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  1. Hi there I have some problems using "Detected by OPFOR" in multiplayer. For some reason the trigger triggers differently for the various players in a group. How do I make the trigger trigger only once globally for all players? Thanks.
  2. Espectro (DayZ)

    Submarines and Naval Battles

    Would be nice to have some good old Janes 688i Hunter/Killer type of gameplay ;-). Who's up for a hunt for Red October?
  3. Espectro (DayZ)

    ITV fakes terrorist footage using ARMA II

    Haha, now that's fun ;)
  4. Espectro (DayZ)

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    When I were a drafted soldier in the Danish Army, the equipment we got were not what you would call "new" ;)
  5. Espectro (DayZ)

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    Within the new feature about adding satchels to a vehicle/boat. It would be nice if you could hid the charge more or less depending on how much time setting it takes. For example having 2 options: "Place satchel charge on jeep (10 secs)" "Place satchel charge on jeep behind suspension (25 secs)".
  6. I've been playing the closed beta on my Xbox the last week, and must admit I'm pretty impressed about the possibilities of the engine. It's damn sexy, and the CQB is incredible when thinking about the dynamic destruction of the landscape - I like it :). Looking forward to see how well it plays in open battlefields ;).
  7. Espectro (DayZ)

    ITV fakes terrorist footage using ARMA II

    That's pretty crazy - what on earth were they thinking?!
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    Hi there I see theres control setup for bulldozers, but I haven't managed to find a bulldozer unit in the editor... Is it me who's blind or isn't it there? Cheers :)
  9. Espectro (DayZ)

    Broken Record I know

    It's just not the BIS-style... BIS style is minimum information before launch, minimum information after launch. PR is simply not prioritized in their budget. For all I know, Paul is the only one paid explicitly to do that job, and that's just not much compared to some of the bigger publishers around. Gladly, it doesn't make their games bad (infact they are quiet good), but sadly it does mean that not many people will ever hear about them. The lack of any decent publisher, sadly also mean lousy customer support... For example, although I bought ArmA 2, it was surprisingly only a version that was redownloadable for 1 year which is expired now. That obviously means that I bought a retail product that I cannot legally play now. That obviously also means that I will have doubts buying any game from the same supplier in the future. Too bad, cause it's BIS who is going to loose the money.
  10. Espectro (DayZ)

    Sights are bugged in certain stances

    I disagree - for me crouched position is the most stable and accurate stance.
  11. Espectro (DayZ)

    Actors needed in Comedy Skits

    I'll help you. It sounds like good fun :). My msn name is Michael(at)etool.dk
  12. Espectro (DayZ)

    [COOP]1-7 Attack RADAR

    Hi there Attack RADAR is a 1-7 player coop mission made by me. The plot is to destroy an enemy RADAR with whatever means neccesary (and available). The mission is the spiritual sequeal to a mission I made for OFP called "Save Trosky". Spiritual because it includes, just as "Save Trosky", lot of randomized events such as alternative landing zones, alternative support fire etc. Numerious endings and so on... The mission has one limitation - group leader MUST be either Player or AI (not disabled) - as the scripts uses the group leader. The mission IS very hard - and it is meant to be played seriously with TS etc. You CANNOT beat the mission without teamwork. I hope you enjoy the mission, and any bug etc. you find please report it here. //EDIT, linked to wrong version, plz reedownload. Thanks http://rapidshare.de/files/47667366/_COOP7_Destroy_20RADAR.Chernarus.rar.html Known bugs: C130 sometimes crashes in the beginning on dedicated servers (not on regular servers). It doesn't do anything to the gameplay, but it rather ruins some of the athmosphear a bit with a c130 wreck on the runway, hehe. (The hercules is AI controlled, and is not used by the players.)
  13. Espectro (DayZ)

    Understanding 6 digit map coordinates for dummies help?

    Just read it like you read a coordination system in math ;)
  14. Espectro (DayZ)

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Love it Richie ;)
  15. Espectro (DayZ)

    The Corpsman is a Sailor, not a Marine

    I feel a bit like killing myself after reading this thread...
  16. reinstall drivers and directx9 (new version) - then patch your nvidia drivers with the ArmA2 SLI support patch here: http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/nvidia_sli_profile_patch_uk.html Was that so hard?
  17. Hi there I have a problem in my multiplayer mission - I have a trigger that should occur as soon as BLUFOR detects a vehicle... The problem is, that the trigger triggers on different times for the various players - how do I make it so that when one player spots the vehicle, the triggers triggers for all players on the same time? Cheers!
  18. Espectro (DayZ)

    Multiplayer "Detected by" trigger

    Thx mate, will give it a go :)
  19. Espectro (DayZ)

    Campaign Missions Stall

    Buggy scripting.
  20. Espectro (DayZ)

    Why isnt the English version in English?

    Won't this use much more bandwith?
  21. Espectro (DayZ)

    fiel corrupt ?

    it's the right size... :/
  22. Very nice - I like anti-aliasing - now I can make the game look great without that post-processing crap ;).... Is it just be who is getting tired of the lighting using postprocessing? (Sometimes it's impossible to see your compas for example when having postprocessing enabled). Also - I don't really get any performance hit using AA on GT9800, wohoo... But I can definately see a difference! One more thing, though... BIS you seriously need to take an extra couple of minutes writing your messages and having one message for each exception in your code. The new patch gives an error message "patch 1.02 is already applied".... But it does upgrade your game.
  23. Hi there I'm trying to get kegs spectatorscript to work, but it's not. Does anyone know if he (or anyone) else is trying to get this one implemented into arma2? Cheers :)
  24. How do I export mission from my editor? I only have my raw script files etc. under my useraccount - but cannot for the love of god export my missions. I have both MPMissions and Missions folder in my arma2 dir (on 1.02), but arma won't write to it :(.... In the earlier versions I simply chose to export and e-mail, and then grap the .pbo file there, but now Arma2 for some reason cannot figure out that my default e-mail program is thunderbird :(. So what to do?