright. Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Thanks, yeah, I did that a few times the first day I ran the server but I forgot what it said. I'll try again tomorrow, maybe this evening.
  10. Well, so far no response I see. Yesterdayevening we were playing Warfare again and this time we had a record of 6 players playing at once in the server. But still I saw people connecting and disconnecting after a few seconds. After a few hours one person with a high ping got kicked and he couldn't reconnect again. Each time he tried to reconnect we got a signature timeout error or something. I went back to the desktop and restarted ArmA 2 to check if I could get in but I too was getting kicked with a signature timout error even though my ping was only 16 at that moment. I logged in remotely to restart the server and all was well again. Now I have added "{}" behind the recularcheck command and will see how this goes. I hope we'll all get a stable connection, cause so far, once you're connected to our server every goes supersmooth. I have a ping of 24 and my friends 16 and 30 and there's absolutely no noticable lag for us and I can set graphics to full with a 4000 viewrange so apart from the random kicks and reconnectionproblems I'm quite happy. I'll let you guys know if the regularcheck command has worked.
  11. Hi folks, I've just set up a dedicated server for our clan and everything works so far. The only problem I have, and I'm not even sure it's a problem, is that sometimes it seems players aren't able to connect to the server. I can join the server, 3 of my friends can join the server and a couple of other random players sometimes join the server but everytime I play and somebody connects there is a 75% chance you see the player disconnecting after 30 seconds or so. When I check the logfile I can't really tell the reason why those players disconnect. It just says "Player Example connecting" and a few seconds later "Player Example disconnected". I'm having a hard time believing this is a coincedence. It's weird because myself and a few others have no problems connecting at all. Is it possible that those guys have a too high ping and that's why they can't connect? Yesterdayevening I was hosting a warfare game and of the 6 players that connected only 2 stayed and played. Maybe the others decided to press ESCAPE while connecting but I'm afraid my server is blocking them for some reason. Maybe those people are hackers or they use unsigned MODs or something? I can't find any evidence of that in the logfile, just connected, then disconnected. Maybe it's nothing to worry about but I would like to know for sure. We host Warfare BE latest version with no MODs. I only added a bisign key for those who want to connect with Beton and Bushlurkers vegetation addon so Chernarus looks like summer instead of autumn. Works fine when I connect. Two of my friends can join that way too and another friend just uses plain vanilla ArmA 2 with no MODs and he can join too so I guess it's set up allright. Could somebody be so kind to check if my settings are allright? Thank you! :bounce3: // // server.cfg // // comments are written with "//" in front of them. // GLOBAL SETTINGS hostname = "[NL] FREEDOM - Home of the Chosen Clan"; // The name of the server that shall be displayed in the public server list password = ""; // Password for joining, eg connecting to the server passwordAdmin = ";)"; // Password to become server admin. When you're in Arma MP and connected to the server, type '#login xyz' reportingIP = "armedass.master.gamespy.com"; // This is the default setting. If you change this, your server //reportingIP = arma2pc.master.gamespy.com"; // In case of ArmA2 might not turn up in the public list. Leave empty for private servers logFile = "server_console.log"; // Tells ArmA-server where the logfile should go and what it should be called // WELCOME MESSAGE ("message of the day") // It can be several lines, separated by comma // Empty messages "" will not be displayed at all but are only for increasing the interval motd[] = { "", "", "", "Welcome to the Chosen Clan server", "This server is being maintained by GEPO-systems, we use a 60Mbit cable connection", "You're free to play here but cheating and teamkilling will result in permanent ban!", "Try to maintain teambalance, speak only Dutch, English or German", "Last of all, HAVE FUN AND ENJOY YOUR DAY ON THE BATTLEFIELD !" }; motdInterval = 10; // Time interval (in seconds) between each message // JOINING RULES checkfiles[] = {}; // Outdated. maxPlayers = 20; // Maximum amount of players. Civilians and watchers, beholder, bystanders and so on also count as player. kickDuplicate = 0; // Each ArmA version has its own ID. If kickDuplicate is set to 1, a player will be kicked when he joins a server where another player with the same ID is playing. verifySignatures = 1; // Verifies the players files by checking them with the .bisign signatures. Works properly from 1.08 on equalModRequired = 0; // Outdated. If set to 1, player has to use exactly the same -mod= startup parameter as the server. // VOTING voteMissionPlayers = 0; // Tells the server how many people must connect so that it displays the mission selection screen. voteThreshold = 0.50; // 33% or more players need to vote for something, for example an admin or a new map, to become effective // INGAME SETTINGS disableVoN = 0; // If set to 1, Voice over Net will not be available vonCodecQuality = 7; // Quality from 1 to 10 persistent = 1; // If 1, missions still run on even after the last player disconnected. // SCRIPTING ISSUES onUserConnected = ""; // self-explaining onUserDisconnected = ""; doubleIdDetected = ""; regularCheck = ""; // some ArmA specific stuff - signature verification onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; // unsigned data detected onHackedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; // tampering of the signature detected onDifferentData = "0"; // data with a valid signature, but different version than the one present on server detected BattlEye = 1; //Server to use BattlEye system // MISSIONS CYCLE (see below) class Missions {};
  12. King Haggis


    Yeah, I was talking about the summervegetation for Chernarus. Looks so nice :-) I already thought about what you said. I think I'll send the admins of the server an e-mail. After all, this is not a cheat, just summer instead of autumn.
  13. King Haggis


    I hope this addon will become a bit more popular. It seems a lot of people aren't aware of your efforts. I already liked the Chernarus landscape but now it feels a whole lot better. I hope this addon will soon get some real attention so we can all enjoy ArmA 2 with nice green summertime scenery. It's so incredibly awesome! Like I said before, I wish my favourite Warfare servers wouldn't kick me for using this mod.
  14. King Haggis


    Guys, thanks for making my day! I've been waiting for a summer texture pack for ArmA 2 a long time and now that it's here it's great! Today I've had the best ArmA 2 experience ever. No more brown trees but nice sunny weather and green forests. Best addon ever!!! THANKS! Now it would be nice if warfare servers wouldn't kick me for using this addon.
  15. King Haggis

    Patch 1.05 Satisfaction Survey

    Great news, I've been looking forward to the new official patch ever since I heard the Apache and the new Warfare game mode would be included. I always play with the latest beta so I'm already used to the performace increase. I'm at work now and ready to go home, can't wait to try out the Apache campaign. In the beta patches I noticed a huge performance increase regarding stuttering while in towns and while flying. Somebody in this thread complained about the 1.05 patch performing worse than the beta. I can hardly believe it and hope it's not true. I was already very happy about the accomplishments in the beta patches and although I haven't tested the 1.05 patch yet, I'm sure it'll be a very successful release if it includes all the fixes from the beta. Thanks for the patch BIS and have a very merry Christmas, you've deserved it!