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  1. Sounds familiar they became Charlie Foxtrot and then Arma-Wargames. I assume this is a different group?
  2. Charlie Foxtrot has closed the Arma2 tournament. Please visit http://www.arma-tow.com/ or http://arma-wargames.com/ for large scale battles and milsim the way it is meant to be played.
  3. I would like to be able to dis-allow beta code on our primary dedi-server, leaving beta code to run on our pub and practice servers. How can I disable beta code on a server? This may be a point for bringing up a beta .bisign for servers that want to have beta code allowed.
  4. As you can see HERE, even Takistan's leadership have begun the crack down. PSC's and PMC's like Shasha International and Riverstone Inc. have had to curtail many of their actions recently. ION Inc has shown some pretty interesting improvements in their method of operation, but a company like Shashka can and has already been there and done that, for less and with better results. As far as the DLC is concerned, I'm sure that I haven't completed a campaign of SP since OFP, in fact, with Arma 2 and OA I never even started it. To me, the DLC is bringing new content and engine fixes - that is what makes all the difference. Is if worth $10USD to keep BIS working on engine updates and such? Damn Skippy!
  5. The easy answer is to get with a group that doesn't play that way. They're out there - I know of at least one or two. (*C-ough-F*) ;) It is the Server Admin's job to monitor and promote the type of play that is most relevant to his community's type of play. (sorry pufu, you're wrong on that one. :() Zipper, as usual, has some good points. He didn't bring his age into it, he brought the size of his bank account into it - which is entirely valid. :D However, there are some other aspects too - the lack of pubby server is due to the lack of fun playing with pubbies - it is a 1:1 correlation. It is not fun because they do exactly what sucks - run and gun and all that crap. So the server gets a few regulars that hang in TS and BANG! another pub server that goes private cause those regulars like playing a certain way and not getting 2 hours of work blown by some ID-10-T with a hard-on for sniping.
  6. Mojo

    Confirmed Quad Core Support

    linux does things differently
  7. What is appalling is the bullshit I've read in this thread. I've never seen such behavior from administrators. BIS has provided us with a free dedicated server package for so long that you people forget that it is gratis and have the audacity to come here and vomit on their shoes? Repulsive. I'm amazed at the forbearance that has been shown by the mods. They gave you a work around' date=' one that works, until the [b']FREE[/b] software is ready for release. Keep your panties on ladies, use -server for a few hours.
  8. since up(up = out) is the key from a server stand point, not more than 5-8 players. Possible that 5 may be too much, depending on the arma.cfg and the mission you are using.
  9. Interesting, but would BIS then need to house servers to keep the official servers up to date, like WoW? Would they provided a subscription download, so that members who's dues were paid up, could download the patches, updates and even the full version of the game pre-patched? Would there be a supported server list, hardware list, OS list? Would the dedicated server crowd need to purchase rights for their version on the server? While I find the concept pretty interesting, I think the logistics of it are too much to consider as realistic. BIS would need to create or significantly upgrade their network infrastructure to support the new system. What do you do about those that would rather steal the subscriptions than pay, ala WoW? Regardless of the results of a pol, I think that if BIS were to countenance this sort of business vertical, they'd have to increase so much of the overhead that they'd be operating in the red for at least the first few quarters. They'd need a war chest on hand to be able to retool. Is BIS really focused upon the civilian market? It seem to me that there is a great deal more money to be made in government contracts, more stable an income, more stable a customer base. I'll remain undecided for now, but I do think the idea is interesting.
  10. Mojo

    Virtual training space?

    Virtual training space, from Arma 1
  11. Mojo

    Patch 1.03

    There, I fixed it for you.
  12. Mojo

    dedicated server problem

    not much information - you have a RPT file, specs? Did you upload new missions, when was it last working, what has changed since then?
  13. Mojo

    Improve performance.

    Yes, VON is using cycles and bandwidth, we see a performance drop of about 2-5 FPS when loaded with players.
  14. Mojo

    Dedicated Server Bandwidth

    I don't know if you can actually break it down 'per slot' since things change per mission. If your provider is charging per slot, then I would suggest they don't know very much about this game. Perhaps, not per missions either, but per mission type, is a better way of saying it. Hold, CTI, Warfare, CO-OP and PvP all have different needs and requirements on your server. EVO and DOM are pretty much mission types all on their own. Is it a dedicated server? Does it have a bandwidth limit (GB per month)? Do you have root/admin access to the server?