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  1. Jester_UK

    "Adult" style sigs

    If you think worrying about semi naked women in sigs is bad try this: I am in a LOMAC (flight sim) squad. We have a squad member that has been OFFICIALLY disciplined at work (a local Govt. authority in the UK) for viewing "undesireable" web content. ......Fine you'd think if he'd been browsing porn sites..... But the "undesireable" site was our very own forums!! His work had installed software on their server that flags up employees browsing sites that contain any swear words..... And it caught onto a few in posts on our forums. First he knew of it was when he got called into his supervisors office and given a warning letter to sign!! Moral of the story: Think carefully before using work PC's to browse internet forums.... You never know who (or what) is logging your internet activities!! Â
  2. Jester_UK

    CoC Command Engine X

    I just downloaded this and had a quick look at the demo missions (didn't even read the manual thuroughly yet... but going to now). This is excellent. As others have said, from a script point of view it's the best add on I've seen for ArmA. Functionality is brilliant and the control interface is intuative and really well laid out. Even without reading the manual I was easilly able to grasp the basics. Fantastic job guys. I can honestly say I'm totally blown away by this!!
  3. Jester_UK

    suggestion for Arma2

    I think that's actually one of the best suggestions I've seen on these forums to be quite honest. You guys obviously haven't considered the extra features a built in script editor would allow for such as: A built in script checking routine. A built in syntax checking/ alteration tool. Sure, these may not be worth much to the more experienced and advanced mission makers around here, but to someone new to the game some extra help with getting scripts right can make the difference between them being able to build missions more easilly (and to reach a higher standard of mission building more quickly) and them getting so frustrated with cryptic and misleading error messages that they eventually give up on it all together.
  4. Jester_UK

    Scripting Rant

    What's missing regarding scripting in ArmA is a single easy to follow manual that takes a user from the absolute basics to the more complex levels in a single logical path. The OP comments on there being masses of information available on the net, but that the available information is badly laid out and at times contradictary in nature.... And speaking as someone that's been trying to get into scripting and mission building since buying ArmA when it was released in the UK, I agree with him 100%. ArmA has a very flexible and powerful mission editor thanks to the user being given direct access to the scripting language.... But without giving those new to scripting the right guidance it's useless, apart from to a select few who are naturally gifted with coding and have previous experience of code writing. I'll bet that if BIS released a comprehensive manual that went from the absolute basics upwards, and did so in clear and easy to follow language it would sell in large numbers, thus boosting their income...... And the community would benefit greatly from the work produced by those who are at present unable to get the results they want in ArmA, but who with the right guidance would be capable of producing extremely good missions.
  5. I'm wanting to set up a trigger (or script) where if the player (or AI Bluefor unit) is detected in the trigger area, that AI Opfor units will move to the position the Bluefor units were seen then start a "seek and destroy" behaviour in that area. I don't want to use the getPos command since, if the Bluefor units are no longer being observed I don't want the Opfor AI to know their actual location, but rather go to their "last known" location. How do I set up the marker position in the setMarkerPos command to place a marker where the player (or Bluefor AI) was seen? Or have I misunderstood how the getPos command works and as such trying to be too clever (but actually making my life more difficult than it needs to be?)
  6. Jester_UK

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    Well After installing the patch the game runs very poorly and crashes. Sounds starts dropping out (hardware accelleration is disabled) and the a freeze followed by a CTD. Frame rates about half of that I got on my min spec rig with the 1.07 beta. Wondering if I got a corrupt download since, although the install process reported success and the correct ver number shows up in the main menu screen, the INSTALL process took over two hours to complete. Is it normal for the installer to take that long?
  7. Jester_UK

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Dunno if it's due to me using Stuffit, but the GBE-Clan link is reporting a filesize of 507MB on my download......???
  8. Jester_UK

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    Hehe, Downloading: 3 Megabyte/second, Downloaded in 3 Minutes    Well that explains why mine's taking over an hour. That's just greedy of you!!!
  9. Jester_UK


    Not if the info in the link to the German site on pg 29 of the "Infor on upcoming 1.08 patch" thread is right....
  10. Jester_UK

    What the name of?

    No permanant side effects so long as you read the readme file before using it. But depending on your hardware you may not see a lot of benefit from them. If your PC is CPU or RAM limited then closing those background processes and apps can free up enough space to get a slight improvement in game performance (don't expect a miricle though! To get everything running as normal all you need to do is restart your PC. The only thing I would suggest is (if running with just firewall software and no physical router between your PC and phoneline) check your firewall status before going online since some of those programs (especially the batchfile from BOB2 that I mentioned) shut your firewall down as well. If so simply restart the firewall before going online.
  11. Jester_UK


    Havoc that looks like a different one to the one I've got. If you want to, PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send you the one I've got which includes a demo mission for you to mess around with it.
  12. Jester_UK


    If the IED script you're talking about is the one that was posted sometime ago on this forum, then you can edit the size of the explosion. Sounds like you've got it set to small. I tried that script out a while ago and for a laugh set the explosion size to huge. The blast leveled three houses and blew the car so high in the air that it landed about half a mile away! First time I tried it the blast wave killed me outright at I guess nearly 100 yards from the blast point!!
  13. Jester_UK

    What the name of?

    Enditall? (last version I has was Enditall 2). There was another one that was developed by someone in the MSFS community, but I can't remember the name of it offhand (didn't use it myself). Alternatively if you or someone you know has the Shockwave title Battle of Britain 2: Wing of Victory, there's a small batch file on that CD called  Stop_srv. bat that shuts down everything bar absolute essentials and works great. No Gui or customisable options, simply a batchfile icon that you double click. This is the one I use at the moment if I want to close down all background apps and unnecessary processes. EDIT: Beaten to it!!!!
  14. Jester_UK

    When a ARMA french forum ?

    If you can't see the difference between a multilingual website and a multilingual forum then I feel sorry for you. BTW, next time you link to a site like that you might want to have the simple courtesy to warn people of the hundreds of pop ups they're going to get spammed with. Your knowledge of the history of European languages is astounding........ It's absolute rubbish, but it's astounding rubbish.
  15. Jester_UK

    arma combat operation not multilanguage????

    I'd suppose that's because Combat Operations is the US release and they don't speak French in the US. Bit rough on the French speaking Canadians I guess but that's the way they've done it. If you really need the French language version you'll either need to search and see if a language mod is available, or buy the 505 (European) release that does include French.