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  1. Can you link your mission.pbo so that I can see what you mean by the battery status functions failing?
  2. How, specifically? If you can demonstrate a clear repro, I can offer advice on how to resolve the issue.
  3. You can also give the grads a position out in the middle of nowhere to fire at and then periodically call on the Artillery Module to fire at it. That way, you can allow the grads to move around or redeploy without messing things up.
  4. Recoilless: If you are using the Secop Manager method, you need to add the secop supports again for each kind of artillery barrage you want. This can be accomplished through triggers, through a script that gives you the supports on a periodic basis, or through numerous other methods. The key her is that you need to add a new support request each time.
  5. Volw: That code is incorrect; it doesn't reference the Artillery Logic. That may have something to do with it. Also make sure you're dropping fairly close to the target.
  6. Actually, it is entirely possible to spawn an Artillery logic and vehicles. But you need to do it in a particular order to ensure that it works. 1. Spawn the group of vehicles. 2. Spawn the artillery logic. (you must use createUnit!) 3. In the very same piece of code as (2), add the synchronization. The artillery will discover the vehicles when it initializes and you'll be cooking with gas at that point.
  7. The lines don't really mean anything, they're there for you to use as guides when looking at the map (for instance, if you want the line of fire to be parallel/perpendicular to something).
  8. To be honest, my favorite of ritchiespeed's videos is the artillery strike + raid one. Not because it involves the artillery per se, but because it actually represents the use of combined arms to assault an objective--something that the OFP/ArmA games are absolutely top-notch at representing. The other videos are more towards the tech demo side of things. BTW, ritchiespeed, did you use the MLRS or the howitzers for that? I thought I recognized the MLRS explosions.
  9. Guys, I've seen no issues with 1.02 so far, so if you can tell me exactly what you're doing (when it's not working) it'd be appreciated. Also note that the first (but not the later) version of VOP sound did something which caused an issue, and I believe that's been fixed. Hellfire: If you just want to click on the map and have it happen, the tutorial in the "Quick Start" portion of the biki tells how to do that. Put your ExecuteTemplateMission command inside the action portion of a radio trigger and you'll be good to go. It may seem daunting at first, but it's rather straightforward once you do it once.
  10. Charliereddog: That's a known issue; however I have not observed it to affect the outcome of the fire mission. Is your fire mission working?
  11. As a group, ShackTac is extremely fortunate to have such a comprehensive and effective set of SOPs in dslyecxi's TTP and now the TTP2. It's even more awesome that dslyecxi is offering it to the community for free.
  12. headspace

    Artillery - make the player adjust fire.

    My suggested solution for that would be to define some arbitrary correction--on a per mission basis--to what target pos gets passed to BIS_ARTY_F_ExecuteTemplateMission. This would require the designer to implement their own player interaction, but again, the module will let you do that if you want.
  13. headspace

    Artillery - make the player adjust fire.

    There is a module function detailed in the biki called BIS_ARTY_F_SetDispersion that allows you to set how accurate or inaccurate you want the artillery to be. There is also a way (several ways, actually) to script yourself a sheaf and even create a process to bracket a target if you want to get that fancy. I would appreciate it, though, if this were brought up in the Artillery Module thread in Editing. There is a huge gap between players who just want to call in an Artillery strike vs. players who want to get extremely detailed and authentic with Artillery. That is why the Artillery Module provides open ended functions for you to play with. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be doing its job.
  14. What location were you telling them to fire at?
  15. That info is readily available by using the commands listed in the biki, but I don't see why not. Just keep in mind that minimum and maximum range are going to vary with the height of the terrain--I'm going to be able to lob a shell a lot father from 1200 meters elevation down to a 300 meter elevated level then I would be able to do so against a target elevated the same or higher than me.