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  1. IronTiger

    GRU Spetsnaz pack

    They look really nice! You guys did a pretty good job on these. Also a replacement would be nice
  2. It's very nice to see you guys back at work!
  3. Awesome! Thank you! Now i can enjoy the whole campaign with these great units again.... :)
  4. Nice job Rel. A replacement would be nice.... ;)
  5. IronTiger

    Converted OFP SP Missions

    Very cool "Revenge" was one of my favorites! keep it up Wolle. :)
  6. IronTiger

    Sound Of War v1.0

    Very nice!!!! :)
  7. IronTiger

    OFP alive?

    I still playing OFP because is great with all this Great Mods! OFP = Madonna
  8. For me is "realism" the most important thing ! Something like VBS
  9. IronTiger

    Vilas' addons

    Great job Vilas!!!! I really like the speznaz with the bandana !!! ------- It would be great if someone could make some replacements for this Units ! ------- !!!
  10. IronTiger

    ArmA Patch v1.14 Final Released!

    This patch is awesome because i have much better game performance with it !!!! Â Â ---- Thanks BIS !
  11. Damn you Jonny They look beautiful !!!!! I hope you will release them soon. Mach weiter so!
  12. IronTiger

    Campaign "Range of Dead"

    Awesome! Thanks guys! OTK Campaigns are alwayse the best ! I hope to see more from you guys in future.
  13. IronTiger

    Autumn plants (standalone)

    Great Job Man! they look very nice