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  1. Do you have a joystick or other controller connected? Sometimes it happens my joystick is not in a central position when connected, and then it moves... However, I only encountered it with vehicles, but if you have another controller...
  2. Kode

    stuck on ground

    re-install the game?
  3. Kode

    Request for Developer Specs!

  4. Kode


    what are those system details? Do you mean frames per minute or per second?
  5. I do wonder what happened to "Indepence lost" (I admit it was only announced after operation flashpoint, so sligtly offtopic perhaps but it is old too). I never found a reason for cancellation or what it was exactly. Did something evolve out of it or was is it all just wasted work?
  6. I had the exact same problem. loading the save-game just before didn't help, each time, after the 3 targets are destroyed(even in the correct order) nothing happens. I had to restart the mission completely before it worked. The tank under the netting is on the left of the road, a couple of hundred meters before the bridge.
  7. I received an e-mail today from play.com that it has been shipped .
  8. Kode

    Queen's gambit bugs

    well I tried this one in the editor, but worked fine, on both hilux's PKM's and Datsun's PKM's. But I found out that the army 4x4(M2) hasn't got the ammo showing in the left corner when being gunner. confirmed I think you mean the station at HE38? I tested them, and indeed one is not working, the ladder of the big antenna, others are working(even in the lift).
  9. Kode

    Queen's gambit bugs

    Well, there wasn't really a topic about this subject yet and as there is no option in the BTS for QG we might just post them in here so we have a nice overview. Try to keep things clean, and only discuss bugs. Bugs I noticed: -when clicking on the armory in the main menu, nothing is happening. -DC3 is bouncing a lot, and also, I don't get an option to get out. The only way is to eject when engine is on, which is a vertical eject like a fighterplane.
  10. Kode

    Queen's Gambit goes gold!!!

    I finished the royal flush campaign. It's rather good (better then the current arma campaign anyway) , but quite short. Some very good thing is that you can make choices throughout the campaign(like in resistance). The cutscenes are quite nice,with some new animations. I now started the specop campaign, which is rather hard. I didn't have time to check on multiplayer yet
  11. Kode

    Queen's Gambit goes gold!!!

    one file of 1.3Gb and one of 810Mb so 2110Mb (2,1Gb) in total, also did the metaboli download, and it came at a steady 350kb/s, excellent!(and it works )
  12. Kode

    how many copies of arma do you own?

    Only 1 copy here, 505 games edition. I wonder how many copies have been sold in total. Are there any numbers available?
  13. Kode

    Help! How to use the script?

    I think you'll have more succes in the Arma editing section of the forums, troubleshooting is more like in having problems to run/launch/play the game
  14. I think you'll have more succes in the Arma editing section of the forums, troubleshooting is more like in having problems to run/launch/play the game
  15. Kode

    Blue Screen Of Death

    It might be hardware related. To me it looks like bad memory, perhaps you could do a memtest. So if after the format you keep having the same problems, you could do one/