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  1. halkrath

    British forces mod

    "Too many UK addons" .. right. How many US based addons are there? It's excellent to see all sorts of stuff done by many different people. I'm all for this, and UKF releases.
  2. halkrath

    British forces mod

    Just because there's already a bunch of people making British stuff doesn't mean someone else can't do likewise. Making addons is more enjoyable to some people than playing the game, so they should quite rightly be able to make whatever they want. Besides, who said UKF would release anything 'soon'? It doesn't sound like anything one of our members would say since we don't have anything resembling a release schedule. @ BFM team: like Imutep said, your pictures are a bit dark and a bit small. I'd like to see some clearer ones. I agree 100%. many people take pride in making things for a game. Personally, I think it's awesome that more things from the UK and other countries appear in Arma, reguardless if they already exist or not. There are already so many American types of addons out there. And what is to say, that these units will be liked more or less by the Community? Everyone has their own taste. I'm looking forward to both UKF and Pavehawks British mods.
  3. halkrath

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    The pic below shows you the base I am working on, in Afghanistan. It is not fully complete at the moment. It's a forward ops base, for my British Paras.
  4. halkrath

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Personally I'd love to have a small set of british soldiers, from like say the 70's 80's. For use in a fictional small conflict.
  5. Now that I figured out the sound issues and got everything working. I don't see how I could play Arma now, without ACE installed. This is just awesome.
  6. For the record, I actually like that sound. It drops bottom on my subwoofer, sounds like wind, with a faint tinge of "heartbeat." Â I don't like it because of how loud it is...
  7. Oh ok I see, so im relieved after all, I can reinstall this mod and have fun! btw, my base and where i experienced this is the far north eastern corner of the Afghan Map. And i have the month set as January, 09'.
  8. I'll try to ask this again... What is with the loud wind sound in this mod? I really like this mod i just don't like that wind sound I've been getting. is it just on certain maps? Or what could it be? I'd like to keep this mod because it seems so real, I just can't stand that wind sound thats loud.
  9. I removed the ACE Mod from my game till I can figure out why I get that terrible wind sound on Afghan.
  10. halkrath

    Avgani and Afghan Village

    If I can get some decent shots, sure thing!
  11. Awesome mod, you lot did one spectacular job.. However, my only complain is, I have a wicked wind sound? What is this and how do I stop it? or is it normal?
  12. halkrath

    Avgani and Afghan Village

    These maps are awesome. Right now I am plsying missions on the Afghan map. I have a base setup that took me almost a week to get perfect, and its in references of some british bases ive seen in Afghanistan war pics.
  13. halkrath

    Vilas' addons

    Vilas, How is the progress going on those Spearhead British units ?
  14. halkrath

    Placing of Objects.

    Alright thanks alot. Cheers.