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  1. Thanks for the reply. Hanged around a bit more and then i got the message that team two was ready but had to wait for the team three. i could give "alpha" command through radio allready. [note to self : must be more patient] Will give this one a fresh start i guess. cheers.
  2. JellBro

    Operation Powderburn

    +1 Looking forward to this !
  3. i hope this is the right place for a mission question: i got to "interdiction", where you [as Gastowski] have to blow up the tanks and communicate with team "Two" and "Three" sending alpha command. The two tanks and many soldiers are dead, the teams are ready but i can't send them the alpha command, there is only 0:reply and 5:status in the communications menu. Anybody have this too? i thought in the original you had 9:radio and then send "alpha"? A little help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Jelle.
  4. JellBro

    Ghost Recon - Island Thunder campaign

    Aw... too bad, i wanted to try this in the holidays, but the campaign won't start. i hope you'll have time in the future to update. Original Ghost Recon: island thunder was awsome. i'll try the Podagorsk campaign, which is working okay so far. Have a great holiday and happy new year. Cheers.
  5. JellBro

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    @ Iratus Exactly after some single player stuff start on the multiplayer. The campaign was great for OFP:CWC and Red Hammer and Resistance, and that first demo-mission is one you can still play any time, because it's allways different.
  6. JellBro

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    If Arma was running a bit smoother and you'd be able to have good game moments if you have only 1 or 2 hours playtime in the evening ( that is with two kids), then Arma would be more attractive. Now what happens in multiplayer is that you have no clue what to do in certain missions. There is no transport (or need high rank first) or others take it away in front of you. Walking half an hour is no option 'cause it's the end of the day by then. Most of the time when playing online there is little action in long playtime ( that's just my experience). When i was < 30's i had the time for it and played it (OFP:CWC, OFP:RH,OFP:R ARMA1) a lot. Now i'm sticking mostly to Battlefield 3 (love the destruction) though i bought all BIS' Arma games and play the single player missions/campaigns. As far as realism goes: sitting behind a computer, comfortable and warm with beer and chips at close range has nothing to do with anything realistic. I'd like BIS to keep ARMA3 a game and let others make it as "realistic" as they want, like what happend with OFP. Of our LAN-party-going-group (OFP-times) not one is playing Arma anymore, sadly.
  7. JellBro

    ATI cards

    can you keep people informed on how you're going with this card ? i'm thinking of the same card (and later on perhaps place a second in crossfire) thanx in advance, Jelle.
  8. JellBro

    Need Help. Reinstalled OPF

    Great, thanks for the replies!
  9. JellBro

    Need Help. Reinstalled OPF

    Quick question: does anybody know if OFP runs on windows 7 ? i have all the original cd-versions from when they came out including Resistance add-on. thanx in advance
  10. JellBro

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    Yes, thanks BIS for all the great games and add-ons. Played them all, and currently waiting for Arrowhead (which seems out of stock everywhere in the Netherlands) Anyway... Keep up the good work!
  11. JellBro

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Firstly i think this game is the best out there. Why it's not more popular i can understand completely though: an example: Last online game i played i played for 30+ minutes, had not seen a single enemy and was shot by friendlies and crashed with choppers while riding in the back a couple of times. Choppers left the aircraft carrier leaving people waiting for transport. ...and then my son needed attention. This game requires time and that's okay , but if you're working and have a family the time is limited. Usually i play about an hour, which for this game is short. Summary: Online play can be frustrating and not rewarding, experience too much of that and people are off to something else. To really enjoy this game you need: + a decent pc + time (patience) + people online working as a team When the above come together these are the most rewarding games ever. For the record, i played them all: OFP:CWC , RH, Resistance, Arma 1 , QG , Arma2
  12. JellBro

    Isla Duala

    just as a sidenote to show some appreciation: three words : A - MA - ZING keep up the good work. Cheers.
  13. Thanks for the replies, i'm thinking of a new system with ssd and ATI once Arma2:OA comes out so this is very handy information. cheers.
  14. Does anybody know if the 790GX and SB750 combination does not have this issue. (or SB7xx range) ? Thanks in advance.