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  1. Sent today, should arrive tomorrow but i don't get home until Monday!
  2. I'm in a similiar situation in that i haven't played OFP in YEARS! Will play some ArmA 2 campaign/solo to get the hang of things again, in the meantime any server invites etc welcome. I'm, a UK player played OFP for several years but RL got/gets in the way of my playtime, so looking for some server advice, just to be able to join in and have a bit of fun now and again when i get the time. Don't think i'd be looking for a serious clan/squad as i doubt i'd have the time. Cheers, HK
  3. HK (HunterKiller)

    Cheats & fade

    Lightweights use ingame cheats , try beating the game without them it's much more rewarding!!!!!
  4. HK (HunterKiller)

    Bas blackhawks

    I also think i probably have D'OH lol...always the simple things.....(No comments please i know already)
  5. HK (HunterKiller)

    Bas blackhawks

    Am i doing something incorrect? I placed a couple of MH-60K's on a map as "Empty" class, then i placed some SOAR pilots went to the choppers and can't get in! I can open the doors but thats it, no get in back or get in pilots seat etc......
  6. HK (HunterKiller)

    Bas blackhawks

    Fair point...sorry
  7. HK (HunterKiller)

    Bas blackhawks

    Hmm, i think i have to answer the gunner door open closed etc with a WHO GIVES A SHIT ffs, does it really matter if the friggin door is open or closed, maybe to all you flight sim maniacs it does but i prefer to do my fighting in OFP on the ground like the game was meant to be. If you have enough time to sit and look at shit like that then you obviously just like to fly around, so why not just get a flight sim instead Gimme a gun and some rockets and i'll see if you have time to look at whether your gunners door is open or closed hehe....
  8. HK (HunterKiller)

    Bas blackhawks

    I do like what you guys have done, best i have seen IMO, and having messed around with o2 myself i can just about imagine how much work went into doing something of this scale, your efforts are appreciated by most.
  9. HK (HunterKiller)

    Temperature control,bugs and global warming

    PAH!!! i live in Scotland and it's been lovely and warm, saved me a fortune on having to go abroad for some heat....bring it on lets have some more days when i can go out and sit outside having a cool beer without having to worry that it might rain......plus ALL the women wear very little clothes so stop yer mumping, i'd rather look at halfclad women  than have to see them all wrapped up.....  Â
  10. HK (HunterKiller)

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    David Blane makes an appearance in OFP...... I love to surf, but this is rediculous!!
  11. HK (HunterKiller)

    Multiple gunners

    I tried that BAS Chinook, i was standing in the back of it shooting at enemy on the ground while inflight, now if we could have that on BMP's etc, ie through the gunports etc, that would be excellent. So yep i would like to see multiple gunners and the aforementioned ability too, if possible
  12. HK (HunterKiller)

    Will you buy ofp 2?

    I don't see the "Does a Bear shit in the woods option" Hmm, it says Theatre to be revealed at E3, looks very vietnammy to me......
  13. HK (HunterKiller)

    Will you buy ofp 2?

    I don't see the "Does a Bear shit in the woods option" Hmm, it says Theatre to be revealed at E3, looks very vietnammy to me......
  14. HK (HunterKiller)

    The Dogs of War

    It appears the RM and USMC have taken UMM QASR. Also, any scots out there might have noticed that William Wallace has come back from the dead and reincarnated as an American General!!!!
  15. HK (HunterKiller)

    The Dogs of War

    Maximus, they do use dynamite (or some sort of explosives) to put out the fires, then they place a tube using a "Cat" with a big heatshield in front to force the oil up and away from the immediate area. At this point they use a "Cap" to place over the old xmas tree and seal it up nice and tight. That the jist of it, sorry i'm not a bit more technical about it, but i remember "Red Adair" and all those Crazy Brave souls doing it in the First Gulf war (damn i'm getting old). I hear our lads have crossed the border too (the British). Lets wish them all Godspeed.