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  1. Geordie

    The ultimate Visitor?

    I switch from L3DT to visitor, back to L3DT to fine tune, It can be a pain sometimes. It would be nice to place rail/road objects and then use an 'embankment' brush to raise the the objects evenly on both sides, or lower them with a 'revetment' brush, even at angles. You could even have a 'trench' brush or 'eroded river' brush, even a 'cliff' brush too (like L3DT) Better yet, have the objects themselves able to manipulate the terrain, Drop a peice of road and lower or raise it, the terrain does exactly what the road is telling it to do, The road does what you tell it to do, if that makes sense (layers of code?) Anyone ever seen softwre do anyhting like that?
  2. Geordie

    skype group

    Sounds good, handy for those sessions in map making when your fingers turn bloody from bashing the keyboard, when all you have left is a comfy sofa, sane voice and a cup of coffee. Lovely.
  3. Geordie

    The ultimate Visitor?

    But Visitor can't run the functions I mentioned from within the program, they are all external programs with thier own memory space and scratch allocation, more importantly their own commerce and licensing not benefiting BI. It would be ideal to have all them functions available in one program would it not? My 'hint' was that Visitor could be expanded (for profit) outside the ArmA universe, Imagine how many clients would seek such features! (us too ;)) regardless, It's fun to chuck stuff up in the air. @beton....USB.....LOL Even the most uber package would still have folks scratching their heads, everyone would still be here, hehe
  4. I was just thinking about what the perfect Visitor would be. - 3D real time terrain editing similar to L3DT, with terrain tools (brushes) - Layered (stage) system similar to L3DT, handy for creating satmap & terrain mask, water table etc. - Single click 'change the season' render button, with paths to custom texture files. (winterize the map instantly?) - Texture editing functions, basic sizing and basic image manipulation, in separate window - Object veiwer for checking out P3D's, list all P3D's and select to view in seperate window. - Ability to import more than 10 objects at a time (an entire CA folder would be ideal.) - Create a variable ramdisk on program start, so you can go in and add/remove things??? Maybe visitor could monitor the ramdisk for any changes and update in real time? Just some thoughts.
  5. Geordie

    maps under construction:

    You little beauty!!!!! Nice clever info there, and will undoubtedly save me some time. I assume that you dont have to load 10 objects at a time in V3 and also, does this get you a working config.cpp? by deleting town names, Airports etc will it remove them from imported config? Good stuff:)
  6. I'm going to agree with the comments on how much negativity is floating around, It's not very nice. PR could have easily just kept the news updates/discussions to their own forums, so as far as gestures go, I rekon PR team are being polite. On a personal note, Having been a long time player of PR:BF2 (0.3-0.95), I have seen it flourish, push and expand the limits of the BF engine to the point its not even BF2 anymore. They Support the fanbase with a healthy update schedule, produce quality material (limited by the BF engine) and most importantly deliver PvP in an almost single click solution, from download, install to getting in the game. Now to me personally that's very important to maintain fanbase for game modifications. Less fidgeting and more empty magazimes! I could be wrong, but I think the amout of regular players online speaks rightously. Tonight (weeknight) the top 20 servers were at 35to64/64 players PvP (the top 9 were maxxed out), Not bad at all. If the PR team deliver PR:ArmA in the same fashion as PR:BF2 (which I'm sure they will) Were gonna see some busy ArmA 2 PvP servers...for quite some time! And for that reason PR Team, You got my vote, best of luck. Roll on mass PvP
  7. IIRC this guy has something in a museum, I had a copy of FineScale Modeller years ago that had it in as a feature and mentioned a museum, lucky guy to have seen it up close. He got a tour of the ship for reference material, Hence why JDog should try and contact him...you never know he might share some of it ;-) Any new eye candy to share JDog?
  8. Looking forward to the update, I've seen a peek at two items on another site, but i'll not spoil the surprise ;-)
  9. Geordie

    Winter terrain mapping

    Nice work from all these links, very nice
  10. Geordie

    ZGM Mapmaking Tutorial

    Nice work, many thanks!
  11. 2.5m resulted in terrible performance and lag on Khark10km island for me. Detail was nice though. 5m resolution is possible to make aircraft revetments in L3DT!!!
  12. There is a command line to copy all your config.cpp files into your working folder, cant remember it off hand. sorry. EDIT: Check Here - http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1570621&postcount=2
  13. Geordie

    Winter terrain mapping

    Ill check that out :)
  14. Geordie

    visitor 4

    If they sold standalone V4 for $100/license, I would glady buy it. Just for the record.