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  1. Halochief89

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Awesome :D I wonder with this being released (and if its released on Steam with the anniversary X edition) that the game will be revived once more. Such as mods being somewhat updated and what not. From what I see on the servers, there are only 3 or 4 with 1.99 patch and the rest still 1.96
  2. Yeah theres something odd, I reinstalled all of ArmA, OA, PMC, BAF and I'm still not getting the self interaction stuff for the earplugs and gas masks. I tried this by always putting myself on the map as a automatic rifleman so I start with ear plugs and it didn't work. Its winding down into thinking its combined operations.
  3. Yes sir, everything is updated and set. Just for some reason something in the clientside config and ACE isn't connecting correctly.
  4. I know this is a constant question for help but I can't seem to get the self interaction menu with earplugs, balaclavas, gasmasks and glasses to work. My clientside config has my name on it correct but it still does nothing. I'm wondering if I'm following the example wrong. I can't really use the tutorials on the devheaven site as they were made for ACE2 when it was beginning and the new name system for the config is different. Thats what I have I'm wondering if I have it wrong. I also only have @CBA on to work with Combined Operations.
  5. Halochief89

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Hands getting sweaty with anticipation! Who what when where why?
  6. Alright my thing is with fraps (oh no another one) With just ArmA 2 with fraps recording I could get around 30 fps and without it recording I would get 70 fps (this is with Very High settings) Now with ArmA 2:OA without fraps recording I still get 70 fps but with it recording it goes all over the place usually dropping down to 1 and 10 and the fps just lags like crazy. This is even on Chernarus or Utes. Just asking is there something I need to do to fix this. P.S. tried recording with very low settings and it still did the same lagging FPS thing.
  7. *grumble* *grumble* I need me my M1A2 back :mad: no offense to Aushlife and all but I just don't feel "up to date" with an M1A1 in the Army's vehicles. I might get back lash at this (oh well:rolleyes:) but is there a way to get the good ol BIS M1A2 TUSK back in the Army's armor section? I kinda need it for a machinima I'm workin on but I need ACE at the same time....
  8. Halochief89

    Isla Duala

    Can't wait for the next update, your creating such an atmosphere with this island, it gives me the nostalgia of Tonal or even Delta Force Black Hawk Down. Now I need a multiplayer group to play with, kinda boring running around in the editor all day.
  9. New 1.04c returns the soundless AH64D cannon.
  10. Well I set flashlight to right shift and..... now its off of L it still wont toggle it off of the screen now. I wish to know what that control was for toggling the crosshair so I can get back to making my movies.
  11. Got a quick and simple question, with the addition of the flashlight now I can't seem to remove the center crosshair on the bulldozer controls. (Camera) When it used to be L to remove the crosshair it is now replaced with the flashlight. I looked through bulldozer controls and couldn't find the toggle crosshair control.
  12. Halochief89

    Iranian Forces Mod

    Ughh finally, I've needed these guys forever! Can't wait for them to be released I'm totally going to use them in a film of mine MUAHAHAHA! Time to zip the lip of their president. Or the Ayatollah either or.
  13. Halochief89

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    qe8ju8xHHVU Richie inspired me to do this one, but instead of fighting chernos its cherno zombies :D. And Rich thanks for showing me the Nine Inch Nails Ghost tracks.
  14. Halochief89

    Sahrani Civilians

    I'd love to see a mix of the sahrani civs and Cherno Civs, but thats more work and if I knew how I would :D and possibly make zombie skins for the Charon Undead mod.
  15. Heres a simple question... Is Bink's US 08 troops gonna replace his US Army troops in ACE already? since 08 is more detailed and made excellently by Bink I could see you guys changing them.