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  1. CorePatch_AntiProne breaks AI behaviour. AI's will get stuck in Prone position for no reason, it happens to 80% of the ai's. Happens both in singleplayer, campaign and multiplayer (warfare) Always happen when they go to combat mode (reported targets), seen whole groups stay in prone, a few from a squad, and even single ai's, slowing the whole game down. When it happens on AI i control, they also ignore aware/danger/safe, they stay in prone unless you tell them to stand up, but then you have to keep managing his stance. Also triggers AI's far away from combat (on my control)
  2. I have this same problem when I have "MIPMAP Detail Level" On high performance in Catalyst Control center, Try increasing it if its in high performance. Check this image to see what i mean : http://img.techpowerup.org/111111/1622.png Or maybe its called Texture filter quality on your end : http://i.imgur.com/RQ1cD.jpg See if those are on performance mode, if so increase them. Hope this works for you.
  3. What graphics card you have, ATI or NVIDIA?
  4. daleyg

    Arma 2 OA mortar

    You also need a Tripod bag to assemble the mortar. Drop one of the bags on the ground, then put the other in your inventory and aim on the bag you just dropped, you will get an option to deploy the mortar. * you can only carry one bag in your inventory, so you will need storage (vehicle) or a buddy to carry the other bag.
  5. daleyg

    Warfare BE

    On what altitude AIR will show on map, for anti air radar?
  6. Thanks buddy, I will use that to contact directly. :)
  7. Hi, I also have a GMG version of ARMA2, the key they provide is the same as in register. How to convert this key so it will accept in steam?
  8. daleyg

    Warfare BE

    Does anybody know whats the difference between this setting in the parameters? TOWNS: Capture Mode (Camps) : Units Threshold and Classic. Thanks
  9. Same problem here, sometimes I can get my FPS back up when I flush, or ALT-Tab and tab back in. Or Taskmanager and change priority to high and tab back in, my fps suddenly good again. it just doenst last too long very annoying.
  10. Hello, I just started playing this Great memory's. Currently im stuck on the mission "Information" Mission 9 of resistance campaign. I need to get in the farmhouse to overhear conversation, But I think the cutscene isnt getting triggered. managed to get inside one of these houses undetected but nothing happens, also went around the corner just beside them. Have been trying for an hour now with no succes, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I'm playing this in combination with CBA and JSRS soundmod. *EDIT* got it working this time, had to hug the wall in northern corner. I think one of the officers needs better placement though im clearly in his line of sight whenever triggering the cutscene, even though he wont see you if you crawl slowly.
  11. Hi, With the newest version 1.1 I can only see chat message's typed in global, Was able to see everything with the previous versions. Also I've read you can now see the score/death etc through Rcon, mine still says ?. This was tested on a stock ARMA2 1.11 server, OS : Windows XP
  12. Double tap foward to sprint (default)
  13. daleyg

    In game VOIP does not work

    No I did this once, this is what I did; fired up vent and configured all my settings, Joined a vent server then fired up arma and joined my server. then I found out Ingame voip suddenly worked for some reason. Now I dont have to start up vent for it to work anymore, VOIP ingame works all the time without running TS, vent etc. Strange but true.
  14. daleyg

    In game VOIP does not work

    Yes there is a indication of speech, your name and other players names will show up beside the icon representing you/they are currently talking. I also had this issue for a while I fixed it by starting up ventrilo(joined a vent server also) before launching the game, this magicly fixed my ingame voip issue I had for ages.
  15. Maybe you typed something by accident in filter options?
  16. I get exactly this, My GPU is a HD4890 1GB. Need to put video memory to very high to keep the game stable, with video memory on very high usage never exceed 800MB, but the game keeps running stable and I also flush whenever possible. When I put it on default it will go all the way to 1024, whenever it reaches this point after a couple minutes my screen will go black 'receiving' in an endless loop. I've been playing around with -maxvram parameter but it doenst work for me, tried different values like 896,1024 etc but this command gets ignored. ; Please See this post : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?138584-maxVRAM-does-not-work&highlight=maxvram+work I get exactly the same results. Is the -maxvram param working for you guys?
  17. Nice tool! Just started using it to aquire the latest ACE mod, server browser is also a big plus for me I like it. But one question about the browser, Is there a way to filter out DAYZ servers only? Thanks!
  18. daleyg

    Can't Join any Servers on Arma 2

    This maybe, i've seen several people including me with this problem before. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?129168-HOTFIX-resolves-ARMA-2-version-1-11-Wrong-signature-for-file-dta-languagecore-pbo like SnowSky said, You can confirm if this is the problem by letting ur friend connect and see what you're getting kicked for. If its says something with Languagecore, then you need to download this fix.
  19. daleyg

    Microphone Not Working

    I had this problem for a long time untill I installed and used VENTRILO. My mic never worked ingame just like you, then one day I alt-tabbed while ingame and started up Ventrilo in order to use voice com. Suprisingly when I did this, the Ingame voice suddenly worked for some reason. Since i done that i never had this problem again! and I dont need to run ventrilo anymore either.. my mic now works all the time. try this. it might work for you aswell, very strange but true! PS, Im on a router and din't forward any ports, and this was tested on ARMA2. Recently i've also been playing arrowhead and can confirm my mic also works in OA!
  20. Same here, I think theres no way around that, only the player who launch it can see the effect. But radiation still works for everybody. Also we use this on a Warfare server, When fire a nuke in a town, the Nuke will destroy town DEPOTS, makeing it unable to capture. Can this be altered so it wont destroy depots?
  21. daleyg

    Command view.

    Sorry for the late response. I thank you all for the feedback, and I placed my vote. Hopefully we will get to seethis option!
  22. Hello all, I'm wondering how I can disable/disallow command view on server. Many players abuse this to find bases etc. I have seen some servers with this function disabled, im wondering how to? Used the search function on this forum but could not find an answer. thanks.
  23. daleyg

    Command view.

    Yes its a warfare server. This option is not to be found in parameters, however playing on expert difficulty disables this, on veteran its still enabled. Im not sure which setting disables this I think its 3'rd person view? I will test this in a minute. However playing on this difficulty and disableing 3'rd person is not an option, because we play on normal difficulty and players use 3'rd person (not my choice) I have seen servers running 3'rd person mode but with command view dissallowed, I think its some sort of script in the mission file itself which prevent this?
  24. Thanks for clearing that up [FRL]Myke, I din't know setting shadows to High forces it to use GPU, this applies for ARMA2, Arrowhead, or both? Could be usefull for my dual core.
  25. Glad that solved the lagging issue for you Inexorable. Also I dont think its possible to use AA for only vegetation. But trust me you could do without! once your playing the game you wont bother with jagged edges.. atleast I do, the game is too awsome. Also make sure you set 3D resolution and Interface resolution to 100% (your native screen resolution) so the graphics wont get blurred and get sharp image quality. And If you get Inconsistent framerate you have to play around with Video memory option, Very High/High works the best for me, When I use default option my framerate is Inconsistent, but this could differ from any other system. Other major FPS eaters are Object detail, and grass. Hope this helps you! My game runs stable on a E6600 , 2GB ram, ATI 4890 1GB Ram, As you can see your system shits on mine. :) Oh yeah forgot to mention, this game runs far better on Windows XP.