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  1. CNN It was yesterday, but i haven't seen anybody to say a word about it. Does it mean that for you it is not worth mentioning? Even a "memento"? Or symbol of biggerst in the history violation of human rights?
  2. Grizzlie

    A New AH-64 Pack

    U can have some bad guys around Truck can be destroyed, helipad no.
  3. Grizzlie

    A New AH-64 Pack

    May i have little suggestion? Do u remember Col. Klink's hardened shelter? There was cart with bombs. Can u do something like that with all rockets, launchers and ammoboxes for your Apache? This + jeep + towing script + camonet hanger from RKSL = very nice rearming point And i would suggest to remove HeliH from list of things having rearming abilities, or add nice helipad from F3WX pack
  4. Grizzlie


    Beeing honest instead of UAZ i would like to see SKOT or TOPAS.. But looking good
  5. Grizzlie

    AH-64 Pack Release

    I'm sorry for that I have a question to scripting magicians. Is it possible, with OFP limitations, show difference between AH-64 D and AH-64 D Longbow? Longer range of view, longer range of rockets ect. and for instance something like with DKMM Tunguskas - sending data from Longbow to other choppers in group?
  6. Grizzlie

    AH-64 Pack Release

    @ SM_Azazel Do search on google "nose art" - i have found bunch of pics of CH-47's arts But please, don't kill this topic wit all those OT posts. It is good subject for TO thread "nose arts: pro&cons and pics"
  7. Grizzlie

    AH-64 Pack Release

    http://www.bradmesser.com/J2_BonusPages/noseart911.html It can show a bit more about nose arts treatment. Well, nose arts and pilot's "logos" have almost 100 yeart of tradition, so banning them is plain shame. But now back to topic. Is it possible to make this paintings the way roundels r made in some addons? If u want one, just put command in init field...
  8. Grizzlie

    Programs that list all files in a directory

    U always can go to console and use old good dos "dir > list.txt"
  9. Grizzlie

    Submarine hits mountain!

    If u have red "Hunting for Red October" u should remember that submarine commanders does not like to use active sonars. On this deepth GPS is unusable, so u cans have only inertial navigation aids, which r not as good as GPS. No maps, no windows... I think it is one of two: navigation error (possible but ...) or noone knew about this mountain till they found it ;)
  10. Grizzlie

    AH-64 Pack Release

    Few months ago there were discussion in A&M:D about Apaches. AH-64 D Apache U may find there some additional info, about lodouts too
  11. Grizzlie

    AH-64 Pack Release

    I can say only HURRRRRRRRAY So long awaited new Apache with other lodouts!! Loading now
  12. Grizzlie

    Multiple bomb drops

    Hmm... And what about using evenhandlers? For instance plane is dropping bomb, and u r creating some more ones? It should be "AI friendly". It can be a little unrealistic (count bombs dropped by one plane), but u can remove some before flight (i hope so). I'm not scripter, so it is only "wishfull thinking" that it can work...
  13. Grizzlie

    Multiple bomb drops

    Maybe u can combine camcreate with setvelocity? It will be some recalculating to get proper data from "getdir" and "speed" of dropping plane but u will have initial data for setvelocity of bomb.
  14. Grizzlie

    Bushranger BETA release

    Is it possible to leave doors open when engine is off, and close them when engine starts? Maybe a bit unrealistic, but i think it would be good for those who likes opening doors, and won't disturb ones who doesn't care?
  15. Grizzlie

    Networking/Filesharing/LAN Problems.

    U can call me masohist, but having XP pro i would prefer to configure build-in FTP server on it, or any other free one, and i bet i would take shorter time than setting filesharing. I had a bit more complicated situation (MAC <-> PC), but in 15 minutes problem was solved.