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  1. Wow I'm really impresssed with all your models and ideas! And the point du hoc map looks really good! Good luck with all your moddelling and happy new year to all.
  2. FriketMonkey

    Project RACS

    Looks really cool. But would be even better when u added two .50's on the side of that ship...
  3. M10 was not an succesfull tank destroyer. The gun lacked the penetration power compared to the german 88mm or the 17 pounder (achilles/ Firefly tank) used by the British forces. Edit: Still it is a cool tank... and there was a very good one around in OFP, I dont know who made it. But i guess it was John. Here is the ofp download link: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=6389
  4. More planes sound great! Are you also going to rework their flight characteristics. Because the fighterplanes are to sluggish compared to the bombers. Would be nice if they were more agile.
  5. FriketMonkey


    Vilas, I admire you for all your great work and effort but I really disagree with you here. In my opinion flying in ARMA with a fixed wing aircraft is not as difficult as it was in ofp. Certanly not when you use a joystick. Especially when you can up the viewdistance to around 5000m when flying high without a significant frame drop. In ofp you werent able to see this far, and thus was it hard to aproach your target at an good angle. While Arma has some flaws in its flying part. Especially the rudder for choppers and planes. So I think that the aircraft controls are not that bad at all. Dont get me wrong, I dont want to offend you, but I really disagree with you here.
  6. Great job on the mod. The overall quality is average but gameplay wise its very nice. Also really nice to see those hull gunnners kick ass. Some problems. -He 111 bombs itself to death... maby arma flaw? -Fighter planes should be more agile. -Gunner on the Landing boat does not move its gun. I found it very difficult to find your server. Could you post some IP of server using your mod please.
  7. FriketMonkey

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    Really looking forward to the release!
  8. FriketMonkey

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    sounds great
  9. FriketMonkey

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    Wow this mod is getting bigger and bigger. Really nice work, and big thanks for your effort to all people involved. @Rip Will the M3 halftrack with those 4 .50 cals be able to fire quite some round to a target... or will it be the same as in ofp. 4 guns but one fireing barrel. If so it would be nice if the dispersion was high so it kinda looked like more guns. Oh and will tracers be added? I hope u understand me... Cause my english aint the best. Keep on rolling :P
  10. FriketMonkey

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    @Bravo Armed Assault has quite some types of palmtrees. Maby you can use one thats already included into the game?
  11. FriketMonkey

    Vilas' addons

    Thanks for the latest addon packs Vilas. They are great. I'm really like your work, and hope to download the project 85 mod pretty soon to! Big thanks for your work and effort!
  12. FriketMonkey

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    This really depended on the situation. The skill of the crew. The type of terrain. Amount of ammo. etc etc.. So there is no measurment IMO for these engagements, because It depens on so much variables!
  13. FriketMonkey

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    I totally agree with tomahawk. Some simple missions witch could be copied and pasted to your own mission. This will save a lot of time and frustration for rookie mission builders.
  14. FriketMonkey


    Look stunning. I really like your more realistic approuch of adding bundeswehr instead of some guerrilla fighters. Great work!
  15. FriketMonkey

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    Hi rip. Great work on that 109. I dont know if you know IL-2 sturmovik, but that would be a great game to check out the different armed versions of the plane. And looking at their paintschemes you could also "learn" something from their colours and such so you dont have to look all over the net to find the right colours. Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!
  16. FriketMonkey

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    The list looks nice. Not only the heavier tanks but also the more common medium and light tanks. Great job. But may I suggest building a Focke Wulf instead of the ju-88. Because you already have the HE111 on your list, wouldn't it be better if you build another fighter. Especially because they are more versatile. Like you have the fighter and the ground attack versions.
  17. FriketMonkey

    Movie: The true battle of Chernobyl

    Its a movie about the Chernobyl accident. Reminds you of the hazards of nuclear power, and the consequences of a nuclear weapon. It takes up a good 1.30 but it makes you realise the stupidety of nuclear weapons enjoy! Here is the link, just copy and paste: http://video.google.nl/videose....search=
  18. FriketMonkey

    Sukhoi Su-33 and Kuznetsov CV

    Yes ati card. Also white cockpit bug. Still the addon is great!
  19. FriketMonkey

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    @wolfbics The canon you are mentioning is the flak 38. Here is the arma.info link to it. http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?cat=addons&id=218 @rip31st I had a question. Do you have a sort of unit list, of units that are already included in the mod. If so would you be so nice to show us this list, because i'm very interested.
  20. FriketMonkey

    Sukhoi Su-33 and Kuznetsov CV

    Great plane and carrier. That little tug car works like a charm. To bad the cockpit is white though... Anyway thanks for your hard work!
  21. FriketMonkey

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    It would be nice if you changed the parachutes to. Like the once from operation flashpoint. They look a lot older, because these look kinda new for ww2. Great work anyhow.
  22. FriketMonkey

    Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

    Wow, thats something really different compared to the simulation games. Anyway best of luck!
  23. FriketMonkey

    This C&C General MOD called Cold War Crisis

    This mod is really great. Its partially based on ofp, so its a must have for the people around here. I own world in conflict wich takes place in the same time, but this mod is far better in my opinion, gameplay wise. Its not an simple mod tough. The cwc team made their on AI, wich is superb, and it adds loads of new units. The gameplay is also totally different from zero hour. Its about fighting for flags and fuel depots, it may sound strange or surreal but its great fun. INF playes a vital role, without it your armies are useless. The units are also very realistic, not only by looks but also their capabilties. Well nuff said! Just try it out, and you will like it.
  24. FriketMonkey

    Movie: The true battle of Chernobyl

    Thanks for the link sparks50. I will check it out soon!
  25. FriketMonkey

    World in Conflict Map Making Contest

    They also had a mod contest but i never heard anything from it since the start... Anyone knows what happend to it?