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  1. By "never mind" i guess he meant he posted something that has already been said in this thread or that he came to the conclusion that what he originally posted didn't make sense, so he did overwrite the already existing post with the "never mind" thingy. At least that's the way i've seen ppl doing in posts. ;) ~S~ CD
  2. In an Intro or Outro you can only move your head as player (at least in OFP it was like that). You have to select that from the pull down options where there usually is set on Mission. In OFP an intro or outro did only work in singleplayer not in multiplayer - in mp you had to do them from inside the mission itself. ;) ~S~ CD
  3. Does that also happen when you're using global variables (booloeans) like: aaa bbb instead of local ones? I think when using it in a trigger's condition field with global variables and undefined variable has been always seen as false by the game iirc. ~S~ CD
  4. You can use something like: helicoptername flyinheight 0 or if that doesn't work 0.2 - dunno you have to play around with the height if 0 causes problems. Just make sure not to put the command into the same waypoint with the land command since it could make the chopper go directly from anywhere to zero thus crash it. ~S~ CD
  5. Try the guard waypoint instead of the s/d. S/D will make a unit search for a while and stop after that or go on to it's next waypoint while guard will make them go to where the enemy is known to be. If one enemy unit knows about you, those enemies with guard waypoint will go for you. ;) ~S~ CD
  6. If the geo-lod wouldn't exist when the object isn't loaded into the memory that would explaine it. As a workaround you could try to start the mission with a quick blacked out screen at that location showing that object - i do believe it would still be loaded into mem even when blacked out. Then start with black in at players position a 0.5 secs later or so. ~S~ CD
  7. And off course same can be done with bluefor or opfor - joint them to a higher ranked civilian with a probability of presence 0 and they will be on side: civilian, so you can make them friends to eachother - i'd recommend using rebel side instead of civilian so you can make them enemy to another side too. The same technique you could use to turn rebels into bluefor or opfor. ;) ~S~ CD
  8. huh - yeah there is that other Flashpoint too XD Tanks for correcting me on the "" W0lle didn't encounter that change yet since there's still so much to explore in ArmA2. Glad to see you solved that problem Aodan :) ~S~ CD
  9. I don't quite understand what you mean with " in "alive _x". Looke there's more ways to check wether a couple of units is alive or not. Here are a two of them; Condition: !alive T1 && !alive T2 && !alive T3 :now this way can afford a lot of unnecessary code being repeated in case of more units Condition: "alive _x" count [T1,T2,T3] == 0 :this condition checks if the result of counting the units inside the mentioned array ([T1,T2,T3]) who are alive, is 0. This is totally the other way around then asking for 'not alive' but it requires way less code to type. :edit - never mind - i figured out what confused you ;) into: "alive _x" count [T1,T2] == 0 That should off course be only: "alive _x" count [T1,T2] == 0 :) ~S~ CD
  10. Actually i'm comming from Flashpoint and am just starting my way back in with ArmA 2 (skipped ArmA 1 after a month or two trying to like it) so you might have only met the wrong people at the wrong time. ;) ~S~ CD
  11. First: a condition like: !(alive T1) && !(alive T2) && etc. has to go into the condition field of a trigger (or waypoint). Second: Are you sure there is only one thing named T1? Or did you probably use T1 = false (or true) somewhere else or did you put 'T1' or so into a condition field of another trigger? The error message says that there is a boolean which is some kind of condition that you can turn on or off by making it true or false. So then the message tells you that !(alive 'a boolean') is more than expected. Therefore i do believe that you somewhere in your mission used one of the T1 T2 etc. names already and thus the error appears. If you can't find out try a simple test mission to get that part done seperately so you can concentrate your effort only onto that one. Start with one unit to get destroyed, name it: T1 create a trigger: size 0/0 - condition: !alive T1 onActivation: hint "horray he's got doomed" Now start preview, kill that unit and watch the hint text appear. Go back to editor, add a second unit, name it T2 and change the condition of the trigger from: !alive T1 into: "alive _x" count [T1,T2] == 0 And if you want to add more units just go on by naming them correctly and adding them into the array in the trigger's condition field: into: "alive _x" count [T1,T2,etc,etc] == 0 Now if that doesn't work for you too i can only guess your trying to use this for something like a static object instead of a unit. ~S~ CD
  12. hmm - as a last possible solution you could try to see what happens if you do not move at all before sending them to a spot but i doubt it will work and even if, it wouldn't be an acceptable solution. The only work around that comes into my mind now would be to ungroup those guys who should do their seperate patrol and to rejoin them into the group when needed. For the 'close up into formation - hurry hurry' problem i can't think of any possible solution at this point - though i haven't had too much Arma2 experience but OFP, so maybe there's something new to get deeper into AI's movement control. I'm going to read myself into the latest comref to see if there's something that could help out here. ;) ~S~ CD
  13. Well the careless variant just came into my mind as a possible solution (without being able to try it out) but this doesn't seem to work aswell. How is the ai reacting, when you are groupleader and dbl-shift into walk mode before you start moving (also let your weapon unraised to make sure your behaviour remains "safe")? ~S~ CD
  14. Speedmode limited will not make them walk slower but will make the group wait at a waypoint until all groupmembers have closed up into the formation before the whole group heads on to it's next waypoint. ~S~ CD
  15. If you want to use a trigger to display something like a hint then no need to have a condition for anything. Simply change the condition from THIS to TRUE and the trigger will get activated right from the start. Off course, if you want the hint to be displayed after someone specific has entered a certain area, then forget about that TRUE thingy. ;) ~S~ CD