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  1. Please use pastebin links to display code. Make sure the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll is in the @Arma2NET/Addins/Arma2NETMySQLPlugin folder on the server.
  2. Please try this Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll, It's the latest version but compiled against the 6.5.4 MySQL.Data Reference :)
  3. System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.Security.SecurityException: Request for the permission of type -arma2netdev not enabled perhaps? Alternative is to set DisableSandboxing to True in Settings.yaml We will get the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll addon whitelisted once Firefly has completed a stable release version.
  4. Sorry guys, work's really busy so I'm unable to help troubleshoot at the moment but it looks like some of the community are helping so thats great thank you :)
  5. Heads up, Firefly's lastest Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll seems to be causing insert issues: https://github.com/firefly2442/Arma2NETMySQLPlugin/issues/1 Hopefully he can get a fix up asap. In the meantime here is a link to the older Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll which works fine. Tested with 6.4.3 and 6.5.4 .net mysql connectors.
  6. Thank you. I've amended the readme.
  7. Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll updated in Dev-heaven repo and PersistentDB.7z - Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll fixed printing of messages in valid format [Firefly2442]
  8. Yes the client will not go any further since it is waiting for a mysql request result that it never receives from the server. Ctrl-Alt-Del and end task on it. Please confirm that you are using the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll addin datestamped 14/06/2012 @ 10:18 on the server Arma2NET's nlog is not outputting the error. I'm taking to Scott_NZ right now to try and debug this further. Scott_NZ has had this error reported by another person but was not able to reproduce it at all.
  9. No sorry I'm at work. The Arma2NET log is what I'm interested in at this point not the server rpt. Please pastebin the Arma2NET log to clarify. It appears your addin is crashing out when invoked by Arma2NET. Please confirm that you are using the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll addin datestamped 14/06/2012 @ 10:18
  10. Can you locate the Arma2NET log?
  11. Stick with it. I see that you are not running the latest version on Arma2NET. You MUST make sure of your versions. Download 1.10 here and then use the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll from the persistentDB archive here On another note, Tupolov of MSO fame has joined the PDB team has has been working hard on improving the code and adding some new functionality. PDB will be integrated into future versions of MSO so many thanks to him for his hard work on the project. Once we have tested the new code we will take the PDB project out of beta and make a version 1 release. We are also planning a PDB version for Arma 3.
  12. Yes see my previous post re: System.IO.FileNotFoundException
  13. whole rpt please! System.IO.FileNotFoundException, sounds to me like the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll addin cannot be located. Copy Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll into the @Arma2NET/Addins/Arma2NETMySQLPlugin/ folder
  14. The failure is in your executable path. It needs to be D:\ArmA 2\Expansion\beta\ It is not enough to just use -mod=expansion\beta;expansion\beta\expansion; Working directory should remain pointing to the root however. Don't forget to edit Databases.txt and copy it to the Arma2 root too.
  15. You are running Version 1.60.87548 on the server. That is not a recent callExtension supported beta. The latest beta should read: Version 1.60.93702 This is your problem below. You are running the server exe from the root still: D:\ArmA 2\arma2oaserver.exe It needs to be: D:\ArmA 2\Expansion\beta\arma2oaserver.exe Also remove @W_JayArma2Lib you don't need it.
  16. 'Think is not 'are'. Please post you whole rpt (use pastebin or link to it, don't post it in this thread directly), it will give the server version at the beginning.
  17. You're not running a supported callExtension beta by the looks of your RPT pre-init errors. Download, install and RUN the latest beta.
  18. Serverconfig in irrelevent. This may be a silly question but you have copied the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin folder containing the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll into the @Arma2NET/Addins folder? You don't need Jayarma2lib
  19. Arma2 server root /logs and be datestamped i.e: 06-14-2012_11-20-04.log
  20. Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll updated in Dev-heaven repo and PersistentDB.7z - updated Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll [firefly2442] Shows version number of Arma2NET that it is compiled with. Fixed so it works with the latest version of the MySQL Connector (6.5.4). Works with latest Arma2NET (1.10). Working log: http://pastebin.com/bmTDCi7M
  21. Can you PM me your server's rpt file? Thanks. also did you try it with for Arma2NET 1.9? I've not tested it yet with Arma2NET 1.10 yet so I don't know if the addin still works with 1.10
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    Agreed. You cannot copyright that. Blimey if you could we'd be screwed :cool: Ellman: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?132256-18th-Tactical-Regiment-Invites-you