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  1. Well, I've got no luck getting this to work even without ACE. Something I found out is that "Chest" doesn't seem to be a HitPart (at least not in game). All hits on the "chest" are actually body hits according to the game. Can't seem to find any chest location. The script doesn't work even if you switch out "HitChest" to "HitBody" though.
  2. I can already tell what it does from looking at it :D Nice one. I opened up Goko's Ballistics mod to look at at how he did it. Though I couldn't get it to work with vests (even without the other features). So, is "handledamage" if a unit/object receives actual damage? That might be a better way of doing what I'm thinking about.
  3. Nope. Like having an array of specific types of vests, i.e. using their classnames. Btw, still cannot get this script to work. I'm beginning to wonder if it has something to do with Arma's hit detection. Seems like different body parts are hit more or less at random sometimes. Or more likely: it's a conflict with using ACE, I guess they handle damage and hit locations differently. Might have to dig into ACE and see what I can find.
  4. Thanks! So, would it be possible to change "vest" to an array of classnames?
  5. This is the error I'm getting.
  6. Hey, thank you for the answer man! Although I cannot get this one to work. Do I need to set the Player as _unit in the parameters? Or maybe use _this as Player?
  7. I'm sure they would. I'll make sure to contact them.
  8. OK, just found there's an event handler for this kind of thing, at least to detect a hit. So there might be a way of detecting if the player is hit in the body I suppose. But I cannot figure this one out. The wiki isn't too clear on the subject IMO.
  9. Hello! What would be the easiest way to emulate losing your vest when getting hit? I've been looking around for a simple solution. The gist of it would be: Check if player has a vest on him If player gets hit (if possible; if hit in the body and not arms, legs, etc.) 1 in 20 chance that the vest is "destroyed" and removed from player. Would be nice if there is a simple way of making different chances of this happening for different kinds of vests. For example: a "heavy" vest might be more durable than a lighter one. Thus, harder to lose. Any ideas?
  10. fimpen

    ASR AI 3

    Hello! Long time user of this excellent mod. Now I'm about to configure the skill settings (coefficient) for some factions added by mods, and I just want to make sure I understand correctly: if I set a faction as having a coefficient of 0.7 for example; does this mean that the coefficient will be 0.7 of the settings I have in arma? So if the AI has a skill setting of 0.7 in arma will ASR AI will replace it with 0.7*0.7 (i.e. 0.49) ? Also, is file patching mandatory for arma to use the ASR config? Thanks for all your great work!
  11. Have you thought about joining up with tne "Conflict 85 CUP" team ?
  12. Getting an error and Arma 3 crash when trying to run TPW. Error message pops up as: "Config: some input after EndOfFile". When I look at the Arma 3 Troubleshooting Report the last entries are: File userconfig\TPW_MODS.hpp, line 107: '/TPW_ANIMSPEED_Key_Setting.tpw_hud_asl_txt': Missing ';' prior '}' File userconfig\TPW_MODS.hpp line 108: '.tpw_hud_azt_txt': Missing ';' prior '}' I might add that I downloaded it from armaholic and ran the installer, no problems there, and all the files (addons, userconf) seems to be in the right places.
  13. fimpen

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Wow ... Just wow. Please tell me that AP makes it possible to put the aircraft in an altitude/bank hold. Then ARMA has reached new heights (no pun intended). Locking on to stuff with gravity bombs is silly, yes. But as it stands now you have to basically bomb as in pre-Vietnam times. Carpet bombing with the B-1 is pretty much a guessing game now. Some kind of indicator á la CCIP/CCRP would be nice, it should only be an indication of in what area the bombs will land, nothing precise about it. I think there's actually a CCIP script on armaholic, but I recall that it was quite CPU intense, might want to look into it. Gotta say that this mod and the newly released TGP mod has completely changed ARMA for the better ! Great work guys.
  14. Right. I'm starting to think it might be a lag problem. If no-one else has the same problem that is. Thanks anyway !