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    Campania de Malvinas MOD

    Keep up the good work guys, you're doing very GOOD ;) Cheers, GH.
  2. Something I was really missing in my Missions Editor was a good air defence system, expecially near vital assets, airports and parked ground or air vehicles' zones. That's why I decided to build up the Skyguard+Spada system, hopefully it will work fine in few weeks. I'm going to release it as a standalone addon, maybe add a couple of camouflage skins for desert and all terrain operations, later. I'm not going to keep in in my workbench forever. Textures and model were built thinking about incoming ARMA2, you will pardon me if the file may be a little bigger than my usual models, in the end. I'm searching for some good references for the joint that makes the launcher aim to the sky, was not able to find anything clear at the moment. I seriously need help with scripts-effects: °guidance ° new sounds for the Aspide missile and launcher ° a script for proximity warheads explosions ° smoke trail ° animations I would apreciate any serious help from the community Here it comes a work in progress picture. So far the model stays under 1000 polys in the main LOD, with a single 1024x1024 texture, that I will upgrade with a second identical one for the camouflage + missile use.
  3. @ gms: Welcome and very well done, nice model and texture Keep up the good work
  4. GodHammer

    Island Angel

    It looks very nice, lots of details overthere, good job
  5. Testing the new openable Launchers' covers with placeholder missiles. Rendered in O2 and postworked in PS, but the final result should not look too different from this one showed.
  6. GodHammer

    MBDA Spada Air Defence System

    I went a bit more further in modeling, here showing the modular base and the tracking-marking device of the launcher. I have to apologize if the module is not complitely realistic, but I did not find any good blueprint of it, so I borrowed some pictures from the NASAMS and gave my SPADA a similar holder. Thanks to PhlilippRauch we will have fancy things ingame soon, we started a collaboration that will bring common models to life, working and deadly Thanks again to Philipp and to everybody in the Forums for support, enjoy a new screenie from O2. Cheers all, GH.
  7. GodHammer

    MBDA Spada Air Defence System

    Thank you very much Philipp for the video Very nice, good job! I like the idea, let me finish the model and write down a couple ideas I have in mind, and then I'll ask your help for shure! A realistic ( or at least something close to it ) SAM system is really needed in game, it really would change the gameplay and add a lot of new features usable by mission makers! Thank you again, let's keep in contact
  8. GodHammer

    MBDA Spada Air Defence System

    A small update on the model with a work in progress desert camouflage.
  9. GodHammer

    ArmA Addon request thread

    I'd like a script adding in the scroll down menu of some armor units the possibility to switch on/off the tracking radar. I'm talking about Shilka and similar units Once switched on, it would make those units targetable by antiradiation missiles ( that I'm building up ) and since I'm making also some radar units, it could be useful for mission making, adding new targets of opportunity during a patrol or a recon. What do you think about, guys? Cheers, GH.
  10. GodHammer

    BTR-80 and Crew Beta 1

    Super, downloading now
  11. GodHammer

    AIM Units

    Model and texture looks very good to me, let us see more of this Nice work!
  12. GodHammer

    MBDA Spada Air Defence System

    Thanks everybody for advices and comments, much apreciated
  13. GodHammer

    MBDA Spada Air Defence System

    Lol thanks, they are just O2 screeshots, they get a bit of sharpen in Photoshop, Bulldozer is not so good for previews hehehe Those shadows-highlights you see on edges are painted in Photoshop to make the model look more tridimensional
  14. GodHammer

    MBDA Spada Air Defence System

    The probelm with camo is that if you want a goodlooking model you should cut and sew the UV map untill you have a enveloping effect. That because you do not want a messy look effect when covering the mere material texture with a camouflage paint. I am talking expecially of a 3 tone camo, when spots should cover the whole model with a certain order, not to look uncontinuous, if you understand what I mean. A simple plain kaki colour is a matter of 5 minutes in Photoshop, once the model is mapped But I wanted to go with a 3 tones desert color as well Let me finish the baby and I'll see what it will look. About scripts-effects.. I'd like this to be an useful and realistic thingy, I need to set a proper reaction time, and consider how to handle 6 missiles, meaning I do not want all of them fired on the same plane when a squad of bombers are dropping irons on my base. I need to find a way to make it work like the real thingy, or at least try to Considering latest reasearches and tests on the Aspide gave a 97 percent of effective strike capability, I see no reason to fire a dumb 6 missiles salvo on a single target. It may be useful forcing a recharge time for missiles or limit a 2 missiles salvo per target. Many ideas, hopefully it will all work fine in the end
  15. GodHammer

    MBDA Spada Air Defence System

    Lol, no my friend, I'm making it as close to reality as possible, so it will have its own concrete base but will not retract underground I'll make the stand a little simpler than reality for a matter of polycount limit, but nothing too futuristic
  16. GodHammer

    Project RACS

    Excellent work on the Su-24, was just wondering if you guys are thinking about realistic loadouts or leave those as they are. A maximum of 4 KH-25 ML are carried by such a plane, those are heavy missiles ehehehe. Just a matter of realism, the model looks kickass, love it
  17. GodHammer

    UK SAS addon

    I loved the book, would love to see a movie about that story, meanwhile I'll enjoy your addon! Thanks for the efforts!!!
  18. GodHammer

    Isla Del Jonas - WIP

    Awesome work and awesome video, thanks for sharing
  19. Since I have noticed a lot of very nice fighter-bombers around, I decided to build up all the Kab bombs family. Undecided yet on the satellite guided ones, I'll make KR and L versions in every weight class ( 250, 500, 1500 kg ), to add some variations to weapons loadout. Here comes the biggest of the KR class. I need to thank Aimpoint for his killer work on the specular-material maps added to my model, waiting the final touch with LODS, shadows and normals. Cheers all, GH.
  20. GodHammer

    Bunker Killers

    Very nice to hear so Thanks for tips and hope to see you back on forums soon
  21. GodHammer

    Bunker Killers

    Hey, 2 good news in one hit, well done guys Thanks for comments and thank you for the advice, Eble, I did not know that, we could definitely use that !!!
  22. GodHammer

    Bunker Killers

    Also B-8M1 80mm rocket pod updated with new texture, materials and few touches here and there. Displayed with the 57mm pod for dimensions comparison.
  23. Thanks everybody for the support guys, much apreciated, really
  24. OK, I put MOAB on the " to do " list Hopefully someone would help out with a good script/FX
  25. MOAB uses similar kind of explosives of FAEs, we need proper script and visual FX for that. But are you guys thinking such a big device can be useful in ArmA? I have good references on the bomb, so I could build it, anyway. Also, we need a big plane to drop it from