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  1. Maybe another addon causes this. Easiest is to remove its dependence ("requiredAddons") from the config.
  2. Same here. Both addons in the same folder and newest version.
  3. Fennek would be just great! Keep on, guys!
  4. But that has fixed it. Hmm maybe it wasn't with your P85 but your Weaponholder units. Error message popped up with Vil_Fal missing. Forget everything cause everything is working as it should do. Thanks for your work, Vilas!
  5. In my case it's been my fault. Your West Weapon Pack hasn't been loaded together with P85 mod. Sorry!
  6. Please check the German Flecktarn units! they are without G36s and MG4s.
  7. Maybe more cores are supported by Arma3 and thus will give a 8core bulldozer an advantage over an e.g. I5 4core Intel. Who knows? No matter what you buy you will never be able to play Arma2 with highest settings and max view distance. :) I'm fully pleased with my system (see below) and it's been expensive enough.
  8. DiFool

    Arma 2 & OA mods limit

    Same here. If I would use a seperate mod folder for each addon I would totally loose any kind of overview. I've got an "@USMC" folder a "@sound" folder, "@Desertmaps", etc.
  9. DiFool

    Skoda Octavia Addon

    Super! Thx a lot!
  10. Thx for the info! Great that you have chosen the VV from the North Caucasus Okrug btw.
  11. Played a bit around with your addons today. It's been like birthday and xmas at the same time. :) I have to say that I'm really sad that SA's previous BMD addons cannot be used together with this release, though. A camo version and a peacekeeper skin is most desirable (think of the August War). Furthermore I'd like too ask you to add some more termal/NV optics to your armored vehicles. It's a real disadvantage compared to other addons.
  12. God dammit guys! Till 10th of august I've been home alone for weeks with plenty of time to play arma. Then I left for Russia picking up the rest of the lot. Now sitting at the airport on our way back checking this forum. And what do I have to see? Your fvcking release on the day of my departure!!! Thx a lot for the long expected release! I'll find some time to enjoy your addon (I have too). Thanks a lot, again! Молодцы!
  13. Thanks a lot! Why are we granted that honor? :rolleyes:
  14. Обещание? A few SR-3 Versions would be so cool! But what's really missing are Russian used sub machine guns like the frequently seen Kiparis, the Klin/Kedr and special forces' SR-2. Just dreaming, guys. ;) Btw I'm convinced that the AEK would be the best replacement for the AK atm.