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  1. Juan

    BTR-80 and Crew Beta 1

    I just love this, really nice. Would it be possible to make some more cargo proxies? I was wondering if I could get a full squad on it or it would be just plain ficticional to do something like that. Thanks.
  2. Juan

    UK SAS addon

    Is it just me or the gear sounds are way too loud in comparation to the weapons? I mean when the unit drop down or stand up from crawl possition. It could be my sound mod tho, is just that I can't remember wich one I'm using lol.
  3. Juan

    UK SAS addon

    He he he, lol, I got a lot of shit in the past just for that, and I am no expert, lol. Back to topic. I too support the no weapons dependency. I understand why is done like that, but sometimes people use stuff like this units for a mission and the may be already using another weapon pack, making the hall lot a very hefty download just to play a mission. Good units tho, I been hoping for something like that sens OFP first came out nearly a decade ago.
  4. Juan

    Project RACS

    LOL, that will explain the CTD. You are wellcome to use me as a guinea pig, as long is only to do with addons lol. Thanks for you hard work.
  5. Juan

    Project RACS

    I just been playing about with the SA-6 and I noticed the optics for the guner are non existing. All I get is a zoomed view, without any crosshair info or anything, then I went to the "turn out" option and I CTD. I'll try to replicate this on an addon free enviorament next time if you want me too. I hope this is just a simple problem from my side, cos this stuff is seriously nice. Thanks guys.
  6. Juan

    Project RACS

    I thought that you couldn't shoot aswell, but you'll have to turn out to fire the gun, nice touch, I like that. However, this shouldn't stop the viewing window from moving up and down, at list is trying to recreate an old fashion periscope that is fixed to the turret without servos and fancy technology, in that case, again, nice touch and I like that too. Nice. EDIT: I just though, if the periscope is an old fashioned one, maybe you guys should think about ading some dirt to the optics like BIS binoculars, and maybe tint it a bit too.
  7. Juan

    Project RACS

    Nice one. You guys are doing a fantastic job, kip it up.
  8. Juan

    Project RACS

    Are you guys introducing a diferent pilot model? It would be nice to see one for the jets, another one for the Cobras, and the standard one allready in the pack. I wonder if you could get permission to use some of the PKW_Pilots for the jets. Some pics of RL pilots. The heli pilots could do with an visor in the helmet, they would look much better.
  9. Wasn't there a problem in Aimpoints pack with the grenade launcher firing sideways? I would love that pack to be iron out as it is a very nice weapons pack, if any body fix it he'll/ she'll be my hero.
  10. Juan

    Project RACS

    Is any decent MI-8's around? I would love to see one in that civilian theme like this Puma. I just love this pack.
  11. I second that. However, I would really like to see a few civilian helicopters. Notice the "Project RACS Pumas" have a very nice one on the civilian side, and that reminds me of an white MI-8 that I seen once, with a blue stripe along the sides. They have so many uses... Ta.
  12. Juan

    Sigma Six Vehicle Pack

    I think I understand the way you do this; you like 70's vehicles, but mostly American, wich are very different from European vehicles of the same period. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm assuming this by what you released so far ( Apart for the Smart wich I wouldn't include in a pack with the rest of your vehicles BTW) I been hoping to see some European cars from 70's and 80's, moustly 80's, but I'm assuming you not really interested in them. I'm gonna have to learn modeling. I'm not asking you for this, because I prefer you working in the line of stuff you been working so far, you doing a great job, but I'm puting a list of vehicles that if I ever learn modeling I'll work in. Audi 80 CD Audi Quattro Austin Mini MkI Austin Mini MkII Austin Mini Clubman Austin Mini MkIII BMW 2002 ('02' series) BMW 325 1988 Citroen 2CV Citroen Ami 8 Citroen DS ford capri Ford Scort MkI Ford Scort MkII Ford Scort MkIII Ford Scort MkIV Ford Fiesta MKI Ford Fiesta MKII Ford Fiesta MKIII Lada 1200 Lada Niva Land Rover 88 Land Rover 90 Land Rover 110 Mercedes 220 Mercedes 240 MGB GT Opel Manta Renault 4 Renault 5 Renault 6 Renault 8 Renault 9 Renault 12 Seat 600 Seat 800 Seat 850 Seat 124 Seat 128 Seat 1500 Suzuki Santana Talbot Horizon VW Beetle VW Camper VW Golf Mk1 & Mk2 I will never be able to do a fraction of this list, but the real perpous of this list is to see if I triger somebody's modeling hunger to do this sort of vehicles. Well done Sigma.
  13. Juan

    Sigma Six Vehicle Pack

    Amazing Maybe when you get bored and run out of ideas you could have a go at some Harleys This may hellp, Lol, just kiding.
  14. Oh well, I'll have to wait then. Thanks for the replay, and get well.
  15. Juan

    Mando Chute

    I'm asuming that they are AI controled Nice one HombreDouble, with this I'll be able to get reinforcements where I want them.