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  1. Espectro (DayZ)

    Submarines and Naval Battles

    Would be nice to have some good old Janes 688i Hunter/Killer type of gameplay ;-). Who's up for a hunt for Red October?
  2. Espectro (DayZ)

    ITV fakes terrorist footage using ARMA II

    Haha, now that's fun ;)
  3. Espectro (DayZ)

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    When I were a drafted soldier in the Danish Army, the equipment we got were not what you would call "new" ;)
  4. Espectro (DayZ)

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    Within the new feature about adding satchels to a vehicle/boat. It would be nice if you could hid the charge more or less depending on how much time setting it takes. For example having 2 options: "Place satchel charge on jeep (10 secs)" "Place satchel charge on jeep behind suspension (25 secs)".
  5. I've been playing the closed beta on my Xbox the last week, and must admit I'm pretty impressed about the possibilities of the engine. It's damn sexy, and the CQB is incredible when thinking about the dynamic destruction of the landscape - I like it :). Looking forward to see how well it plays in open battlefields ;).
  6. Espectro (DayZ)

    ITV fakes terrorist footage using ARMA II

    That's pretty crazy - what on earth were they thinking?!
  7. Espectro (DayZ)

    Broken Record I know

    It's just not the BIS-style... BIS style is minimum information before launch, minimum information after launch. PR is simply not prioritized in their budget. For all I know, Paul is the only one paid explicitly to do that job, and that's just not much compared to some of the bigger publishers around. Gladly, it doesn't make their games bad (infact they are quiet good), but sadly it does mean that not many people will ever hear about them. The lack of any decent publisher, sadly also mean lousy customer support... For example, although I bought ArmA 2, it was surprisingly only a version that was redownloadable for 1 year which is expired now. That obviously means that I bought a retail product that I cannot legally play now. That obviously also means that I will have doubts buying any game from the same supplier in the future. Too bad, cause it's BIS who is going to loose the money.
  8. Espectro (DayZ)

    Sights are bugged in certain stances

    I disagree - for me crouched position is the most stable and accurate stance.
  9. Espectro (DayZ)

    Actors needed in Comedy Skits

    I'll help you. It sounds like good fun :). My msn name is Michael(at)etool.dk
  10. Espectro (DayZ)

    Understanding 6 digit map coordinates for dummies help?

    Just read it like you read a coordination system in math ;)
  11. Espectro (DayZ)

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Love it Richie ;)
  12. Espectro (DayZ)

    The Corpsman is a Sailor, not a Marine

    I feel a bit like killing myself after reading this thread...
  13. reinstall drivers and directx9 (new version) - then patch your nvidia drivers with the ArmA2 SLI support patch here: http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/nvidia_sli_profile_patch_uk.html Was that so hard?
  14. Espectro (DayZ)

    Multiplayer "Detected by" trigger

    Thx mate, will give it a go :)