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  1. I brute forced it, but this seems right. 3 times lucky 13 313
  2. The password is 313 it's a link to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXNCZlQcvGw
  3. jbowles

    'Red dot' sights and accuracy....

    He stated nothing of the sort. If he had been referring to in game zeros I doubt he would be giving us "typical" zero ranges, if he was talking about in game zeros I would expect a much more definitive answer from him. You need to check the attitude dude.
  4. jbowles

    'Red dot' sights and accuracy....

    ACOGs are zeroed at 100m, there BDC is designed around a 100m zero. Iron sights, red dots and other non magnified optics are typically zeroed at 50-100m A 50m zero works really well for M4s and M16s due to there high sight over bore distance at 2.6", with a 50m zero the bullet is dead on at 50m, about 1.5" high at 100m, peaks at 2.0" around 125m and is at zero again at about 215m and still capable of making good hits without adjustment out to about 300m.