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  1. the stuff in the box is just the vanilla stock right ? I dont think the script knows where to put the stuff cus _this isnt directed to anything. U need a line - _box = _this select 0 and change all the _this to _box in the box init - [this] exec "ammobox".sqf not good at sqf, still learning it but i think thats ur problem..
  2. you might be over filling them (look up capacity in ammo boxes in the wiki) or you might need a slight pause before the loop.
  3. need to know what the problem u r getting ?
  4. looking for a list for crew capacity of each vehicle and the movein commands if different from arma 2 commands.
  5. u can't rename cities that already exist on the map unless you make a new map addon, but im not sure about the town spawn module.
  6. Ace is an addon so its already defined and running before the mission starts..
  7. You can sync triggers to waypoints only, Group them to vehicles, units and objects..
  8. not if your using the default settings
  9. you need a pause in the loop to slow it down...
  10. any unit will salute with weapon in hand..
  11. your looking for skiptime but looping at what intervals ?
  12. that condition is looking for AI that is running away, Not how many AI are in the trigger and AI do stop fleeing after awhile ;)
  13. try this: ?(player == p1) : p1 = unit; goto "teleport" ?(player == p2) : p2 = unit; goto "teleport" ?(player == p3) : p3 = unit; goto "teleport" ?(player == p4) : p4 = unit; goto "teleport" ?(player == p5) : p5 = unit; goto "teleport" goto "end" #teleport unit setPos (getPos TP); goto "end" #end EXIT
  14. off topic: In the OFP days when Halo first came out all the people/AI that didnt open in time we called the noob filter :P on topic: this will get you to free fall... [this, 5000] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_init.sqs"
  15. tbh u don't need to detect if all players are dead because the mission will end automatically as soon as the last guy dies..
  16. That code would go into your condition box :)
  17. no not really - Its just another way of doing it :) My guess then is to delete the trigger that detects all players dead and try a fresh one but leave the condition box alone for now :), then test it.. see if that works... ---------- Post added at 11:49 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:45 AM ---------- Just a quick edit :) Are you using anything like (Not(alive player)) at all ???
  18. I think you will find its properly behind a tint layer or faded slightly giving that dull effect. ---------- Post added at 02:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:45 PM ---------- the game will auto size the image no matter what size you use..
  19. how big is the radius on the trigger that detects no more players alive ? Is it covering everything ? is it grouped to the leader ?
  20. the loading screen is best at 1024x1024 which is about 1 meg in .paa format
  21. U could probably give the vehicle an addaction that will heal the guy calling the script.. simple way e.g. vehicle init : this addaction ["Heal","heal.sqs"] heal.sqs _unit = _this select 1 _unit setdamage 0 exit u could make it more complex to only show when the units damage is > 0 ;)
  22. I use 3 civi's in the front of a truck - players board that truck and the AI drive past all the enemy straight to the drop off point. no scripts the truck is seen as civilian not matter whats in its cargo but u have to make sure the civilians are moved into the truck before you add the player units and make sure the civi's don't jump out of the truck when they spot the enemy or the truck becomes enemy and you end up getting shot.. ;) Demo Mission
  23. just get a civi to driver the SUV - he will drive past the enemy with out a worry :) Just make sure the civi wont jump out of the car when he spots the enemy :)