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  1. you can try that yes - if that doesnt work try calling the script from a trigger or even the Init.sqf - for some reason doing loadouts and calling it in the units init does for some reason misfire..
  2. wouldnt the backpack script come in handy for this ??? Im sure domination has this in it..
  3. You might find that the script is activating before the unit is created - try delaying the script for a few secs..
  4. this is a bug - when a player disconnects sometimes the AI stays behind and when the next player selects that slot he turns into a bird..
  5. reason i wanna know is because i was working on a sci fi type mission in arma and maybe convert it into arma 2 if i can :) small video
  6. what im more interested in is the path names :- "\Ca\Data\ParticleEffects\Universal\Universal" and a reference like the arma one :- [["\Ca\Data\ParticleEffects\Universal\Universal", [color="Red"]16, 7, 48[/color]] everything else i know about :)
  7. _group addvehicle vehiclename works wonders i find - none of that assignthis moveinthat and stuff and when u want them to get out - use _group leavevehicle vehiclename..
  8. Im not that advanced in scripting so making the player into something else isnt my thing but there is a trick to doing something like that... look up enablesimulation - remotecontrol and switchcamera something like this _target = _this select 0 Player enablesimulation false player remotecontrol _target _target switchcamera "External" its fun when doing it in the editor but only seems to work on AI that are in vehicles :( (Not tried it on animals tho)
  9. you cant stop respawns - they are unlimited unless you put a counter on the deaths. You can do a counter script for each player tho then maybe move them into a holding cell or put them into a cutscene until the round ends.. put [this] exec "counter.sqs" in each units init line _unit = _this select 0 ;;;number of lives _i = 3 ;;;counter #loop @(Not(Alive _unit)) _i = _i - 1 ? _i == 0 : goto "end" goto "loop" #end ;;add what u need here maybe SQF would work better, but im not the SQF type :)
  10. Junker

    Isolated Fog - How To?

    is there any upto date info on the particle Effects ???
  11. i use this command to preview my spawn scripts behaviour _unitname switchcamera "Internal"
  12. Junker


    looks like you need to call the function scriptName "Alice\data\scripts\fnc_houseEffects.sqf"; ??? call BIS_fnc_houseEffects its looking for 3 variables i think (maybe 2).. Is ALICE_obj the module or a house ?? _mode = _this select 0; _door = _this select 1; _obj = _door getvariable "ALICE_obj"; not that good with sqf.. hope this helps :)
  13. Junker

    Static Gunners

    call me old fashioned but i prefer SQS still :)
  14. setting difficulty can be done on both sides - player side can set there difficulty by selecting options in single player or an admin selecting the from Rookie to Vet mode :) but the mission maker can add it to - they can add DAY/NIGHT SUN/RAIN - they can even make it possible to select how many enemy u want per wave/town per player :)
  15. It seems to activate everytime someone joins the mission making the animals double up - its like running a spawn script without the (!IsServer) command.. I think you need to find away to stop it from doing this during JIP..
  16. ? _unit distance _vehicle < 10 : boomshakalak
  17. u set them hostile to everyone in the world settings in the editor ? NVM just read your other thread about this :( try this >> setfriend
  18. Q: I keep hearing pings during the Acquireing or Reloading Proccess, what can i do against it. A: this is related to the Music Volume. because i used the "Hint" window to display that information rather than just making a radio message. to fix it you'll have to turn the music volume all the way down. (sorry if the pings bother you.) Hintsilent would work in this if people are complaining about the pings :)
  19. Junker


    have you tried them without any weapons on the units ?? Also there is a mission somewhere in the forums that has a animation viewer and lists 2441 animations...
  20. you can add an eventhandler to the skeet machine and spawn a cow with a script getting the velocity and direction of the skeet :) Will have to look into this :P
  21. Junker

    More ArmA II than COD servers!

    BIS better watch out because EA are coming out with battlefield Hero's :D
  22. maybe put a sleep in the script somewhere..
  23. condition of presance only works when the mission starts, what u need is a small spawn script
  24. Junker

    Trigger Question

    You need to see a doctor - i think u got chicken fever..