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  1. Yep, works like a charm! 🙂
  2. Sry, I should've looked first; the idea with layers should work: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getMissionLayerEntities
  3. Hm, do you know of any other possibility to quickly select a bunch of placed objects? Can I delete Eden layers via script?
  4. Is it possible to use the Eden IDs inside scripts? If I want to delete a whole bunch of objects via trigger for instance? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_ID This Number remains the same even after saving and loading the scenario. -> so this seems to be the "safest" way to do that, but: _nObject = [0,0,0] nearestObject 123456; doesnt work(?)
  5. LOL, not a bad idea 😄 stupid me, thx!
  6. Sry, I should've written it more clearly... the code to "awaken" / enabling the enemies work. But disabling the AI won't keep planes on the ground; even with "MOVE", "SAFE", "TARGET", "AUTOTARGET", "AUTOCOMBAT", "WEAPONAIM" disabled, they will take off and attack you. Everything else seems to work just fine.
  7. A) Ok, I've tinkered with it a bit... disabling simulation on a (group of) Man or on a Vehicle in Eden, then enabling simulation via trigger works (I wrongly used foreach units before) Code to enable: _Obj = [Opfor_AATurrent1, Opfor_AATurrent2, Opfor_AATurrent3, Opfor_AATurrent4]; { _x enableSimulationGlobal true; }forEach _Obj; B) Disabling the AI works too, although it's a bit more trouble (but at least the enemy can be destroyed) Men group has variable name disable ANIM Code to enable: { _x enableAI "ANIM"; }forEach units GrpMen; Vehicle Group behaviour = SAFE Unit variable name Crew disable AI = "MOVE", "SAFE", "TARGET", "AUTOTARGET", "AUTOCOMBAT", "WEAPONAIM"; Code to enable: _Obj = [Opfor_AA1, Opfor_AA2, Opfor_AA3, Opfor_AA4]; { { _x setBehaviour "AWARE"; _x enableAI "TARGET"; _x enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _x enableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; _x enableAI "WEAPONAIM"; }forEach units _x; }forEach _Obj; This works for tanks and choppers; but not for planes!?! Any ideas why that might be the case and more importantly, what to do about it / change?
  8. Thanks mate! I'm sorry it took so long to respond... I somehow never find enough time for Arma3 as I'd like or hope 😞 1) I don't have a trigger to enable them yet (as I haven't found a way to disable them^^) 2) well... actually that's the name of the groups 3) behaviour? good call, gonna try that next! 4) will look into that, thx!
  9. Nope, unfortunately not; but I am gonna try it again and see what's what. Thx for your help!
  10. I want to place enemies "disabled" and enable them (with their orders, waypoints etc) on a trigger. But whatever I do, they attack me! I've tried: Special States > Simulation = disabled // these are group names: _StaticEnemies = ["Opfor_AA", "Opfor_SAM", "Opfor_Radar", "Opfor_Helicopters", "Opfor_JetAA", "Opfor_JetAG", "MGI3475"]; { { _x enableSimulationGlobal false; }forEach units _x; }forEach _StaticEnemies; this disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; this disableAI "TARGET"; this disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; disabling "DynamicSimulation" in mission setting I'm at a complete loss whatelse I could try.... Thanks in advance!
  11. Sorry to necro such an old thread, but as this still is a very neat solution, how would I have to change it to only activate on vehicles? The "Condition" must be changed, but I have not found out how to test for a vehicle... { if (vehicle _x != _x) then { this; } else { systemchat format ["%1 NOT a vehicle", _x]; }; }forEach thisList;
  12. yes; the Tanoa SVG looks like that in every program. I've tried using an online tool to convert the Atlis SVG to PNG (as GIMP wouldn't even open that large one) and the website generated a ~650mb file which too, cannot be opened in any program... I'm gonna try with Illustrator trial next
  13. Startis and Malden work without a hitch, but: Tanoa only exports with a glitch: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2335326559 Altis and Livonia on the other hand cannot be opened in GIMP!? -> "XML parse error - cannot load more than 200000 XML elements" Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. @Harzach Thanks; on that link was the function I looked for! First you have to enable DevBuild of Arma3 in Steam, start the "arma3diag_x64.exe" and then you can export maps as SVG (very large!) with this command: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/diag_exportTerrainSVG And then you can open it in GIMP and do whatever you like 🙂