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  1. When I host a server, sometimes my mates will have to download a map. I would assume this only applies to custom maps I've subscribed to in the Steam Workshop. But, if we play the same map later, they have to re-download it. I have some memories of games where, after downloading a map from the host, you've got it forever. I'm guessing that's not happening in Arma 3. Would it help if my mates subscribe to the same custom maps as myself? Can someone clarify this whole area for me?
  2. It sounds to me like you're trying to evaluate Arma 3 based on your experience with other shooters... like Arma 3 might be a good shooter but it's just not polished like other games. If that is your thought, I don't think it's a good approach. Arma 3, as mentioned, is a military simulation so you really can't compare it to any other combat game on the market. It's simply a very different gaming experience. I played Insurgency a lot (before starting Arma 3) and had a blast with it. Now that I'm in "Arma Mode", it's hard to imagine going back to Insurgency without dubbing it a twitch shooter (though a VERY good one). In Insurgency, you can succeed by being a serious "bad ass". In Arma, you succeed because your squad mates provided you with good flank security and communicated well with you. IMHO, in Arma, your primary goal is to perform as an effective squad with your secondary goal being to kill tangoes (or whatever the objective). As stated, Arma is a whole other beast. If I'm preaching to the choir, my bad. But yeah, there are some great mods to bring more "polish" to the game.
  3. desertjedi

    ArmA2, how do I even play?

    I hear you Knight. I've been away from Arma II for a couple of years. The only shooters I've played in that time are games like Vegas 2. When I picked up Arma 2 last weekend, it was like my character was fat, slow and suffering from an alcoholic buzz. The first thing I did was to set "Head Bob" to zero - that's a must. I played a solo domination map against AI at night. I did so bad that I almost starting laughing. But I finally started using tactics and acting like a soldier would in real life and started getting a MUCH better kill/death ratio. The thing about Arma is that it's the only shooter (I think) where an attempt at realism is made by noticeably messing with the control of your reticule and the control of your body. With A2, I was having trouble lining up shots. With Vegas 2, I was like a Spec Ops God! It can be quite aggravating but what would Arma be if you had the instantaneous and perfect gunsight and body control of most other games? Not only would it not be Arma, but it wouldn't be much anything special. My ability to shoot tangoes running laterally to me even at short-medium range was pretty terrible but then again, so would it be in real life - even with some training. In other games, you can pick off any visible AI almost instantly. And that gets boring. But on the other hand, when I ran out of ammo and sat there helpless, I watched a tango drop to his knee, line up his shot on me and slowly and methodically shoot me. And my thought was that he is just as slow as I am to get a good shot off. And that scenario represents real life way more than a game like Vegas 2 - which I can say after playing for years, is a bit cartoonish in comparison. Arma is all about thinking and acting like a real soldier. Yeah, I'd love for some of the character transitions to be faster (there's mods for that) but I understand why things are as they are. Most of us here have found a way to play and enjoy Arma 2 with all the frustrations you've encountered. Hope you stick with it using the forums for help and find what makes Arma different from all the other shooters.
  4. desertjedi

    WARMOD release

    Congratz, Gunter! I hope you get the internet situation resolved soon!
  5. desertjedi

    Insurgent Airfield CO10

    Not sure if it's because the mission came out before the latest patches or what but this mission has a severe problem with "revive". If you are shot and incapacitated, the revive script kicks in but within a few seconds, the game says "All players are unconscious, mission failed" or something like that. The medic will actually come and heal you and while you're being healed, the mission will end. This happens every time I play the mission. If I chose the "no revives" option, the game will actually end about 30 seconds after it starts. I trying playing plain vanilla with Arma 2 and Arma 2 CO. Same results. Something is majorly bugged. This is a major bummer because from the small amount I've played of it, it's the best mission I've tried so far in A2!!! Awesome infantry combat!!!
  6. desertjedi

    You know when you have played too much ArmA

    I had to describe some beefy metal rear speaker stands I own to a friend and the shaft is a very wide tube. So I told him the width of the speaker stand support was pretty much like that of an RPG-7. Nothing else came to mind. It seemed like a strange comment to both of us.
  7. desertjedi

    Just got my GTX460...New Game...!

    I had the MSI GTX 460 with the awesome Cyclone cooler (great cooling and VERY quiet) and was able to get 900Mhz stable on the GPU. I now have a GTX 570 and found that it overclocks very well too. With tools like MSI Afterburner, GPU overclocking is very easy compared to CPU overclocking. Often its just a matter of bumping up the voltage in very small increments and finding out what's stable/unstable and what leads to too much heat. Keep in mind that overclocking both RAM and video RAM leads to very little increase in performance. And, you can kill both by applying too much voltage. I usually leave my system memory at TOTALLY stock settings and overclock my video RAM a little bit. I run my E8500 at 4.0Ghz. And from what I've heard, the E8400 is usually good for about 3.8Ghz. CPU overclocking can be very complicated and one should do a good amount of research before doing it and pick the brains of guys on forums dedicated to overclocking.
  8. desertjedi

    You know when you have played too much ArmA

    ...when you're about to get a new PC at work and you go to clean up the old one's hard drive and you find WAY more Arma files than anything work-related. :D
  9. desertjedi

    Install Last and Final Arma Patch 1.18

    Yes, let's all get on the same page...v1.18 it is!
  10. desertjedi

    A2WarMod Release

    Günter, congratulations on this incredible compilation/creation of mods for Arma 2! You are a true fan of the game and understand that Arma 1/2 can be so much more than its "stock" experience. I look forward to checking this out. If anyone can recommend some co-op missions that really showcase the strengths of this mod, please do.
  11. Hebrew Hammer, I saw your other post and would strongly advise you choose that third PC with i5 and the GTX 460. It's a MUCH better investment than those other rigs. Since it's an IBUYPOWER, I'd hope that just about everything on it would be upgradable - I would think there'd be ZERO proprietary parts or strange bioses in it that would prevent upgrades. I just had my hands on a GTX 460, the MSI Cyclone 1GB one. It had the best cooler I've ever seen on a video card but it's performance was not a big enough jump over my GTX 260 so I ended up returning it. I was suprised...I had it completely stable up to 900Mhz on the GPU but it still wasn't worth it for me. I think a GTX 460 would be a fine card for A2/OA. BTW, not sure which GTX 460 you're referring to, but the 1GB is worth getting over the 768MB one.
  12. desertjedi

    Constant BSOD in OA

    That's one hefty overclock, Pipe! Are you overclock-savvy or did you just buy it all tweaked out without expecting (or knowing how) to change any of the settings? The first thing you have to do is to put your i5 at stock settings and see if the problem goes away. Even though OA is the only app giving you trouble, your OC may still be the problem. Often, only a few, specific apps give you trouble when OC'ed. For example, I could game forever at 4Ghz on my E8500 but I could not even start any sort of backup application. Note that if you do change your bios settings, you may not remember all the values you need to put it back the way it was. Who knows what tweaks were done. If you find that the problem is gone, you may still be able to OC but maybe not as much as 1Ghz. WOW - there's a blast from the past! Looking at the "details" of the device under Device Manager, I think, will show you the IRQ being used. EDIT - Wow, I just looked at your BSOD...that looks like some heavy duty s#%* that line about a clock interrupt not being received. Bets are now being taken on it being your overclock.
  13. desertjedi

    arma 1 is still laggy

    But you know you should never pay attention to that, right? With a 6800, you'd be lucky to play Solitaire on High Details.
  14. desertjedi

    Crashes after some time

    Sounds like your video card is overheating - but still a guess. My second guess would be a weak power supply but it sounds more like a heat problem. So, I'm in agreement with Gunter.
  15. desertjedi

    Need Help Can't Install The Game

    As ShadowY said, sometimes certain DVD readers will not work with certain game disks. The trick is simply to find one that does. When you said the game installs on another PC just fine, that's the first thing that comes to my mind.