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  1. GGX_Lennon

    Open Letter to the BIS

    possible.. But as long as people r satisfied and talking about zombiemod&shit BIS doesnt needs to accommodate us with news
  2. GGX_Lennon

    Open Letter to the BIS

    good Idea! someone create a useful Letter please.
  3. GGX_Lennon

    Something what annoys me

    Hi all Hi placebo  the fact that the homepage isnt updated yet + little information about ArmA (except the statement what this game will be + some screenshots) ...only tells me, the release is still far away.. thats only logical.. I dont know what time the most people joined (visited) this Forum, when screens about Game 2 been released? May be... Anyway.. there must be any tactic about publicity.. to get more and more people when ArmA is getting closer to its release.. If BIS would show all informations/screenshots about ArmA now they would only loose people if the game wouldnt be released next time.. I understand that, no problem! The People only want some screenshots from time to time.. and thats not a big asking.. right?
  4. GGX_Lennon

    speculation threads

    I'm really bored of all those speculation threads... Not only bored... the truth is its piss*** me off talking about things nobody knows and nobody has answers for. I dont expect this post will change anything.. But   I'm still in Love with BIS.. and I'm hoping we will know more soon. close this thread if needed
  5. GGX_Lennon

    Info for a Noob

    I'd love to get some new info
  6. GGX_Lennon

    Armed Assault trailer

    and what about the shadows?
  7. GGX_Lennon

    Join in progress (JIP) and possible problems

    JIP is a good thing! This option will bring many mp-gamers to ArmA. No more waiting times if u want a quick public "fun-war".. For clanwars u will be able to make your server pw-protected.. I see no problem! ArmA will stay ArmA...
  8. GGX_Lennon

    Zombie Mod Support

    zombietalk? Â thats the result from too much news about ArmA we get Â
  9. GGX_Lennon


    Its just a thought/wish..
  10. GGX_Lennon


    the new year just begun.. would be very nice to get some news about ArmA.. Maybe some screenshots or anything else..
  11. GGX_Lennon

    cross hair

    Hi Wanna say something about the crosshair thing.. ArmA will be a war-simulation-GAME.. thats true, but its still a game In real life there's no crosshair, true.. But in real life u got the feeling.. Eyes, orientation, etc. .. Thats why I think Crosshairs should be implemented.. The way they handled it with ofp is the best and most realistic thing i guess.. The crosshair wasnt exactly in the middle of screen, u allways (mostly) had to switch to Ironsight-view to get a kill... But with crosshair u had the help to aim faster.. Same as in real life, where u got the eyes and orientation to aim faster... Otherwise people will stick a point on middle of screen (same as in cs And thats shit.. About the 3rdPersonView.. I didnt like it.. its stupid to watch around corners.. Maybe allow 3rdPerson only for Tanks...?
  12. GGX_Lennon

    Track ir

    @Shadow where's the Trailer?
  13. GGX_Lennon

    Track ir

    a new Trailer sounds very very very good where is it? www.aremdassault.com hasnt been updated...
  14. GGX_Lennon

    Armed Assault trailer

    I didnt read the hole topic.. First of all, I love the movie! The Trees and Landscape is nice. Woods and grassland... I like it more then desert Too much desert in my opinion... But its ok.. I just missed Winterareas, will that be included? Any Info? The shadows over the Hills r also nice.. Except the Trees which doesnt give a shit about it.. they still look bright.. Any Info about that? ty guggs