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  1. All headtracking axes inside vehicles would be nice. Leaning to the side would be a wonderful thing when making difficult landings and for general orientation. This would totally improve chopperflight and it should be possible without great problems. There already was something like this in ArmA1 by Kegetys based on armalib if I'm not mistaken. Also the simulation of G-forces may be a way. When flying curves then your eyepoint is pushed to the opposite direction. Maybe it can be connected to TrackIR/Freetrack/Whatever.
  2. Amazing! It almost sounds too good to be true :)
  3. Freshman

    ArmA II Stargate Mod

    Great work! Nice to see you are still alive and kicking ;) Keep it on!
  4. Absolutely outstanding! I hope more ppl will take your work as example of how it should be. Keep it on!
  5. Thank you for the nice update. Unfortunately I wasn't able to test it all the way because the first thing I noticed is a huge step back. Why aren't all reflex sights like Aimpoint, EOTech and such working anymore? Its horrible. I loved the previous versions because of the large amount of weapons with working sights. As I read the Changelog I was looking forward to see all CQC sights working as they should. What happened? I want them Back!
  6. Freshman

    SLX MOD public release

    Taken from SLX Readme.
  7. Freshman

    Aushilfes AddOns

    First of all I thought about the working Reflex sight. Its really simple to implement. Just take the SLX XMS and go to Pilot Lod in O2. There you will find a very large cone in front of the sight. Just take this and put it in front of the reflex of your G36. Then remove the Texture of the dot wich is drawn on the lens of the reflex sight. Next point is the magazine. As you already meantioned, it is synchronized with the hand but also you can see the actual amount of ammo left in it and the spring pushing it up. The trigger and magazine release is also animated. I would suggest you to load the SLX mod and have a look at the M4 (the standard one with aimpoint) as this one is of higher quality. The magazine can also be seen to be actually put in again. If you have any further questions concerning the aimpoint write me a pm and I can give you some help. I would really like to see these features on your G36.
  8. Freshman

    Aushilfes AddOns

    Great work. Suggestions: -Use NWD sights for the 3.5x -Remove Zoom for ironsights -Add all possible features of SLX example weapons -Reduce diameter of the Reflex sight
  9. Freshman

    Customfaces too bright

    I have the problem that my customface is too bright ingame and the colors look a bit weird like 16bit. I have an ATI Radeon 1950 pro. Other guys in my squad see the face right and i have heard of many others who have the same problem. Can it be fixed by me via some configurations or is it an issue with ArmA?
  10. Thank you Manzilla for the hint to dl the whole mod... I am overwhelmed
  11. Freshman

    W.i.p. windrunner .50 cal bmg

    I'm really looking forward to see this one ingame. The Windwunner is a nice piece of hardware.
  12. Freshman

    Sako trg-42

    Great work! I hope you will have the same quality of work in all aspects of this addon.
  13. Hmm... Why not? It's most propably the cutest rifle I have ever handled I also heard about some SOPMOD variations of it... As it is not much more than a scaled down M14 - would it be possible to add it as a tiny ( ) Â bonus? I am really looking forward for the next version as the current one is maybe the pack with the best models I have ever seen.
  14. Freshman

    Dsf stargate units

    Looks pretty cool. I am sure they will be outstanding when finished as everything I have seen from you so far. A few modifications on the Vest and that's it. I am really looking forward to the Jaffa guys...
  15. Amazing! Keep it on! I love the textures and all these details.
  16. Freshman

    Rh aks pack 1.0

    Great Pack! Only two suggestions: -Animate more stuff. -Make the Recoil more realistic.
  17. Freshman

    RH Pistol pack 1.5

    Just perfect. There's nothing more to say. Great Work! I am really looking forward to see your next addons.
  18. Freshman

    Tank Fire Control Systems

    Good work! Please check MP compatibility. There are serious bugs in functionality.
  19. Freshman

    Realistic Ballistics

    The Aimpoint is there for fast shooting. As the 5,56x45 has a very flat trajectory, the point of impact does not change very much up to 200m. You also can't adjust it that quickly. You have to take off the covers what takes you at least 15 seconds and then take a coin or a crewdriver to adjust. The benefits of the Aimpoint are unfortunately not present in ArmA but SLX mod will change this.
  20. Freshman

    SJB Weapons Pack

    Looks great! 2 "bugs": The ejection port of the HK53A2 seems to be too small. The Handguard and Silencer of the MP5SD seem to be too thin.
  21. Freshman

    AK-74 or m16?

    As there are many myths about terminal ballistics I give you some (right word missing - just insert one) source: http://www.lima-wiederladetechnik.de/Zielwir....ns.html
  22. Freshman

    AK-74 or m16?

    I can understand this decision because these guys are well trained to take some recoil... But the 7,62x39 is also not that effective... The relation from power to recoil is not good.
  23. Freshman

    AK-74 or m16?

    [i have had some bad experiences with the AK system before] I shot a AK101 a month ago and I have to say that the recoil is much stronger than M16's. The accuracy was ok. Not really good but ok... Its pretty heavy and the handling sucks. The fire selector is crap imho and you can't reload when save . Trigger can't be matched to M16 ones. What I like is the disassembly. No pins at all. Even the bolt head is just locked into the bolt by turning. So far pretty well constructed. The receiver top is rediculous. You can't mount sh*t on this wobbly thing. You need a sidemount and have to drill holes into the body to screw this to the weapon. Ok... newer ones have a preinstalled rail. Problems of the M16 are well known so far but I am someone who likes to keep his weapons nice and clean. I prefer the M16. I would never say that one of both these rifles is better than the other. I just like the M16 more because it matches my demanings on a rifle more than the AK74 (or others).
  24. Freshman

    Ware is SLX?

    There are new features added every day so... No. Please just be pacient.