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    Su-33 - OPFOR Fighter Bomber

    Very nice work as usual gnat. I have modified versions of the effects script for the f16, f22, and even one for a hmmwv. but what was trying to do was figure out how to package it into an addon. Unfortunately with my limited skill I never could get it to work.
  2. Inkslinger

    Jonny´s Army Special Forces

    very nice looking units. havent had time to try them out yet but just looking at your first screenshot is it me or does that one soldier have a black face and white arms?
  3. Inkslinger

    F-22A Raptor

    If I knew how I would. Like I said I just figured out how to make easy adjustments to work with other planes. It would be better for me to give the scripts that I have to someone that really could do it some justice. Because it really does work quite well. One thing also its linked to keyboard input, but holding down a key while trying to fly with joystick really is quite difficult. Of course now I got a gamepad that I can map to the kb. This would also make a sweet bundle effects pack with the Flares,and some new sounds.
  4. Inkslinger

    F-22A Raptor

    its been since april of last year when he last post. it was in mission editting and scripting. under SU34 afterburner. I'm really no scripter, just learning. All I did really was change a cpl numbers for the positions of the effects and slowed down the fuel consumption. Was hoping to get a hold of him and give him the numbers and let him release, or get permision to do the same. I reckon I'll give him a little more time to reply(Really don't want to release anything without his consent). Edit: Also it would be nice to bundle it up into and addon instead of scripts but I have no Idea yet how to do that.
  5. Inkslinger

    F-22A Raptor

    Not working for me either, though it should be working without having to add them, Cause its base class is the AV8b. the F16 works fine for me that way. On another note I made some adjustments to Lethals AircraftEffects script and got it working nice with the F-22 and the F-16. Only thing is he seems to have dissapeared over a yr. ago and Ive been unable to reach him. It works thru a gamelogic in the mission and I remember somebody else in the originall thread had it working for MP also. heres a cpl pics.
  6. Inkslinger

    Cannot access hanger(s) 50% of the time.

    never had an issue like that but from what ive read Wordpad is a very bad program to use to edit these type of files. It can cause errors in the layout of the script.
  7. Inkslinger

    What to temporarily remove to edit the map?

    the vote time is in the InitMission.sqf. open with notepad, click edit find votetime.
  8. Inkslinger


    look closely at the pics, I don't think they are black. You can see green on them in spots where the lights hitting.
  9. Inkslinger

    F-22A Raptor

    Once again great plane. Just noticed something, after 10min of flying with no other addons my rpt file is loaded, (and I mean LOADED) with errors trying to generate st for various points. also it says its missing the driver get in direction point. would've mentioned this before but the noob I am just finally found the rpt file..lol
  10. Is there someplace I can find the translated key binding codes. have never really had a need for much binding in arma outside of the ingame UI. and have no idea what numbers are what keys.
  11. Inkslinger


    Excellent mod. As for the m24 yes it does fire 7.62 nato however Ive never heard of a sniper ever using a tracer rnd.
  12. Inkslinger

    Arma MechWarrior Project (AR-MW)

    Good luck, can't wait to go head to head with SLA armor in a Mad Cat or a Marauder.
  13. Inkslinger

    Vilas' addons

    the 5.56mm is the nato standard small caliber rifle round. the 7.62 is the nato standard large caliber rifle round. just to point out that the 5.56 is not the only nato approved rifle round. edit: also for clarity the 7.62 was nato standard long before the 5.56
  14. Inkslinger


    apache's really starting to look good, One thing, please get rid of the preflight check it has a tendency to break missions. when the pilot tries to start the engines it doesn't have fuel and the then they just exit the chopper. That is if your using the same ones that mapfact released.
  15. Inkslinger

    all follow 2 ?

    it should be working then, as that is the same thing I did. do you have it running while ingame?