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  1. I've been trying to figure out how to trigger something when player is being revealed by a flare in a night mission. AI vision does not seem to improve no matter how many flares i make them shoot. Flashlights and lamp posts and such do reveal the player like expected, but not flares.
  2. Thanks guys, got it working. Sometimes simple things like this have just too many ways to do them to find out the one that works. In case someone is struggling with the same thing this is the complete command i used to make it work with some formatting in it: _any =[[["Time left:","align = 'center' size = '0.7' font='PuristaBold'"],[" ","align = 'center' size = '0.7'","#aaaaaa"],["","<br/>"],[str (timeleft),"align = 'center' size = '0.7'"]]] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_typeText2"];
  3. I'm having troble getting this "spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2" command to show globally - im running it from a script that is local to the player and i would like all other players to see it too. Using triggers for it is a bit clumsy, is there any way to use it from a script so that everyone would see it? I know i could use remoteExec ["hint"] and that works, but i like the way i can format typetext.
  4. Cheers guys! For some reason getDir on of the trigger didnt work, but i made it check the direction of the gate. Works perfectly. One of many uses for this that i needed was a race track kind of thing, prevents players from accidentally entering the circuit going wrong way, and OpFor trackmarshall can prevent entering the track by standing near the gate so it wont open until he moves aside. And if players run over the guy operating the gate it also wont open anymore. This is what the trigger condition looks like if someone else needs something similiar: Player present, condition: this and (alive gatekeeper01) and (alive gate01) and (east countside thislist) == 0 and (count thisList > 0 && { getDir vehicle (thisList select 0) < (getDir gate01 + 60)%360 && getDir vehicle (thisList select 0) > (getDir gate01 - 30)%360})
  5. If i dont extend it to the other side the gate will close and crash with some long vehicles because driver is out of trigger area but rear of the truck is not. Now that i think of it, i guess you are correct about player working in MP, I'll try with that.
  6. Hey guys, a bit of a puzzle here. I'm trying to create a trigger that opens a one way gate. Tigger has following conditions: Player present inside trigger. No OpFor within trigger. Gate is alive. Gatekeeper is alive. Players vehicle is facing correct direction. I managed to get everything except the direction so far with this: Activated by player present - this and (alive gatekeeper) and (alive gate02) and (east countside thislist) == 0 However i'm having hard time implementing getdir in to the condition. I managed to get getdir working like this: if (direction (vehicle player) >200) then {hint "Going out"} if (direction (vehicle player) <200) then {hint "Going in"} But how would i make this into a trigger condition? Somehow with _x thislist i would assume..? It's for multiplayer so i can't use command "player" in the trigger. How do you refer to the unit that is inside the tigger instead of "player"?
  7. groshnak

    UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Thanks! Also to fix a recompile error at the beginning of mission one should remove "Recompile=1" lines from a bunch of files. Searching the UPSMon folder for "Recompile=1" will show a list of files that includes this line. Any other fixes floating around?
  8. Edit: Apparently my problem was defining eventhandlers in my units config, that breaks ace functionality. Any help on adding an eventhandler to my units config without removing the ones added earlier higher up in the tree?
  9. Not sure where to ask this but what gives units the ACE interaction menu? Some addon-units cant be healed or interacted in any way and while making my own unit addon i have the same problem. As if ACE doesn't recognize them as units? Is it because of inheritance or something else? I'm using MyUnit:SoldierGB:CAManBase:Man
  10. groshnak

    Suicide Bomber Script

    Would love to get this working but the bomber actually keeps running away from the target and never blows up even if i catch up to him?
  11. Nevermind, most of my problems happened in SP editor, those errors don't happen in MP However the speaker isn't working with that command nor giving any errors. Anyone have an example mission with working speaker on a vehicle at mission start?
  12. I have a car named "radiocar" and i put this in the init of the car: [radiocar, "driver_radio_settings"] call TFAR_fnc_setLrSpeakers No joy, i have to get in to the car and put the radio on speakers manually.
  13. Well you obviously missed the whole post that i was quoting. I never said dayz players or such would have any need for this mod, realism unit etc.
  14. I don't think people bother with SP or playing with AI as team mates much if they are looking for even remotely realistic experience. ACRE/TFAR mod in a multiplayer game with 50-100 other guys from a serious realism unit is where it's at. And you can't hear a damn thing if theres a serious gunfight going on :p ** There are IR Strobes and IR Flares.