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    I played ofp for 2002, discovered BIS forum around 2004.
  1. giuppo

    Boring campaign

    Hello, I come a bit after the battle but i finally bought Arma 3 with a good PC recently and i wanted too to express my feelings about the BIS campaigns. I discovered OFP in 2001 and enjoyed its gameplay and campaign (Cold war crisis, Red hammer and Resistance): A new way to play and very immersive stories, they were simple but complete enough, easy to understand who we played, where, why etc. The missions and progression were well balanced, a mix of "simple" and harder objectives to learn the game, how to play. And we took time to know the differents characters, their stories and evolutions, even feelings. And Cinematics helped a lot for that! And how great they were! How to not remember the presentation of James Gatowski getting in the Blackhawk, und next the Alarm in the base for the briefing? it was very immersive. I'm maybe getting old, but i would say that i'm from this generation of players, for who Cinematics were like an Award at the end of a game, a link between stages, a way to understand the story etc. I got next Arma 2 directly, (never played Arma 1 Armed Assault). If the first campaign (I've forgotten the name) was interesting, I was a bit suprised how short it was: 8 missions if I remember well. And NO cinematics, I mean, only with the charater's eyes. What should I say about arrowhead? A joke? 1 mission for each: 1 for infantry, 1 for spec ops, 1 for tanks etc... and good bye! (I even don't talk about bugs, it's not the topic here). Same feelings for the DLC, i got only 2: The British und PMC. Too shorts und just some "videos" as immersion. And i even don't remember the British one. I was a bit disappointed about BIS, i had the feelings that they focused only for the Multiplayer. Fortunately the community has been here. And now I'm playing Arma 3 since few weeks, i'm playing all the campaigns and SP mission, (I'm currently not over with Tac-Ops). And i must say that i'm still a bit disappointed/frustrated about all the campaigns. No cinematics, and i must say that it was not easy for me to understand what are we doing here, and against who? And why? The very short and (only one) video at the begining doesn't help a lot. And i don't understand the interest, in the first and second part of the main campaign, about the "Camp-breifing" between each missions: Briefings exposed are exactly the same we can read before to play the mission, word for word... The game is a bit too "fast" too i think to learn correctly all the new possiblilties of gameplays (to take time to discover all the differents weapons, vehicles...). OFP did it perfectly. Here is: Make your choice and do it yourself. I don't know if i must start with SP missions or campaign. BIS, Is the guy in charge of cinematics gone with Codesmasters? You can offer us great things, All missions are well done and nice to play, with challenge, and Special mention for "the Laws of War": it has been very pleasant to play: No cinematics but so many details (objects, actions of the characters... I have appreciated the "ambiance" of the civil life during flashbacks) and very immersive. And on other side: I just finished the Tac-Ops campaign on Malden: Great missions, but only Pictures to introduce the background?? Why? short in time before release? Well that was my opinion: It is still a pleasure to play after 20 years, but a part of this is missing: Cinematics and the progession in the learning of the game play. Please, do not neglect the cutscenes, the staging and the context for a better immersion ad understanding of your campaigns. Thanks
  2. Hello, Same for me, played and updated yesterday, and today i can't play solo missions in "Presentations" anymore: Crash to windows with the same Error-Message. I tried the editor: it works. BIS, please, maybe could you check your last Game update? Thanks EDIT: Very interesting: After my post i wanted to check the tip of hansham about the wireless headphones (Posted Friday at 12:44 PM). For information I use a Steelseries arctis 7 wireless. but without the steelseries software, I let windows manage, it does it very well. I can switch between the channel of my "normal" speakers und 2 channels for the Headphone: "game" or "Chat". I play usually with the "game" channel. And this evening, i did apparently wrong, the "chat" channel was selected. I swiched back to "game" and tried to play: no more crashes... If it can help to understand... But for me, this crash shouldn't be with any channel...
  3. giuppo

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Hello, And congratulations!! Your work look very great (not tested yet). I have been sad to know the end of OFrP, but glad to see that the succession is assured. Do you plan SP missions or even a Campaign to enjoy all of your creations? Merci et surtout bon Courage!
  4. THIS is what i call a Campaign, Congratulations and thank you!! A great work done, a good immersion thanks to cutscenes, a good storyline! Just miss Voices and we could believe an official campaign !! I just finished with Option A, I will play the others next ;) Thank you Yogdogz!!
  5. giuppo

    Wiki's Creations

    Hi Wiki, Same as the others, Congratulations and thanks for all your work. I'm finding back pleasure to play, and with french units!! Missions are not long without be too short, difficulty well dozed... I feel in! Maybe some bugs here and there, but nothing too bad. I'm waiting for your Operation Gothic Serpent!
  6. giuppo

    Campaign Houria

    I finally retried, and after several times, i could finish the mission. Maybe some problems with triggers? Many thanks anyway, i'm enjoying the campaign. ;)
  7. giuppo

    Campaign Houria

    Hi Wiki, And many thanks for this campaign, this has given me back want to play to arma after months! But i've got a problem. I'm at the mission "chapitre 3, partie 2", at the begining:
  8. Well, i could play this evening, and after many tries, i used the russian missile launcher and it worked! Finally mission ended!
  9. I confirm, rh_mk18 was the problem, all is good now. Thank you, i know where to find next time i will have a problem (.rpt file)
  10. Hi, thx but yes i've done that. Files was in the same folder than the others. Now i moved Nim weather's files in a new folder just for them. I use a mod Launcher, i select all folders needed, but i still can't play the next mission, games freezes. :( EDIT: Well, i found the .rpt file: at the end i can read many times: Missing addons detected: rh_mk18 Are RH weapons packs not supposed to be just optional? Well, i will check if it works with.
  11. Hi, i've got the same freeze problem. How do you "run" the nim weather? thx
  12. giuppo

    Isla Duala

    :Oo: i've missed it... Sorry
  13. giuppo

    Isla Duala

    It's not a bad idea yes, giving it this look: But maybe i don't know Africa enough to give a good opinion And I have thought about tourist units too, jeep for photo safari for exemple... Well, do as you can and want Icebreakr, you have done a lot already!