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  1. Hi there! Game settings: UEC Islands = 0% APA Islands = 100% Enemy Strength = 50% Startup Ressources = 50% Islands Output Rate = 50% Initial Technology = 1 I've just tried several times to start this game. I managed to capture a view islands, after which the enemy carrier attacked one of mine. Now, I succeeded in getting him to flee (and destroying his Uber-Mantas), but now I have no "weak/strong" island to conquer anymore... there are only "very strong" ones and the enemy does not only have way more and stronger units, he also has like the best tech! He is flying around with strong-armored mantas equipped with plasma or laser guns and some missiles!? WTF? I've practically no tech on my own and have to defeat him with just machine guns? That would even work, wouldn't it be for this stupid missiles... and flares it seems do NOTHING (which I already have) :-( Anyway, if I set the "Enemy Strength" in the starting options to "Weak", does that mean the enemy stays weak for the whole game? I wouldn't want that, I just need him to be a little more manageable at first (having more or less the same equipment, and not machine guns vs. missiles) Thanks, dlder
  2. Man, I think this game is awesome! Great graphics and more importantly awesome music and cool, real, punchy sounds (like distant shells exploding with distorting sounds and such). Gameplay is also quite thrilling; a little better AI overall (especially enemy and own Walrusses) would have helped, but hey: nothing's perfect^^. Ok, the FPS missions are a little weak, but in the grand scheme of an RTS its just like C&C-Renegade (another game I totally like because of the fluent RTS/FPS transition). But what I guess would be the best approach, other then "just" a sequel, would be to expand on it; like FPS gameplay and it's scale from ArmA3 combined with the RTS elements from CC => the best game ever :-) thx (I'll go back playing CC^^)
  3. Hi, first off I want to say that I'm quite impressed with the "Zub" mission (didn't yet try the other one). A lot of great firefights, AI skirmishes and tight encounters with way to much enemy troops (which had to be killed of course^^^), but I do have to point out 2 things: Napa-HQ: a little more ingame-info on how the mission system works would be great; or just bigger, brighter markers. After they told me to go to the HQ in Black Mountain I searched the whole map for this god-forsaken hill and just couldn't find it. So I searched the internet and came to some dayz site with "infos" on locations. But nowhere did I find where those mountains should be. Luckily I found a forum post somewhere stating the north-eastern most NAPA site: and there I saw that little orange HQ marker... AntiAir Task: now this is REALLY bugged! After destroying all enemy AA and Artillery on my way down - I was lucky and could capture a BMP2^^ - and a quick visit to the "depot", I was left with the last black circle in the south-west. There I found a Shilka and disposed of it. But the circle is still here!? I drove around, ran around and even found an empty helicopter with which I flew around in and around this black circle; but there is NO AntiAir to be found anywhere!! Are there - as I read somewhere - 2 AA vehicles in this area? Where!??? Is it possible to, like, load the savegame into a map-viewer/editor, so I could see this damned hidden vehicle? Or is it just bugged and the circle including the task should already be cleared? (I don't really think so, 'cause all other tasks where finished without a hitch -> good work!) SaOk, I hope you - or anyone else - can help me out. I'm now doing the side mission to capture Drozhino and then Zelenogorsk, so I'm moving through the terrain (again!) where this ominous AA should be. Maybe (hopefully) I will encounter it now, but I'm not really optimistic anylonger :-(
  4. And here am I thinking that's a problem only I have... I'm well into 100h of ArmA2 gaming, but MAN, this mission is overly brutal! I was real happy about myself after destroying the first view waves of APC/BTRs (and some soldiers in between:p), after which I could venture out and capture my first 2 towns (alone, 'cause the AI in this scenario is just too dumb to do anything, except manning the defenses I built - and yes, I'm giving my money to the lazy and incapable AI). And then all hell broke loose with 2x T90 and 2x T72 rolling up my arse, re-capturing my towns, while I'm on my way to another enemy strongpoint. :eek: (battling with APCs spawning like wild hogs while I'm at it) I thought: what gives? WTF? I took over command, but I couldn't build a factory? So I have no armor with which I could destroy those tanks. :butbut: Ok, I'm about finished RPG-ing the hell out of 'em :D, but then I realized all the red Xes in my tasks... WHAT? Should I - playing practically alone - be able to finish all mission objectives in like 20min or so? Yesterday I tried it for about 5 hours (with LOTS of reloading^^) and wasn't nearly at the enemy base. So, the main question remains: will this mission eventually get re-written? I mean, I'm all for this "we are underground guerilla fighter" play style but this takes time!! If I would've got a few platoons of Abrahm tanks, I would just roll over the enemy, but that's not gonna happen with a single team using a view RPGs :cool: As a side note: now that I finished every mission of Arma2 (and addons), are there any noteworthy singleplayer missions or even campaigns one could recommend? I would be especially interested in something like an "all Chernasus or Takistan" warfare/conquest mode. But of course with a whole lot more units battling it out in the air, with armor and soldiers fighting on the ground... just a single, huge battlefield where one can play for hours, with multiple ingame days, so one can choose to be a SpecOp at night and a A10 pilot at daylight. Man, I have a dream.... :-) Thanks in advance!
  5. Dlder

    Bonus Mission "EW"

    No, not using any mods; well, I'm running mixed Arma2-Retail + OA-Steam = Combined Operaions, but other than that... Anyway, thx for the info; maybe I'll try again tonight cheers
  6. Hi first of all: this mission rocks! I totally enjoyed it and until now it was the finest and creepiest mission (don't know about AO yet). But unfortunately at the end, when everyone has to pick straws, the copilot got the shortest one and says something like he doesn't accept it and is going to kill me. Everyone else points their gun at him and then it just stays like that. The game doesn't freeze or anything; I and the others still jiggle a little bit but thats that. No one shoots and I can't do anything 'cause I'm still in "movie mode" (meaning there are still the black bars top/bottom of the screen). Could you tell me what happens next? Or point me to a video? Or better yet, tell me how to resolve this problem? :rolleyes: I searched the net but only found to other posibillities: Endless Waiting - You pick the shortest Escape Way - Another picked the shortest Thanks in advance,
  7. No, I'm looking at real-time usage on all 4 cores directly (with Aida64 on my Logitech keyboard-LCD). And I disabled hyper-threading 'cause it was said it would help (and because only four cores were used anyway).
  8. Ok, so more MHz DO mean something in this game. I can accept that fact. But am I missing something here, or why is it that OCing the CPU helps, even if the processor is never fully utilized? I mean, if the CPU burns at 90-100% (on all cores if the app is multi-threaded, which Arma2 seems to be), overclocking surely does help. Naturally. But otherwise... :confused:
  9. Thanks guys! "stock speed on a 920 is 2.6 GHz, and there you would definitely be limited." (2.8GHz with turbo) "TON of scripting and AI running about" If that would be true, why are the CPUs only used about 40-50% ? And why does overclocking the cpu not help? "I would also recommend an SSD" Yep, already have :-) Just didn't mention it, 'cause it doesn't really help "on mission", when the level and all the textures are loaded (which at least doesn't really take all that long^^) "Benchmark" I did some testing after I got my second GPU (link to data): with the setting I'm playing now - except now I have "Normal" (=4x?) SSTSAA enabled - I got 46 FPS. Well anyway, I'm nearly finished with the default ArmA2 campaign and it seems this 20 FPS problem was only in this second free-roam mission. Because after that (and before too), I'm running at 30-40 FPS (with drops into the twenties) and so I can play it quite smoothly now :bounce3: And now the GPUs (and CPUs) are more heavily used: 50-90% (~ 40-65%).
  10. Hi there! As pretty much everybody I too have low FPS... I currently play the Arma2 singleplayer campaign from Combined Operations and I'm in the second free-roam-mission where I get about 20 FPS in the country/woods and only about 15 in cities... (the first free-roam performed better!? - haven't watched that closely) And the weird thing is: the SLI is working but both GPUs aren't used to capacity (only to about 40-50%) So one would think it's the CPU, but (HT disabled) I get about 40-50% evenly distributed on all cores :-\ This seems to explain, why OCing the CPU to 3.8GHz with 1600MHz@CL7 doesn't help at all (maybe smoother gameplay not noticeable alone through Fraps/FPS). And the weirdest part of it all: it doesn't matter what I try to change/lower, I just don't get more FPS / smoother gameplay... nVidia driver settings don't matter. (see driver settings below) Ingame-Settings don't matter either (for the most part): PostProcessing: Very High -> Disabled = +0 FPS HDR: High -> Normal = +0 FPS Shadow: Very High -> Disabled = +0 FPS AA: High -> Disabled = +0 FPS AF: Very High -> Disabled = +0 FPS Texture: Very High -> Disabled = +0 FPS Object: Very High -> Very Low = +0/1 FPS Terrain: Very High -> Very Low = +0/1 FPS Resolution: 150% -> 100% -> 75% = +2 -> +0 FPS (100% = 1920x1200) The only setting that helps at least a little bit is Visibility. But to gain playable 30-40 I would have to change from 3600 to about 500 (which in my oppinion is pretty much useless). So I'm settling somewhere in between for a minimal improvement. Windows 7: Aero -> Classic = +0 FPS So, after all this fooling around, the only thing I CAN conclude is: the Arma2-Engine is extremely un-optimized. Neither the CPU nor the GPU(s) are fully "exploited" :( Is there NOTHING one can do? Some magic trick like setting the pagefile to exactly 3.192.549 KB :bounce3: Arma2 CO -------- Arma2 Retail v1.10 Arma2-OA v1.59 My PC ----- i7-920 Stock (or 3.8GHz) 6GB-1066 (or 1666) 2x GTX580 Stock (or Single) Bios ---- Turbo enabled HT disabled (or enabled) nVidia v280.26 -------------- Ambient Occlusion = Quality (or Off) Aniso = Application AA Gamma Correction = On AA = Application Transparency = 4x SuperSample (or MultiSample or Disabled) GPU = Max Performance CUDA = All Max pre-rendered frames = 3 Multi-display = Single Display Power Management = Performance SLI = nVidia neg. LOD = Clamp Texture Quality = High Quality (or Low Quality) Threaded Optimization = Auto (or Off) Triple Buffering = On VSync = Application SLI = Enabled PhysX = Auto
  11. Dlder

    "blood, sweat & tears" hanging

    Yes, tried to restart it several times; even played "the other guy" (not the SpecOps). I hate that; even more so because this mission is quite cool! btw: thx for replying^^ Well; I'll probably try it again tonight...
  12. Dlder

    "blood, sweat & tears" hanging

    Come on, nobody? Pllleeeasse
  13. Hi, I know there are some topics about this mission, but I'm not asking for any "how to's". I've finished the "airport" part after which a cutscene is displayed. In it you see your character looking up at the sky, watching a bomber/fighter fly over you; next you see the "Spec Ops Guy" looking at an enemy base with the aircraft dropping 2 bombs on it. After that you see some different scenes with the burning camp, burning trucks and infrantry runnning around. So far, so good. But then you'll get to see a fly-by of a hill, just seeing the gras moving in the wind. And that was it. The cutscene just hangs; and with it the mission  Here is a pic, at which the cutscene hangs; if requested, I could make a video. Hopefully, someone can help me; maybe I have to fix some scripting problems in this mission? Thanks dlder PS: I have Arma Gold /w patch 1.14