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  1. Hyrax0740

    Group Link 3

    anyone got this working with Evo yet
  2. Hyrax0740

    Casual Coop playing?

  3. There seems to be a bug with this that causes all characters thats not Bluefor to have stretched out faces. I looked through this file and couldnt seem to find the problem, if someone could look at this, it would be grately appreciated Hyrax
  4. Hyrax0740

    Metal Gear Solid PMCs (beta)

    another update, this is due to my replacement pack, ill work on fixing it and will release an update soon *Update, cant seem to find a fix for this
  5. Hyrax0740

    Metal Gear Solid PMCs (beta)

    Update, the streched out faces are on all characters thats not mgs4pmc's
  6. Hyrax0740

    Metal Gear Solid PMCs (beta)

    here is a bug that causes  the RACs to have ghostly streched out faces. This is caused by the mgs4pmc's, but i dont ever use the racs so its all good for me.
  7. Hyrax0740

    Metal Gear Solid PMCs (beta)

    I just created a replacement pack for BLUEFOR http://files.filefront.com/MGS4PMC....fo.html There yall go enjoy
  8. K I really liked the MGS4PMCs by ardvarkdb So I decided to make a replacement PBO that replaces the BLueFor with ardvarkdb's MGS4PMCs All you do is keep this with ardvarkdb's mgs4pmc.pbo and prresto... Your BLUFOR units are now PMCs. I would like to thank ardvarkdb for making a bitchin skin. Filefront download mirror MGS4PMCs_Replacements.pbo Thanks
  9. Hyrax0740

    XAM 1.5

    why doesnt the steerable parachute work?
  10. Hyrax0740

    Best NON converted island?

    Dont you have to have QG for the Dreide island?
  11. Hyrax0740

    Ex-mil players?

    Served 4 years as a Us ARMY Calv scout ( recon, sniper,tanker , and mapper. ArmA is NOTHING like the real thing, but comes pretty close.
  12. Fixed the sky bug was my vid card,got my rma on my MSI 8800 GTS 320 and jsut put the new one in and fixed the sky bug!
  13. I still have no sky just its either blue in no weather, grey in overcast or bl;ack at night, No cloulds, no sun (but can see the light rays if i look in its direction, and no stars and moon. my specs, AmD 64x2 2.5 EVGA 6200LE (also doesnt work with my MSI 8800GTS 320) 2 gigs ddr2 windows XP Prof edition The Sky works in 1.08 and in window mode ( but almost inpossible to play in window mode, But in 1.09 1.11 and 1.12 it doesnt work. Please help, I miss my sky
  14. Hyrax0740

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.12

    No sky bug still exsist in 1.12
  15. Hyrax0740

    ArmA v1.12beta update Released!

    Still no Sky in 1.12