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  1. Flogger23m

    New informations or announcement soon?

    Thanks. Looks very basic but at least you can sort of test out units. They need to add some more here, even if it isn't as detailed as ArmA 3. If the mission editor can offer at least the ability to make basic missions/scenarios for 100% offline play I'd buy it. It might not be a full game, but $30 is a fair price. Again, assuming they can add more and allow an offline mission editor.
  2. Flogger23m

    New informations or announcement soon?

    Can someone confirm if true and make a video of what Reforger offers? No 3D mission editor is a no buy for me. How am I supposed to test things out without a proper editor? Early Access MP only game is also a no buy for me, game will be dead in 3 weeks like 98% of all early access MP only games.
  3. Flogger23m

    New informations or announcement soon?

    Does ArmA Reforger have a mission editor at least on par with ArmA 3? Same basic GUI and abilities, like placement of structures, vehicles, editing of loadouts, placement of weapons on the ground, etc.? I have zero interest in online zombie mods and only played ArmA 1/2/3 as a simulator or tactical shooter wannabe. I have many issues with ArmA 1/2/3, and does Reforger do anything to address them as is? - Proper weapon animations - A sensible AI command issuing interface - More realistic movement, less likely to get snagged on things, etc. - Better vehicle handling and reactions to damage - Vehicles that can follow way points reasonably accurately - Vehicles that can follow a way point across a bridge? Because in Arma 3, they just drive around it and into the water - More dynamic weapon loadouts like being able to carry both a precision rifle and a carbine just like real snipers - Ability to command AI to clear buildings - More dynamic commands like tossing a grenade over a fence, direct positioning, etc. - NPCs that don't walk through buildings - Better weapon recoil system, because ArmA 3 is very dated and unrealistic Seems like this dropped without any real info, is Early Access, and a "miniature" version of ArmA 4 which has me skeptical. If it is a step back from ArmA 3 in terms of features and abilities without fixing some or all of the issues above I'm not sure what it brings to the table.
  4. So I take it this is the important stuff: But where would I place it? The INT line for the support requester? Or provider? Both?
  5. Flogger23m

    Malden 2035

    Don't really give a damn about a new map, when the base game is so dysfunctional, poorly documented, and missing remedial features. How many damn games do we have to buy? How many damn DLCs? And many times are they going to rape their customers with go kart crap? And all they can do is give us another crappy map when the game breaking shortcomings are still present? This is what I get for pre-ordering this game years ago? No working artillery? What kind of nonsense is this? I bought your Apex DLC already to show my support, I already received another map that I had little interest in. And this is what we get? I'm fucking pissed. Someone needs to break out the whips and crack some skulls at BI if they think this is acceptable. Take your map and shove it up your ass. Unless we start seeing big changes and soon, count me out of any future purchases. I keep telling myself to give them one more chance, maybe buy some DLC to keep them going, and they keep blowing it. I'd had it, and I'm livid. I'm sorry if this offends the fanboys and yes men around here, but it needs to be said.
  6. As the title says, the game does not allow the player to use artillery after they switch to another unit, or after they die and switch to another unit. I've synched the artillery to every single controllable unit in the game. But that does not help, because as soon as I switch to another unit or die I can no longer view it under the "Supports" area. I'm not sure why something so simple cannot be accomplished in any insightful way, and not a single search result or tutorial on youtube can bring up something useful. I've even made unique support provider / requesters for each and every unit previously, which did nothing. To say I'm fucking pissed at how difficult it is to do such a simple function would be putting it lightly. Three games, dozens of DLCs later, and something so simple and remedial is obscenely hard to accomplish in this game.
  7. Flogger23m

    How to unload weapon in EDEN?

    Thanks for the reply. That is a bit cumbersome especially if I have to do it for a number of different weapons per mission. I have an unrelated question, but figured I'd make it in this thread. In ArmA 1/2 I used to call in artillery support. I do not recall how to do this at all. I even placed artillery in my squad and can't find them under Supports. What should I do to be able to have them drop rounds on a designated area? Edit: Figured part of it out by assigning it to a single unit. Two other questions: 1) How can I assign artillery support for every member in a squad? 2) I can't seem to have both a mortar and heavier artillery under "Supports" at the same time, yet both are synched. Can a player only be able to call in one type of support at once?
  8. I can't seem to figure out how to unload a weapon in the EDEN mission editor. I often use suppressed weapons and replace all magazines with subsonic ammo, however the first magazine is always using a super sonic load by default. This is a bit of an annoyance for the player, but even worse for the AI as their first shots will be super sonic defeating the purpose of trying to be discrete. I must be missing it, but is there a way to change the ammo type for the magazines inserted into the weapon?
  9. Flogger23m

    Arma 3 Apex - Worth Waiting For Steam Sale?

    False on both accounts, movie tickets are $5 here and it is $11.89. ;) Though I am not sure what a movie ticket has to do with anything? Regardless, being smart with your money is always... smart. If you don't have anything useful to say it is best to keep shut. I am wondering if the Steam sale will offer a better discount, which would be a different sale. But I think I'll just wait it out. From the looks of it the map is fairly small so it will probably get old after a few hours. Maybe it will be cheaper in the next few weeks.
  10. Thinking picking up ArmA 3 Apex as it is on sale. Does anyone happen to know if ArmA 3 DLC will be discounted further during the Steam sale? I am a bit worried that I will buy it now and next week it will be a bit cheaper before I even get much of a chance to play around with the map.
  11. Flogger23m

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Please understand the difference between a wish list and demands. I didn't and won't tell you what to do. I would simply be grateful if more of the common equipment for each faction gets finished by the team. A wish list (that isn't absurd) is just a quick way to tell someone you'd love to see them continue their work. I would never have thought telling someone I appreciate their work and would love to see more of it would cause them to throw a fit. Given the hostile response you'd think I threw out insults or demands to implement things. I'll still download your mod though. To be clear, this isn't directed at you Misty. I understand and when I dabble in some (extremely) simple modding I work off of my own wish list as well. :) Best of luck with your future work.
  12. Flogger23m

    Eden Feature Requests

    I'll add some simple ones that have been in just about every mission editor since the 90-early 2000s but are strangely missing from ArmA 3: 1) Condition: Group X (or unit) Dead Result: Activate Group Y Simply put, something is killed, something else spawns. Then add in all of the other common sense stuff. Group or unit X is damaged, then Group Y proceeds to next waypoint. This shouldn't be typed out. 2) All of the above done via a trigger manager. Groups/units have default names, but can be named (as it currently is). When selecting a unit for a condition/result only units in the mission are shown to prevent typos and other common errors. 3) Waypoints for vehicles which automatically follow roads. Prevents us having to manually place hundreds of waypoints for vehicles to follow roads, which they can't really do properly. LOMAC did this a decade plus ago and that was a flight sim. Not sure why a ground combat came doesn't allow this. 4) Waypoint options which prioritize a unit (or groups) weapon preferences. 5) Mission briefing should look just like it does in game, with the proper formatting. You simply import pictures and type your text. Done. 6) Export mission name should default to the same name as the mission editor name. 7) Vehicles should disclose how many passengers can fit inside of them. 8) Straight forward way of giving the mission designer a way to choose the unit you spawn in. Or perhaps missions with more than one possible player can simple display available units up front rather than forcing you into a unit but that is going off topic. A couple of quick ones. Still has a long way to go before it is properly usable but at least they're getting to it 3 years post release.
  13. EDEN sucks as it is, but at least is useable unlike the horrific 2D editor. Basic functionality is hidden, time consuming and looks like a clusterfuck to put it nicely. Drawing lines, typing scripts and all sorts of nonsense for something as simple as activating/deactivating a single unit. They should dump the 2D editor quickly and shape up EDEN to make it a proper editor. The linage to the old and garbage 2D editor is very evident, and the quicker they make EDEN stand on its own and stop emulating the horrible 2D editor the better. The entire line tracing and typing concept of the triggers is terrible and needs to get torn out of EDEN and replaced with something intelligent. Supporting two editors when they're clearly having trouble supporting one would be a disaster. Using the 2D editor is like using MS DOS in 2016. EDEN is like using Windows 95... still a pain in the ass, but so much better. And for most of yours needs you can always hit "M" and view things in a 2D overlay when necessary.
  14. Flogger23m

    Trigger text & other questions

    Will try the first part. Still figuring out the 2nd part. Another quick question. How do I make turrets hold? Made a hold waypoint, placed it on the unit, a trigger which skips the hold waypoint after OPFOR is present. But they seem to shoot regardless of the trigger being activated. Works fine for other vehicles but not turrets. The men manning them spawn already using the turrets if it matters. Edit: Game is having difficulty making helis skip hold waypoints again. Have a simple trigger after which 3 units are killed the helis are to skip their hold waypoint and move in to attack. Once again they just sit there. Why can't there just be a simple "Group X Dead, Activate Group Y" command like DCS? Would make such simple things much easier, not to mention a hell of a lot less messy.
  15. Flogger23m

    Trigger text & other questions

    Thanks. So to make the APCs stop (apc1-apc7, seven vehicles in four different groups) I would write: !alive apc1 || apc2 ; doStop [apc1, _apc2]; And obviously include up to apc7, shortened it to keep it simple here. A ";" should be sufficient to separate the two different parts right? As I understand it, this should kill the engines on all the individual APCs and make them hold without the crew exiting the vehicles. The second part is still confusing me. On another trigger, once all AT launchers are down, I write: !alive tow1 && tow2 && tow3 Now the part where they return to following their waypoints is what I don't get. _playerGrp = group player As in: apc1 = whatever the APC's group is called?