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  1. I have the guide through the deluxe copy of the game but I have also just ordered the print edition. I'm looking forward also to getting the colour print edition when it is released.
  2. Killerwatt

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Well I hope its an announcement that we are going to get the entire green sea region in a single map. (A new campaign to go along with it would be nice too).
  3. At the risk of being shot at from all sides, I'd just like to say that I would love a chally!
  4. Killerwatt

    SP Missions by SaOk

    Links are pointing to 1.3 but download says 1.1
  5. Well I finished the campaign with no problems or bugs encountered and no hiccups or stutters with video playbacks. I must be doing something wrong! I thought the camaign was great and it just goes to prove that BIS are catering to very different tastes with each new camaign they bring out. As for this one I reckon it was designed with the minimum amount of controling AI and as such it was very welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed this campaign and consider my money very well spent indeed > Well done BIS, its nice to know that you also include the less than hardcore gamer in your design criterea.
  6. I fired over their heads and still got acces to the UAV. Also I think the driving capabilities may well be related to the cpu that you have available. I have an I7 and cant say I had any major detours except a couple of minor of raods to avoid burning vehicles or enemy fire etc.
  7. Hmm... I take it you guys didnt use the UAV in this mission then?
  8. You did apply patch 1.56 before applying PMC didnt you?
  9. Sorry I cant agree, I would at the very least want a sparkler instead of a cocktail umbrella :)
  10. Well I am currently playing through the campaign and I am loving it. Its great to get back to basics and not have to faff about micro managing the AI. I cant understand all the negativity about the campaign being included in the lite version. If you want to play the game with such crappy graphics then you are welcome to it. Me? I prefer the paid for download with its crisp grahpics. Before I bought the game I knew the content and had made the decision that it was worth the price. It doesnt matter what was contained in the patch, for me the decision is based on what was in the PMC DLC and in my opinion it is worth the £8. One more thing, bear in mind that DLC is still relatively new to BIS and they are still finding their feet and on a learning curve when it comes to how to best implement it so lets lighten up a bit on the accusations of BIS ripping us all off on this particular DLC. BIS have never sold their customers down the river in the way many other companies have and I dont expect them to start now. Its not what they are about. There are things they may not get right first time but at least I am confident they will learn from that and improve upon it . Its all to easy to whinge and forget all the great content that they have already provided to us for free, so lets cut them a bit of slack in this regard. they have done enough positive things in the past to have earned that much at least
  11. Killerwatt

    Only digital download for BAF and PMC

    Why not just download and burn to disk? There is no guarantee that it will ever be included in a gold pack.
  12. Killerwatt

    Use spoilers!

    With the advent of the PMC addon can I please ask you guys posting about it to use spoilers in your posts? There's way to much info being given away already and its only the first day of release!
  13. Killerwatt

    How to link 2 maps together ?

    I don't know why though, Its a great idea for use in an extended campaign.
  14. you bastard smurfbr. lol:eek: