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  1. El Mariachi

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I can't seem to access doc.rhsmods.org edit: oops looks like its been reported.
  2. Thank You, Das Attorney. The arma3battleye.exe works. Reading the post you linked it looks like -nolauncher -usebe isn't implemented yet.
  3. Ever since the latest update, I get the following error when I try to use a .bat file to connect directly to a server. If I click on agree, the game does relaunch (and loads the mod, and connects to the server) properly. But I don't know how I can get rid of this error. Is there a new startup parameter or something in Arma 3 that has to be configured so this doesn't come up? For reference, here's a sample of the .bat file (with a few things changed) "c:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe" -nosplash -skipIntro -cpucount=4 -maxmem=12288 -connect=server -port=port "-mod=@epoch"
  4. El Mariachi

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey, I went back 20 pages from the end of this thread, I don't know if it has been mentioned before: The M1083 and its variants are listed in your online documentation but are not in the mod. I tried looking for them in the editor and tried manually putting in the classname and it isn't there.
  5. El Mariachi

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Is it possible to update LEA so that it adds all the addon stuff without needing each and every picture to be there? I've never successfully been able to do the addon import for the program- and a lot of the repo's are out of date or just don't work. LEA is awesome at the scripts it imports and I love the options of AI/player/crate stuff, the option to copy/paste loadouts to group or side is incredible...and it works amazing for vanilla ARMA, but I don't have the time to add addons myself piece by piece and I can't rely on the repos to be updated.
  6. I'm pretty sure its working because I call on that mission parameter to determine what vehicles spawn at the beginning in a script.
  7. Just one of the codes above. Why would I need to put an if statement, isn't that 'assumed' in the condition field? At least, that's how I've always assumed it has worked. For example: Place a unit in the editor, name it bob, and have its probability of presence set below 100% then, place a unit in the editor, name it phil, and set the condition to (alive bob) When you test the mission, phil won't spawn unless bob does. You haven't explicitly added an 'if' statement, yet it still works. Unless you're saying something else and I completely miss the point.
  8. I'm trying to get an empty object to be present at mission start if a mission parameter is set to a certain number. I know I'm calling the right parameter because I can do it in other scripts in the mission, I just don't know if the syntax is different for whatever reason in the Condition of Presence field. The Mission Parameter's default is set to 1, so I know that this is the param called in the mission editor when previewing a mission. I've tried the following: ((paramsArray select 1) == 1) paramsArray select 1 == 1 (paramsArray select 1) == 1 The object is never present when I've tried any of the above options.
  9. El Mariachi

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    The mods for HLC Mods (core, m16, MP5, AK, etc) and for the Nato Spetznaz special weapons are all out of date. I've tried adding them through the program but it'll ask me to add a picture or something (for which I just go to default extracted pictures) and then zero things are pulled out of the mod when I try to add to a mission. Do I have to manually edit everything and find a picture for everything? Is there an option anywhere to not overwrite a particular portion of someone's/somethings loadout? For instance, not just a uniform or whatever, but let's say I can't get an addon to play well with LEA, can there be some field to manually enter a classname and not have it change?
  10. I am trying to attach a ladder to a building (ghost hotel) to get from the balcony of the 3rd floor to the roof. What I've first tried is placing the ladder in the editor on the Hotel in the general area I want it to be, and then in the object's init line I tried different setpos. The problem is, no matter what I do, the ladder is always at an angle. If I move it in a certain direction it tilts to the right, another way, it tilts forward, or to the side, depending on object direction and where in the hotel. It is never straight up and down. I mean, placing a ladder so that it is at the right height and near a ledge is tough enough as it is, but the angle is always messed up. I have tried setposATL, setposASL, modeltoworld, and setpos. I've even tried placing the ladder somewhere else and setpos on a marker placed on Ghost Hotel. It still puts the ladder at an angle. I would have also tried attachTo, but I don't know the syntax of attaching an object to something in the world. Any suggestions? For reference of the specific area i'm trying to do this, I created a guy called bob facing 330 and put this in his init: bob setpos (((getpos bob) nearestobject 791114) buildingpos 20); I'm trying to put a ladder in that corner. I've tried the following separately (where 'laddah' is the name of the object placed in editor). Specifically the object is Land_PierLadder_F: laddah setPos [getpos laddah select 0, getpos laddah select 1, 17]; laddah setPosATL (laddah modelToWorld[0,0,17]) laddah setPosATL [getpos laddah select 0, getpos laddah select 1, 17]; laddah setPosASL [getpos laddah select 0, getpos laddah select 1, 40]; laddah setPos [getMarkerPos "ladmark" select 0, getMarkerPos "ladmark" select 1, 17]; None of them seem to work, and I'm sure to someone who knows what they're doing they probably seem redundant but I still can't seem to get it straight up and down. As a last resort, I could try setvectorup but working with those coordinates is a nightmare to me. (changed the one value by a decimal, completely tilted on its side as if I had put in 90 degrees). ---------- Post added at 17:50 ---------- Previous post was at 17:44 ---------- Solved: added laddah setVectorUp [0,0,1]; after setting its position.
  11. Whenever I try to run the script, i keep getting an error saying that it can't find 'anyspectator\specta_events.sqf' I verified the folders are correct, and I couldn't find a single reference to 'anyspectator' in any of the spectator scripts.
  12. Ok, figured it out, thanks for the help. I couldn't get it to work but you put me on the right track, here's the code that works so hopefully this helps anyone else with the question: (assuming the defined param in description.ext is the second param) if (paramsArray select 1 == 1) then {[5,4,true,false] execVM "somescript.sqf"}; I couldn't grasp the missionconfig thing, though, but hey this gets me where I need to be. Thanks again for the help.
  13. I tried searching, and I've tried cracking open different missions for this and no examples seem to work. Basically, I want to a parameter on/off to determine if a script is run. example of params code, in description.ext class RunScript title = "run this or not?"; values[] = {0,1}; texts[] = {"off","on"}; default = 1; In my Init.sqf I've tried this: if (RunScript = 1) then { execVM "thatscript.sqf" }; But that doesn't work. The param is available in the multiplayer screen, and displays correctly, but the script doesn't run. To complicate things, the script has arguments like [5,4,false,1] How would I get that to run for the sqf? Any help?
  14. El Mariachi

    [SP/MP] BegCTI

    Thanks, I got some players together to try this,and this works a bit better than BECTI. One question through: How do you get AT for helicopters? I got the upgrade, but still does not show up for the AH99 edit: also, I can't seem to respawn in an AI unit in my squad
  15. I experience this all the time. This is for multiplayer missions such as King of the Hill and Wasteland. The issue: If I join a server for a mission I have not played before, it loads the mission just fine. However, if I exit the server and join another (or leave that server and re-join) with the same mission, the loading progress bar will get to about 80% at which point it will crash to the desktop. The only remedy I've found so far to fix the issue is to go into my documents/arma 3/saved/mpmissions and delete the mission folder. After doing this, I can launch the game and join the server with no problems. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any other ideas on how to fix it? edit; this has been going on for a while and did not start with the latest patches. I have been experiencing this for over two months.