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    "Adult" style sigs

    If you think worrying about semi naked women in sigs is bad try this: I am in a LOMAC (flight sim) squad. We have a squad member that has been OFFICIALLY disciplined at work (a local Govt. authority in the UK) for viewing "undesireable" web content. ......Fine you'd think if he'd been browsing porn sites..... But the "undesireable" site was our very own forums!! His work had installed software on their server that flags up employees browsing sites that contain any swear words..... And it caught onto a few in posts on our forums. First he knew of it was when he got called into his supervisors office and given a warning letter to sign!! Moral of the story: Think carefully before using work PC's to browse internet forums.... You never know who (or what) is logging your internet activities!! Â
  2. Jester_UK

    CoC Command Engine X

    I just downloaded this and had a quick look at the demo missions (didn't even read the manual thuroughly yet... but going to now). This is excellent. As others have said, from a script point of view it's the best add on I've seen for ArmA. Functionality is brilliant and the control interface is intuative and really well laid out. Even without reading the manual I was easilly able to grasp the basics. Fantastic job guys. I can honestly say I'm totally blown away by this!!
  3. Jester_UK

    suggestion for Arma2

    I think that's actually one of the best suggestions I've seen on these forums to be quite honest. You guys obviously haven't considered the extra features a built in script editor would allow for such as: A built in script checking routine. A built in syntax checking/ alteration tool. Sure, these may not be worth much to the more experienced and advanced mission makers around here, but to someone new to the game some extra help with getting scripts right can make the difference between them being able to build missions more easilly (and to reach a higher standard of mission building more quickly) and them getting so frustrated with cryptic and misleading error messages that they eventually give up on it all together.
  4. Jester_UK

    Scripting Rant

    What's missing regarding scripting in ArmA is a single easy to follow manual that takes a user from the absolute basics to the more complex levels in a single logical path. The OP comments on there being masses of information available on the net, but that the available information is badly laid out and at times contradictary in nature.... And speaking as someone that's been trying to get into scripting and mission building since buying ArmA when it was released in the UK, I agree with him 100%. ArmA has a very flexible and powerful mission editor thanks to the user being given direct access to the scripting language.... But without giving those new to scripting the right guidance it's useless, apart from to a select few who are naturally gifted with coding and have previous experience of code writing. I'll bet that if BIS released a comprehensive manual that went from the absolute basics upwards, and did so in clear and easy to follow language it would sell in large numbers, thus boosting their income...... And the community would benefit greatly from the work produced by those who are at present unable to get the results they want in ArmA, but who with the right guidance would be capable of producing extremely good missions.
  5. I'm wanting to set up a trigger (or script) where if the player (or AI Bluefor unit) is detected in the trigger area, that AI Opfor units will move to the position the Bluefor units were seen then start a "seek and destroy" behaviour in that area. I don't want to use the getPos command since, if the Bluefor units are no longer being observed I don't want the Opfor AI to know their actual location, but rather go to their "last known" location. How do I set up the marker position in the setMarkerPos command to place a marker where the player (or Bluefor AI) was seen? Or have I misunderstood how the getPos command works and as such trying to be too clever (but actually making my life more difficult than it needs to be?)
  6. Jester_UK

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    Well After installing the patch the game runs very poorly and crashes. Sounds starts dropping out (hardware accelleration is disabled) and the a freeze followed by a CTD. Frame rates about half of that I got on my min spec rig with the 1.07 beta. Wondering if I got a corrupt download since, although the install process reported success and the correct ver number shows up in the main menu screen, the INSTALL process took over two hours to complete. Is it normal for the installer to take that long?
  7. Jester_UK

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Dunno if it's due to me using Stuffit, but the GBE-Clan link is reporting a filesize of 507MB on my download......???
  8. Jester_UK

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Hehe, Downloading: 3 Megabyte/second, Downloaded in 3 Minutes    Well that explains why mine's taking over an hour. That's just greedy of you!!!
  9. Jester_UK


    Not if the info in the link to the German site on pg 29 of the "Infor on upcoming 1.08 patch" thread is right....
  10. Jester_UK

    What the name of?

    No permanant side effects so long as you read the readme file before using it. But depending on your hardware you may not see a lot of benefit from them. If your PC is CPU or RAM limited then closing those background processes and apps can free up enough space to get a slight improvement in game performance (don't expect a miricle though! To get everything running as normal all you need to do is restart your PC. The only thing I would suggest is (if running with just firewall software and no physical router between your PC and phoneline) check your firewall status before going online since some of those programs (especially the batchfile from BOB2 that I mentioned) shut your firewall down as well. If so simply restart the firewall before going online.
  11. Jester_UK


    Havoc that looks like a different one to the one I've got. If you want to, PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send you the one I've got which includes a demo mission for you to mess around with it.
  12. Jester_UK


    If the IED script you're talking about is the one that was posted sometime ago on this forum, then you can edit the size of the explosion. Sounds like you've got it set to small. I tried that script out a while ago and for a laugh set the explosion size to huge. The blast leveled three houses and blew the car so high in the air that it landed about half a mile away! First time I tried it the blast wave killed me outright at I guess nearly 100 yards from the blast point!!
  13. Jester_UK

    What the name of?

    Enditall? (last version I has was Enditall 2). There was another one that was developed by someone in the MSFS community, but I can't remember the name of it offhand (didn't use it myself). Alternatively if you or someone you know has the Shockwave title Battle of Britain 2: Wing of Victory, there's a small batch file on that CD called  Stop_srv. bat that shuts down everything bar absolute essentials and works great. No Gui or customisable options, simply a batchfile icon that you double click. This is the one I use at the moment if I want to close down all background apps and unnecessary processes. EDIT: Beaten to it!!!!
  14. Jester_UK

    When a ARMA french forum ?

    If you can't see the difference between a multilingual website and a multilingual forum then I feel sorry for you. BTW, next time you link to a site like that you might want to have the simple courtesy to warn people of the hundreds of pop ups they're going to get spammed with. Your knowledge of the history of European languages is astounding........ It's absolute rubbish, but it's astounding rubbish.
  15. Jester_UK

    arma combat operation not multilanguage????

    I'd suppose that's because Combat Operations is the US release and they don't speak French in the US. Bit rough on the French speaking Canadians I guess but that's the way they've done it. If you really need the French language version you'll either need to search and see if a language mod is available, or buy the 505 (European) release that does include French.
  16. Jester_UK

    arma combat operation not multilanguage????

    I'd suppose that's because Combat Operations is the US release and they don't speak French in the US. Bit rough on the French speaking Canadians I guess but that's the way they've done it. If you really need the French language version you'll either need to search and see if a language mod is available, or buy the 505 (European) release that does include French.
  17. Jester_UK


    Weegee, check Kabong's first post on pg3 of this thread. He put together a list to edit your XML file with that unlocks everything (single missions and everything in the armoury). I'm using it and it works great. Just back up your original XML file first just incase. Hope this helps.
  18. Jester_UK

    1.08 servers

    Was there a 1.04? 1.04 was the UK (505) release....... Wasn't it?
  19. Jester_UK

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Hold the ALT key on the keyboard. you can then use the mouse to look around. It is a bit clunky but it works. The best alternative would be to use TrackIR I guess but I tried that and just couldn't get used to it.
  20. Jester_UK

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    Skullburner, I never called you stupid, and if from my post you got the impression that I was doing so then I apologise. The transferred responsibility comments may have been unfair (and even though not intentionally directed at either you or any other specific forum member), re-reading it I can see how it could have been taken that way. I was simply outlining a type of behaviour I've seen many times before (not only in relation to internet forums and PC software, but also in the context of everyday working environments). But as far as the demo goes, I feel those comments are still absolutely valid (especially from prior to the 505 release). I was under the impression that an ArmA demo had been available for the origianl release, however if you say this wasn't the case I'm more than happy to take your word for it. Personally, if I buy a PC game and after six months I'm still unhappy with it, I shelve it, bin it or give it away and move onto something I can get some satisfaction out of. All I can say is that if by this stage you still don't see any sign of ArmA becoming what you would personally want it to be, then maybe you should look for something else (at least in the interim till the next patch or two is released, then try it again).
  21. Jester_UK

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    Just FYO Skullburner, the comment that I made that my rig "can barely handle ArmA" is not a comment on the game's performance, but on the fact that my rig only barely meets the game's minimum requirements. As such I bought ArmA with probably somewhat lower performance expectations than those who went out and blindly spent 2000 (pound sterling) on a brand new PC without first confirming that there'd be no conflicts between ArmA and their new hardware (or in some cases without even investigating the current state of driver release for certain hardware). This being the case, while I'd never deny that ArmA has it's flaws, or say that it couldn't be improved upon, I think there's more than one member on this forum voicing his frustration at ArmA Â as a form of transfered responsibility (ie: blaming a 30(pound sterling) software product for their own stupidity in shelling out large ammounts of money on hardware before finding out whether or not their newly bought hardware would give them the unrealistically high results they desired). Unfortunately those that are doing this are drawing attention away from those that actually have genuine problems. So from my point of view I'd agree with you that yes there are indeed people on this forum who've been "lying to themselves." Unfortunately you're pointing the finger at the wrong man. Now having said that, let me stress: I am NOT saying that ArmA has no faults, nor am I saying that ArmA can't be improved (both from the point of view of content and performance). But this game had a demo. If you played the demo you should have been able to make a rational decision as to whether this was the game for you and whether it would run on your PC hardware with a performance you'd find acceptable. If someone bought ArmA without trying the demo, or didn't like the demo but bought the game anyway then I'd suggest that those would be the people you'd be better pointing the finger at for lying to themselves. You'll find most of them in the "ArmA is disappointing" thread. (edited due to the forum software not liking the English pound sign).
  22. Jester_UK

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    Nor are posts like the one I quoted. There are ways to get a message across and ways not to. If you can't tell the difference you have a problem. I've seen plenty of number two on these forums, but not much of either numbers one or three. If you do a search of these forums you'll find that those that were posted in a mature and reasonable manner got (in most cases) a mature and reasonable response. Those that didn't.... well didn't. They got the shoot down treatment you mentioned. Put bluntly, they got what they asked for. Quote from the post I was replying to: Please tell me how that explains why the poster is disappointed? There are people having genuine issues with ArmA. There ARE problems with ArmA. But posts like the one I replied to initially don't accomplish anything. Your supporting him is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction. If it wasn't for posts such as the one I originally replied to cluttering up the forums then the chances of getting your message across to the devs would be greatly increased. EVERY post such as the one I originally replied to actually hurts your effort. Every post like that minimises the impact that properly and maturely phrased posts make by drawing attention to themselves and so away from the ones that matter. Still doesn't entitle you to special treatment. If you bought the advertising blurb as being gospel truth and ArmA as a product that will fulfill everyone's fantasies then more fool you. And so long as you condone and support the type of posts that I made my initial response to in this thread, then your chances of changing ArmA for the better are nil....... Because as long as those that really want to improve ArmA don't distance themselves from that type of post, no-one is going to take you seriously. You'll unfortunately be tarred with the same brush, labelled a "Whiner" and dismissed as such.
  23. Jester_UK

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    That sums up about 100% why this thread was started by a MOD when the Fanboys lose control of shooting down every one that says one bad thing about ArmA. Arma isnt just disapointing, its the biggest pile of flaming crap ive ever installed and bought for my enjoyment. Wamingo wants us to all go away because we should be just happy that BIS let us have Armed Assault and after 10 patches[Maybe] it might work. Just out of interest, why do you think you deserve special treatment? The tone of your post (and many others) seems to be that if you have a problem with ArmA you deserve the right to say anything you want without consideration of your presentation. If someone disagrees with your point of view then they have to phrase what they say oh-so-carefully so as not to hurt your feelings. If they don't they're a "fanboy." Maybe if you (and the others who post in the same tone) tried changing your approach to the way you phrase what you say (note I said change how you phrase it... not change the actual message itself), then maybe you'd get a different response from those that are in fact enjoying the game. Maybe you should try posting some actual facts instead of an insulting diatribe that means nothing, says nothing and acomplishes nothing?
  24. Jester_UK

    Your home town/city/farm?!

    Born in Huddersfield (Yorkshire..... There may be many pale imitations but this really is God's own country!!...... And finally living in Huddersfield again (via Bradford, South Africa, London and South Africa again). Took me all these years to realise I was happiest where I originally came from.... What a waste of a life!!
  25. Jester_UK

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    Simple answer is well known in the service and support industry: If someone has a bad experience with a product (be it a perceived or actual bad experience), the average person will tell 10-12 other people. If the same person has a good experience with a product, he will tell two or three. (Needless to say these are average figures from statistical research). Human nature (and modern social tendancies) lead to your average man in the street being quicker to complain than to praise, so if you have two threads as we do here, one for positive and one for negative feedback, the negative one will always be the longer of the two, even if the number of unhappy customers are in the minority. Those that are happy with the product are too busy enjoying their purchase, those that are not enjoying their purchase have more time available to complain about it. All that being said there are problems that need to be addressed in ArmA. The devs know this (as evidenced by the bug tracking that's going on), and are working on it (as evidenced by the fact we're now up to a beta of version 1.07). How loudly certain community members will complain will depend on how badly they are personally effected by these problems. Personally, although my rig can hardly run it, I'm enjoying ArmA immensely. There are things I'd like to see that would enhance the experience, but nothing that I feel is vital to making the game playable.