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    aLmAnZo's initial post is really well put. I haven't played AO's campaign through yet (I'm more hooked to multiplayer - partially because of the reasons said below), but still OFP's and it's expansions have the best campaigns. Only EW mini campaign comes close to it. The most important things in a campaign are the characters - how they evolve or react. Voice acting should be taken seriously. The acting didn't sound that bad but the lines (and maybe lack of directing?) made the characters sound really cheesy. This thread actually inspires me to sketch out some kind of a campaign - initially in my head. Maybe if I had more time I could get back into mission making "business". But first I must finish AO. :)
  2. Ok, so here's my story. I bought a new PC this fall and I decided to move to Vista 64bit as my OS. At first I suffered some stability issues, but after upgrading my drivers on a rapid pace, I managed to get my Vista stable. Most of the games worked fine, but ArmA was suffering from mysterious random crashes. On top of that I have to run Windows with 3 GB of RAM, because of the full screen / black screen problem. Sometimes I could play 90 minutes without a crash, and sometimes I couldn't play 10 minutes without a crash. I had to begin my investigation. I managed to track down the cause of errors in the arma.rpt. It said dinput8.dll in Window's System32 folder was causing the trouble. I renamed the file in System32 and in SysWOW64 but then ArmA refused to start. Then I copied the dinput8.dll to ArmA's base folder and behold, I could play two over two hour sessions of Warfare without crashes. So, if anyone of you are suffering from random crashes, check out the arma.rpt and search for dinput8.dll. If it's there, you could try the trick I did. I'm running arma in -maxmem=512 switch at 1920x1200, with all settings high. No other problems, except the black screen / memory error, which is kind of sad, because one of the reasons I bought 64bit Vista was the ability use full 4GB of RAM. Â
  3. Vanilla OFP's weapons are way too accurate compared to America's Army. I think AA has more "realistic" feel to the guns than vanilla OFP. This will be fixed according to this interview: Simulated recoil system: No two guns are the same, so firing them shouldn't feel the same; Armed Assault features fully simulated weapon recoil. America's Army has mission objectives but on most maps the rounds (usually 5 to 10 mins) end because a team has eliminated the other team, not because the objectives have been completed. Of course OFP has DM, TDM and such gameplay modes but it has a lot more (basically unlimited modes). That is why I love OFP, you can have so much variety in one game that you keep on playing it for 5 years. I hope ArmA will improve the CQB because that is the real downside of OFP. Improved collision system with buildings is already a big plus compared to OFP and hopefully the AI can perform better in CQB. Plus the leaning feature will be added that I really missed.
  4. We could have a better debate when Armed Assault and America's Army 3.0 have been released. America's Army 3.0 uses Unreal engine 3 and I bet it'll have larger maps than current version of America's Army. Also graphics and vehicle physics and overall physics will be great. ArmA on the other hand will offer 400kmË› enviroment with 100+ player multiplaying experience with almost any kind of missions (from CTI and Co-op to America's Army kind of objective based missions). So instead of trying to make this a versus situation I encourage everyone to buy ArmA and to download AA, it is free you know. America's Army has solid CQB while ArmA (if it is like OFP) will offer better overall massive warzone experience.
  5. Hekezu

    ArmA Progress Updates

    But it takes more time to crack SF than most of the other protection systems. SF is good for this kind of software because ArmA isn't for public use, yet.
  6. Hekezu

    Latest screenshots available

    I'm sorry to say that it is not enough. The shadows still need the approval of EU and to pass the EU directives of in-game shadows.
  7. Hekezu

    ArmedAssault in PCMaster Greek Magazine

    Old shots!? The impression could be x10 better if they had showed the new screenshots. I mean almost everyone is after graphics these days, but ofcourse the fans of OFP don't care that much about 'em. They are after some damn large scale gameplay and that is what matters. Good graphics are the icing on the cake, at least for me. Maybe they'll do another article in the near future with the newest shots.
  8. Hekezu

    Latest screenshots available

    Wooow. That is amazing! Fully dynamic destruction system. Even the colors of the world wash out.
  9. Hekezu

    ArmA Progress Updates

    That is so, I've been there and I wrote the text you're talking about. Well, if they don't get a publisher, we'll maybe never see ArmA... Unless we... raid the BIS headquarters!
  10. Hekezu

    ArmA mod listing thread

    That sounds awesome! Vietnam mods will look so great in Arma. Yes. Imagine dense jungle vegetation swaying calmly in the breeze while casting shadows on marines. Imagine insects buzzing all around them just like the hueys do on the horizon.
  11. Hekezu

    ArmA Progress Updates

    Yes, and Workshop project is a good example of it. Seems like Codemasters is still sponsoring the event. Hmmm...
  12. Hekezu


    Quick, flee! I can hear the moderators coming!
  13. Hekezu


    How about you chill out or return to your so called army. Your military status isn't anything special. I think a lot of users here have some kind of military experience. If the game is so bad, why are you here? No one forces you to buy it. If you are here to tell the game sucks, be more specific. For example could you please elaborate why the graphics look too cartoony.
  14. Hekezu

    Latest screenshots available

    So, we should be able to just stick a small portion of our head out from a corner of a wall/building by leaning with TrackIR? Instead of either leaning completely or not leaning at all, we can move anywhere between these 2 points (Standing Straight - - - - - - - - - - - Fully Leaning)? If this is how it is going to work......omg I think only the controls that have "(ANALOG)" are analog, not just limited to "on" or "off" but can be something from between. So leaning isn't analog, yet, judging by that shot. But ofcourse it can be added later on. But then track-ir users could lean a lot better than keyboard users. You could adjust how much you lean depending on the situation. That would not only be cool but most likely useful. Hmm, another reason to get TIR, maybe?
  15. Hekezu

    Resistance Team = Australia?

    How about "unlimited" ammount of sides. Maybe add-on makers can create their own side classes. Ofcourse then the mission maker has to think twice who is friendly to whom.