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  1. Garcia

    The Iraq thread 4

    This one? (don't remember reading this so I'll just pick at it to show you what i see is wrong) By the order of the United States Congress in 1998 and by the approval of the US Congress in 2002 from This Resolution by that standard, every president from 1948 to now would be executed. after dropping warning leaflets three days before the first bomb dropped saying "people of these listed cities get out, unimaginable destruction will occur very soon." the US hasn't been pointing fingers since the war of 1812... from then on they pointed guns. and from 1945 on we've been pointing nukes. A BIG deterrent. EDIT: Ah... found this: He did have a plan, it just didn't work. Ahhh, so what your saying is that UK easily can kick some french ass if they feel like (or the other way around for any frenchmen). All they have to do is get approval from their own country and warn the citizens in the other country, and if the citizens in the other country doesn't take the warning serious (which they probably wouldn't in this case), then UK could nuke Paris, and you wouldn't mind? You got some neat things called international laws...if US congress says it ok, that still doesn't mean USA can go ahead bombing whoever they want. And if you warn people that a certain place is going to be bombed, be it by a nuke or just regular bombs, that neither means it's ok to go bomb whoever you want.
  2. Garcia

    The Iraq thread 4

    Christ, you keep accusing people criticizing USA of talking shit about the soldiers in Iraq... First of all, I'm sure most people here are aware that US troops probably are well trained, but that doesn't mean they are the best. Second of all, people don't question US troops actions, people question US leaders actions and decisions...
  3. Garcia

    The Iraq thread 4

    And a report by some americans Iran is 10 years away from having nukes...but better rush in now and ask questions later...a bit like Iraq
  4. Garcia

    OFP novel

    Don't see any problem in making him a General in resistance, as it's possible that the guy don't get promoted between Res and CWC...
  5. Garcia

    OFP novel

    You never see him die, but you see tanks aiming at him and then opening fire...
  6. Garcia

    The Iraq thread 4

    I won't hold my breath. Been report that he won't be executed until mid januar or something. Though I hope they just hang him now while they still can. Even though I didn't support the Iraqi war due to the dodgy way it was initiated, there's no doubt that the guy is a bad guy. If he decerves to die...I'm not a fan of death penalty, but that's mainly because you often can't be too sure about the guilt...but in this case...so do it now before he finds a way to kill himself like Slobodan did (dunno if I spelled the guys name right).
  7. Garcia

    Demo today....WOOT

    Errm, the minimum specs released on the biki earlier (before ArmA was released), are they still considered the minimum specs, or have it been turned up? Because I suppose the ArmA demo doesn't need a better computer than the whole game (?), and in that case the minimum specs are total bullshit. I've got a better computer than the minimum specs except for my GFX card, which is (AFAIK) the worst GFX card supposed to be able to run ArmA...but I wasn't even close to being able to run the demo. Turned everything down to lowest possible, but the game lagged like a bitch, even in the menu...only time it didn't lag was in briefing... Though I have to add that I didn't really expect being able to run the demo/game...but I just mean, either BIS must adjust the minimum specs or they will have to do some serious work on the game to make it run on the minimum specs Guess I'll just have to drop buying ArmA until I'm done with my mandatory military service in a year, when I'll hopefully get my own computer
  8. Garcia

    RIP Turkmenbashi

    Soon to be followed by Ahmadinejad, Bin Laden, Mr Kim, Putin, Blair and Bush? You're a left wing extremist? Bush and Blair isn't exactly nice...if Bush points and sends in his army, Blair follows...and Bush is a nutjob.
  9. Garcia

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    The people do not controll the goverment. The goverment controll the people. If the people don't like the goverment, they can do jack shit about it until the next election...unless the people decides to use violence... Soo...my religion book when I was about 10 years old was 270 pages christianity, and like 30 pages divided on all other religons and stuff, because of extremists? Now that was some nice bullshit. How nice. So when a nation embraces a religion and acts like this religon being the right one and treats this religion better than other, is that full religious freedom? You only got full religious freedom when a nation doesn't embrace any religious view and treats every religious view equally, may it be Islam, Buddism, Christianity, atheism or any other...
  10. Garcia

    The Middle East part 2

    Well... It's also about economic interests in the US.. If you remove everything like economic etc, I doubt too many goverments here in western europe would have the guts to do much about things with USAs policy that they dislike. Most likely to do it would be Germany and France, possibly Sweden. Of course, my view may be a bit worse than it is, because our last goverment was such a suckup to Mr. Bush...
  11. Garcia

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Doubt people lose sleep over removing the word god from the pledge. And I doubt people consider is such a big deal, but it's the principle. An atheist probably wants to be able to say the pledge without having to drag some shitty religion into it. Just imagine the outcry in USA if you replaced "god" with "allah". I'd almost bet on that it would result in violent demonstrations. And that's the problem. In my opinion, all religions should be treated equally, but they're not.
  12. Garcia

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    Well if you write "set unitpos" and not "setunitpos" it's no wonder it doesn't work. Sure, I mean of course SetUnitPos But all it doesnt work. Like in ofp, if you write it in the init and the AI "hear" shots then it stand and dont go prone. In arma they are gone prone even if this in init. Its obstructive to make combat intros/ourtos/cutscenes if you cant set/tell (temporary) the AI that they have to stand and dont go prone Well then it's hopefully just a little slip from BIS, I'm sure it'll be worked out in a patch. And if I don't remember too wrong, I think they actually added to the command so you can force units to stay crouched, which have been something the OFP community have wanted almost since OFP was relased
  13. Garcia

    Helicopters in AA

    Lets say you got a limited knowledge of tanks, and I say that tanks in ArmA is shitty because they can't fly, and then I go talking about how tanks can fly in real life. And then you got the other, more sane people, who say tanks in ArmA at least isn't shitty because they can't fly, because it's impossible for tanks to fly in real life too. So imagine that you knowledge of tanks was low enough for you to wonder what is true. Wouldn't you like a actual tank driver to tell you how it really is to drive a tank? (this was just an extreme example to show why I want to hear a chopper pilots opinion on the ArmA flight model)
  14. Garcia

    Helicopters in AA

    It's not that people really want it to be as close to flying a chopper as possible. It's that people say "This and this and that is wrong, because this and this is how it is in real life". People constantly try backing up their opinion on wether the flightmodel sucks or rule with their helicopter "knowledge". Only problem is, if everyone were to be right, a helicopter would be a more amazing machine than it is. The damn thing would almost be able to bake you all your x-mas cakes while travelling back in time doing a hot extraction in vietnam at the same time That's why it would be nice to have a real chopper pilot to tell how it really is, so the ones backing up opinions with helicopter fantasies could be shut up, and so people would know what's a fact and what's utter BS about choppers.
  15. Garcia

    Helicopters in AA

    No, the "ground effect" is a air-cushion that make the downwash bounce back up into the rotors giving the aircraft some "free" lift. This only happens at very slow speed. Up to around 5kts I believe. Its good that the old alt-hold is gone. It always gave me a false sense of security. Flying over a canyon meant the helo would fly down into it and up on the other side. Now you can fly in a straight line. This "weird" way of flying is pretty close to how a real helicopter works. Helicopters in OFP were cars with a spinning thing ontop. Check your key-settings. Rudder (pedals) is always that at all speeds, they just loose effectiveness around 60-70 km/h which is the same thing as in real life. When a helicopter fly faster than 70km/h the cyclic makes the aircraft handle in the same way as a stick in a fixed wing aircraft. All I can say is: get used to it (no attitude intended) Â Problem is, everybody is a helicopter pilot and a helicopter expert. Everybody knows how to fly a helicopter, everybody knows how it should feel to fly every helicopter in existance, and everybody knows how to design a helicopter. Just the same as everybody with a sick kid whines at the doctor because they are, of course, doctors themself That's why we should have had Mike Beil or some other chopper pilot here to tell us how it really is. Though it would probably not work anyway