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    So instead of calling them out as in suggestion #1, mabey have survivors cry out for help on a regular basis, like when they hear a gunshot? Or randomly call to see if theres anybody out there? I'd rip the clip from Day of the Dead (Circa 85' ) when they went to search for survivors, had that "Desperate yet hopeless" undertone to it. Of course having the Survivors yelling might draw the Yomies to them faster than normal which would add a sense of urgency in picking them up likely leading to being chased by mobs of Yomies... I like it. Â
  2. FritzDaKat


    Well, finally updated to 1.14 ad on a fluke I added a SF squad to follow me around which oddly enough they did! They even kept formation and used Field Hospitals when told to. I didn't get too complex with instructions or anything but they kept to the rudimentary "follow the leader" behavior one would wish for. Played for a good hour or so, Saved the Outpost from being overrun, returned with a resupply truck, cleared out some straggling Yomies. Formed a caravan with an m1030, a Civil Ural and an armed 4x4 from the Outpost store, then promptly passed out so I never got to check out how well they cope with having to drive while in formation. Downside? Well, when you rescue survivors your teammates get caught up in the script. I suppose it would be avoidable if the AI teammates (Or possibly hireable Mercenary units) received similarly special names to that of the Player Characters (man1 thru 12) and refrence to such names were added into the rescue.sqf to prevent them from being "cahsed in". I'll tinker and see what I come up with, but I've got a shite dialup line so no uploading from me .
  3. FritzDaKat

    Campaign "Range of Dead"

    Heres an example based on how I've got mine set up "G:\Program Files\ArmA\beta\arma.exe" -nosplash -zprime -profiles=Profiles -mod=beta;DBE1;@arma_effects;@PROPER;@ZOMBI Pretty straightforward, Above is my target path found in the properties of the shortcut I use for the Range of Dead. In my Main ArmA folder I have my custom addon subfolders @arma_effects @PROPER & @ZOMBI Within each of those folders is an additional subfolder titled Addons, inside that one is where you put the PBO's you want to run together. Just make your custom @Folder\Addons\*.pbo('s) then add the @Folder name into the Target path like I've got it above and as long as all the addons you use work together properly, you're good to go.
  4. FritzDaKat


    @ SAS Troop: Is the FPS drop only while you are "in the store"? If so, it's just your video card dropping down a notch as it doesn't need to run full tilt for displaying whats mostly a static display of the "Storefront". If however it's happening for you even after you leave the store, could it be due to some other addons (Extended event handler, ECS, etc.) you have running as well? If so, try process of elimination. @ Ravenholme: As far as the negative rating from running down Zombies goes, I fixed my issue a while back by "Tweaking" the Init.sqf file. Line 68-ish is the Yomie-killed reward snippet where 15000 gets added to your rating to compensate for the negative impact of killing "Civ's". Just bump it up to 50000 or 100000 or some such ridiculosly high number to where for only killing a handfull of Yomies with direct fire, you can play "Bumper-cars" for days. P.S. offtopic-ish I ran across an addon last month with a heavy armored transport truck with a .50 cal mounted to each side of the back. The addon was focused on Phillipine troops and hardware but I cant find it anymore to save my life. Anyone know of which mod I speak? I'd sort of like to swap the 5 ton outpost truck for it.
  5. FritzDaKat


    @ Troop: Adding squadmates to your team "works" more or less, but their AI is much like that of the Survivors regardless of the units skill slider, very stubborn, wont follow direct orders other than to get in a vehicle. Sometimes they will even go as far as to move to specific coordinates when told, but honestly it's much more frustrating to have AI backup than it's worth imho. Once they start breaking formation, it's time to get new teammates @Ravenholme: The problem with"Friendly AI" targeting you is because the Yomies are on the Civ. side and as you kill them off it reduces your rating. But thanks to the init.sqf file, for each Yomie kill with a Rifle / Pistol / Nade you get 15000 added to your rating. Unfortunatly, this doesnt happen for the ones you just run over or kill with vehicle mounted weaponry. As a sloppy workaround, you could raise the rating bonus in the init.sqf file to say 50000 or more (Depending on how determined you are to only run the Yomies over) And RE: The Merc hiring post I mentioned before, unless theres a way to allow them to use default AI and not whatever FSM seems to run for Survivors (Thats just how it seems to work with the troops I've tried adding) it would be a waste of money if they cost much more than 8k imo. Thou they do make decent Yomie bait. (On more than one occasion I'd sit just outside of the secure area zone, send in a pack of survivors, then trigger the spawn But then I started feeling guilty )
  6. FritzDaKat

    Campaign "Range of Dead"

    Could be a corrupt file in your download perhaps? Try downloading from another mirror. Could also be due to another addon you've got running? I'd suggest taking all the required addons / pbo's and place them into their own @modfolder then running with only that addon & dbe1 active?
  7. FritzDaKat


    While the crosshair is directly on the pole, with the toes of your boots pressed firmly against it's base, roll your mouse wheel or hit Enter to bring up the action menu as it does not "announce itself".
  8. FritzDaKat

    Campaign "Range of Dead"

    He means that it's not that the snipers cant hit you, they're just busy shooting at the invisible targets placed around you to better simulate covering fire so they can pin you down long enough for any of the Patrols or Choppers to hunt you down. Much easier to find a character pinned down than one thats running all around the map.
  9. FritzDaKat

    Patch 1.14 Troubleshooting

    I've got a 1.14 patch issue as well, it's waaaaay too flippin big for my dialup line, I'm looking at over 28 hour's to complete. Could you pury puhleazzzze make a 1.12 to 1.14 incremental patch?? I would be ever-so-grateful.
  10. FritzDaKat

    Campaign "Range of Dead"

    But then why else would you be looking?
  11. FritzDaKat

    Campaign "Range of Dead"

    Hmmmm,,, So they are planning a sequel or an expansion!
  12. FritzDaKat

    NVIDIA GeForce 175.16 WHQL drivers

    IIR the maxmem parameter simply locks in the amount of virtual address space accessable by ArmA, basicly the thing keeping the "Out of memory" errors appearing on some systems. As far as the LOD issue goes I found that the ECS mod cleared it up with the "Force local terraingrid" setting on and set to 50.000 but set that high it does shut grass off (Have not tried lower settings however) It basicly seems to take a radius of x meters and forces the close up LOD on them till you move out of range. My only problem with the ECS mod is it seems to override the AI even when I have AI enhancements disabled, or it at least messes up the FSM controlled AI (In Quarantine)
  13. FritzDaKat


    K, no idea on the topic of modeling here personally, but mabey you coul use the Spy for your base model as he already has gloves? If anything it might be worth it to pop it open for a look and see how they (BIS) got theirs working? And when ya' do figure it out, could ya send it with a Biohazard version? (Just swap the Nuke patch for the biohazard one) Looking really good so far & I can already envision the units playing a role in a Zombie-themed campaign doing containment / cleanup.
  14. FritzDaKat

    Campaign "Range of Dead"

    Well after spending 9 hours downloading the mission & required addons (Yes, I have the worlds crappiest dialup connection.) I have to say it was time well spent. Â Made it all the way to the Island base before I accidentally shot the commander, I've either got to add NVG or wait till tonight when I dont have to fight screen glare (Or just play with my gamma / brightness settings) The translations aren't perfect but quite good enough and if anything it adds to the game for me, being a cadet in a Soviet-themed army feels better with the broken english than if they were done perfectly if that makes sense. **edit** So once reaching "The real enemy" I've got to say I like how the Player get's beaten down the "Proper path". Every time I thought I was just about to flank the Guy's on the ridge across from where I found the map & radio I get smacked down by scouting patrols or well positioned snipers. Not often I find a mission that forces you down a path like that, as in trying alternatives didn't mess anything up / leave me standing in a cornfield with my AK in one hand and a roll of TP in the other wondering where the heck to go next. The ending itself was a bit puzzling / abrupt and it's got me hoping this is more of a "teaser" for a much larger Campaign which would wishfully include some dynamic sub-missions like search for supplies, survivors, component elements for a serum etc. Overall I'd have to say that the involved elements felt really well planned and executed thou it all just leaves me wanting more (In the sense of a longer campaign. ) But then I guess thats what a good campaign should do, make you want to play it more. Fun stuff
  15. FritzDaKat

    ArmA Editing Guide - English Version

    Mmmmm, nothing like finding a good reason to get out of bed within 10 minutes of waking up (Coffee aside)