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    I played ofp for 2002, discovered BIS forum around 2004.
  1. THIS is what i call a Campaign, Congratulations and thank you!! A great work done, a good immersion thanks to cutscenes, a good storyline! Just miss Voices and we could believe an official campaign !! I just finished with Option A, I will play the others next ;) Thank you Yogdogz!!
  2. Giuppo

    Wiki's Creations

    Hi Wiki, Same as the others, Congratulations and thanks for all your work. I'm finding back pleasure to play, and with french units!! Missions are not long without be too short, difficulty well dozed... I feel in! Maybe some bugs here and there, but nothing too bad. I'm waiting for your Operation Gothic Serpent!
  3. Giuppo

    Campaign Houria

    I finally retried, and after several times, i could finish the mission. Maybe some problems with triggers? Many thanks anyway, i'm enjoying the campaign. ;)
  4. Giuppo

    Campaign Houria

    Hi Wiki, And many thanks for this campaign, this has given me back want to play to arma after months! But i've got a problem. I'm at the mission "chapitre 3, partie 2", at the begining:
  5. Well, i could play this evening, and after many tries, i used the russian missile launcher and it worked! Finally mission ended!
  6. I confirm, rh_mk18 was the problem, all is good now. Thank you, i know where to find next time i will have a problem (.rpt file)
  7. Hi, thx but yes i've done that. Files was in the same folder than the others. Now i moved Nim weather's files in a new folder just for them. I use a mod Launcher, i select all folders needed, but i still can't play the next mission, games freezes. :( EDIT: Well, i found the .rpt file: at the end i can read many times: Missing addons detected: rh_mk18 Are RH weapons packs not supposed to be just optional? Well, i will check if it works with.
  8. Hi, i've got the same freeze problem. How do you "run" the nim weather? thx
  9. Giuppo

    Isla Duala

    :Oo: i've missed it... Sorry
  10. Giuppo

    Isla Duala

    It's not a bad idea yes, giving it this look: But maybe i don't know Africa enough to give a good opinion And I have thought about tourist units too, jeep for photo safari for exemple... Well, do as you can and want Icebreakr, you have done a lot already!
  11. Giuppo

    Isla Duala

    Good news! Congratulations and thanks to you and your team IceBreakr! Any missions/campaign with? About other suggestion, well why not some Civilians vehicles, objects...?
  12. Giuppo

    [Campaign] Operation Dutch

    Ok, i see. For me, i like good playable missions but i need to "feel" the story, characters and others and generally cutscene help a lot for that. But i can understand that it's not easy to do. So yes, i would enjoy cutscenes if possible.
  13. Giuppo

    [Campaign] Operation Dutch

    Hi and thank for your work, But I'm not sure to understand. Could you give some example? Both is not possible?