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    playing the Bajo Sexto and Enjoying good old norteno music, i also play the acordeon once in a while and hopefully will join a band <br><br>Arriva Nuevo Leon !!!! Y Mexico Tambien !!! ajuaaaa!!!
  1. WW4 Modpack 1

    true that...these units are awsome and dont make my computer lag !!! keep the work going Sanctuary,,hope to see the update soon!! for the Everon unaligned it would be nice to give them french vehicles, its just a suggestion,,,keep the work going Sanctuary!
  2. ok how do i make the briefing appear? and what the objectives are ? i also want to put pictures in the briefings just like in some of the ofp missions and campaings. how can you also access to, what weapons the team can choose?.. please also someone help me with the objectives !!!! how to put them in the briefing and how to check or mark them as failed!!!! also how can i put all my missions to a campaing ! im becoming a better mission maker but i need help on that ! please someone explain to me better ! PM me or just type it through here Patience please i know many have posted this topic but come on!! i need help with this !!
  3. WW4 Modpack 1

    sanctuary would you be releasing more units with your future update? So far Great Job, Keep it going !
  4. WW4 Modpack 1

    so far the best modern mod released ever !! downloading !! thanks Sanctuary !!! So theres more units to be released
  5. PROJECT: Operation Hazard

    ok guys andd girl i finished some 6 missions,,they are full of action and fun...they are not all that profesional,,but they work.... ok you start as a Conscript in the Nogovan Army,,then if some one helps me youll be able to choose either officer school or special forces school (Ranger) i have 2 missions done aswell for the rangers ! need to work on the officer now !! Description: OK its the Nogovan Army Vs Everon Cartel !! and in some missions youll be supported by the Nogovan Police (DMX POLICE) Roadkill your units are amazing !!!!! ok addons that you are going to need are: 1.roadkills nagovan infantry 2.ffur-slx 07 (best played) or better 3.Vilas police and rebel pack 2.5 and2.0 4. Bm59 rifle pack and Ar70 pack 5. H2 pack 6. Mercedez benz 7. DMX police ----------------------------------------- thats all i can think of  ok remember im not that of an expert on mission editing and plus these missions are in beta stages,,,its like a teaser ! how do you upload them to here though ?? Roadkill Send me a PM so i can send you the missions to you and maybe you can modify them a little and add stuff to them !!!  Can someone help me find something that has to do with drugs in ofp and money pleaaseeeee  and if you can find me a pack with civilians armed or atleast teach me how to add weapons to civilians. i might just release them single cause i dont know how to put them together in one ! and i dont know how to allow you to choose weapons in the beginning  as soon as i finish the officer missions and the Rangers mission...im going to move the battlefield into Textel Island Everons Cartel Second Stronghold (((along wiht Everon island which is first)))... What to expect in Textel island: since it was abandoned and later annexed by Nogovan Goverment,,,the Goverment will launch Operations in Textel mainland against the Second in command of the Everon Cartel known as the "Coke Baron"...The "Coke Baron" has a Strong and Protective Militia(Tanks,APC's,Helicopters,BOats) + Local Police under his payroll and His Deadly Gunmen(also seen in Nogovan missions)..
  6. Nogovan Light Infantry Addon Pack 3.0

    the link is dead or not working !!
  7. FFUR'85 (2008 edition)

    sorry for posting it here,,,but does anyone knowwhat the Target for FFur-SLx is,,,cause i cant find the exe for it !!! someone help me please !! all i want is to play FFUR-SLX !!!
  8. Ford F350 Super Duty pickup

    omg !!!!!! nice truck ,,though i would prefer a Chevy! lol 5 stars to the addon !

    these are some of the best islands ive seen !
  10. Villains

    so this pack contains 3 units ? hitler and hussein and binladen ??
  11. Addons by Chris.87

    nice addon Cris ! looking foward on using it for my present project !
  12. Urban Marines

    these are nice for some zombie missions ! might look foward to this units....maybe a future Zombie project,,,after i finish my present project !
  13. Texel Island

    nice island,,im using it on my upcoming campaing !!!
  14. PROJECT: Operation Hazard

    Walter_E_Kurtz: mmm never seen those,,,,they look good so which ones should i use those or these http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=7628
  15. Nogovan Light Infantry Addon Pack 3.0

    nice roadki11 !!!! i was wondering what vehicles the nogovan armed forces will be using can you tell me please?? your units are vital for my missions !